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Console Warz Environmental Art


here´s an environmental piece I did for a project that just launched its Kickstarter, titled 'Console Warz'.
A videogame based on... videogames :)

More info here

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the coloring is so perfect, with the pink/purple vibe and glow over the whole piece
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That would be a best wallpaper ever AWESOME
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Is that a La Ferrari in the lower left section?
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Awesome design and colour. I love this kind of art, it's so amazing and shining and beautiful and all the good things. About you, I think you a great artist and your digital art and style is unique!!! Congratulations!! Heart Shine Heart Shine Heart Shine 
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Bawww, thank you - this really motivates me :3
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you're welcome!! :squee: :squee: :squee: 
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Amazing art, checked out the Kickstarter, not as impressed.  I made the same mistake they are making now and tried to ask for a LOT of money with little gameplay to show.  People don't back concept art, sorry.  It's going to be a hard and bumpy road they follow but I hope they make it through.

Good piece Rogue!
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Hey, thanks for the comment!
Yeah, I don´t really know much about kickstarter... that´s all in their hands. Can´t really comment on that aspect, ha~
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Yeah that's completely understandable.  They just hired you for the one piece correct?  No need for you to put in more work than what you did.  Actually if you had a large following simply sharing that pic is a big help
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