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Metroid is Super

Metroid be turning 30 and Nintendon´t care.... more love for the Metroids!!

Sorta realistic/modern re-design attempt at the famed statue-room from Super-Metroid. I didn´t stick with the golden statues, as I felt they would not have fitted here that well and most likely made it look a bit too artificial/cartoony again.

Hope you like it.... and hope you like them Metroids!
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If there's any Nintendo series that can handle gritty's Metroid.  This looks quite nice.  I wonder if they'll remake Super Metroid since they did the Metroid II remake.
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Love it? I got goosebumps:happybounce: 
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Love this wallpaper :D
Wonderful painting!
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oh fu.. this is perfect !
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Last of their kinds, destine to battle forever more. 

The last Space Dragon, verses the last Chozo Warrior. Over and over and over.  
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This is incredible!
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Holy F-!!! That is freaking awesome!!!! Make me think of a remake of super metroid ( or a new metroid game in that style with awesome graphics). Great work!!!
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Impressionnant ! Bravo
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Absolutely stunning!!
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This is how Metroid SHOULD look by now. Hopefully Nintendo will stumble upon this and shoot money at you from a cannon.
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Yes, as Nintendo is known for their gritty, realistic attempt at videogames....

...well, who knows what the NX will be like (*laughs*).

Thanks though, mate!
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....well...Metroid IS a gritty game. But ok, i guess....
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Never got into Metroid, but this is certainly making me interested. It's simply amazing.
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Breathtaking! Stunning! Holy-effing-ess.
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Set as my desktop background until I finish "Another Metroid II Remake"! ^_^ Nice work.
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Amazing piece! Great perspective.So this is what you think it would look like in a realistic setting? That strong light there,i wonder if that,s really how it was.
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Awesome work, Super Metroid is my favorite game. I'm glad someone remembered the anniversary.
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yeah I know man, I know.... :(
Thanks though!
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