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Gregs Diner

What used to be a factory once is now the place for the best burgers around town!

Some kind of post-apocalyptic diner in the wastelands... was quite some work! :)
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I just like that even though it's a post-apocalyptic future situation, the owner is named Greg. Something nice and normal.
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Used your work in a youtube video to accompany my music composition "Night Stalker".  Thanks so much! Credit is at the end of the video.  Feel free to share:…
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Would like to use this for a music video to post on Youtube.  With your permission I will make sure to credit and send the link when it's done. Thanks! Your work is phenomenal!
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The Diner at the end of the Universe - brilliant - well lit - composition-erific - - - is Greg still there? I mean, does he still live? I hear he was dead - No one flipped 'em like Greg ~:0) VivaChas!
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Haha, thank you :P
Yeah, good ol´ Greg - no one flipped ´em like he did... and the pancakes too.
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"Greetings! My name is Greg (for real too!), for tonights special I'll be serving plutonium-rich beetle-kebabs, with a side-salad of phosphorescent fungi."

Brilliant work yet again 'rogue. I may have to steal this (just to use as my desk top!) so that when folks come over & see "Gregs Diner" on a real Greg's computer screen, I can point them to your other amazing works!
Your lighting on this one sends shockwaves through my imagination gland & brings a thousand stories to the front of my brain....Thank you!!
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Hi Greg!
Seems like i choose the right name, huh? =)
Glad you like it, thanks for the kind words...!
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it's awesome, I keep practicing at backgrounds and stuff but I just can't seem to get it right :( Have some tips? ^^
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sehr geil :)
schöne atmosphäre...
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Now i have to think of radioactive burgers glowing in the dark....

very nice one!
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DIE, I get it :D

Great job dude, love the atmosphere.
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Hehe, pun intended - thanks!! :)
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