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City Square

Originally done for a client months ago from whom I haven´t heard back since, so I won´t hold it back any longer.
Anyway, enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by~!
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hi how much are your designs or which are available to buy for print media.

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This is breathtaking.
love it! Do you create your sceneries of cities based on images of the real cities? Even just a little? Or are they 100% from imagination?
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my soul in here
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my soul in here
Hi! Would you mind if I'd use this picture as a banner background? Absolutely non-profit stuff, just as a background on my twitch profile. Of course you would be credited on the picture. thanks for your answer! If no, it won't be used at all, thanks :)
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Epicness!! Absolutely love the colors!
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Nice Mon Calamari on the left, sneaky! ;)
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Hi there, 

we are working on a kickstarter pen and paper RPG. Could I use your art? I cant offer money till its done, but you would be credited and when its on sale we could work something out.

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While I personally would not mind too much, it would be unfair towards those who do actually pay for promotional art. So no, I can not really allow the use of my art for any commercial purposes without any payment. :/
I hope you understand. Sorry again, but best of luck with your kickstarter nevertheless.
Hi there,

we are funded now and hiring artists our budget is 1200$

We need:
- some character artworks (humans, androids, robots)
- some cyberpunk city skylines
- some small art for vehicles/weapons/gear
- some small art for the background of the page
- maybe more, depending on your work

No manga or clean science fiction, just look at our examples and at the kickstarter project:…

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Super Cool! Love it!
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Hope you don't mind to add the art in :iconxionic-madness: favorite.:) (Smile) 
Thanks very much.
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Wow, this is truly amazing. 
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we all wish this could be the city of today
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This is a very interesting use of space
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THis Is Freaking Awesome..!
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" the off-world colonies!  The chance to begin again, in a golden land of opportunity and adventure.  New climate!  Recreational facilities!  And genetically-engineered humanoid replicants, designed especially for your needs.."
Nice font on the subway sign...convincingly oppressive, too.  Very nice work!
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Now this looks like a city where the protagonist of a possible future novel of mine will come from... At least that's my plan.
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