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 I can draw pretty much anything fantasy creature related and anthro related. yes, I am open to doing transformation comics too. I'm open to drawing human or humanoid characters too even though I'm not that great at drawing them.


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Kim Blueravenfire M.
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just another artist trying to make my place in the world.

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what programs to you use your digital artwork in?

Stamp - Photoshop by MauserGirl
Do you still do traditional work?
yes, I do even though it is not very often, I mostly use colored pencil or watercolor.
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Do you do requests?
no, simply no. I do have the free time to do those anymore.
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Do you do trades?
Depends on the artist and if I have time to do them. I usually only do art trades with artists I'm good friends with.
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yes, I'm ALWAYS open for commissions as I'm always in need of can commission me whenever you commission info is on the front page as well.
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Do you do tutorials?
no, because there are plenty of other artist out there that have tutorials on basically the same thing, but you what to learned something specific from me, I might consider it.
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no. period. not without my permission

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Crashc3 by BlueRavenfire

So crash bandicoot appears again in season 3 in skylanders academy and while I like the fact he is back, there are some things I have issues with. So here are just my thoughts on it. Crash appears in 2 episodes of season 3, in the first episode crash appears it’s just basically going back to when he appeared in season one. It starts out eruptor as to do a research paper on the wumpa islands for some strange reason and of course doesn’t anything about them and he figures out the best to know more about the wumpa islands is asked crash himself, but he can’t do that at the moment since crash is another dimension. But then spyro gets the idea to use a time traveling device to back in time to the point where crash was thrown into the skylanders dimension. Of course dark spyro as more evil motives of wanting to talk crash, basically get crash to tell him how to open a puzzle box cube thing to get a map. So eruptor and spyro got back in time when crash was in skylanders in season one and take crash aside without get noticed by their past selves. When they meet crash the say they are from the future and need his help. Of course, crash doesn’t acknowledge spyro’s dark appearance or notice spyro’s change in voice and behavior AT ALL.

First of all, what the hell happened to crash’s voice? The voice he had in season one was just okay and I accepted for what it was, but now with this voice it’s even more jarring. His voice ranches from just normal to goofy and it really just sounds like a British actor trying to sound Australian. If your curious, Rhys Darby voices crash in this season (if you don’t know who that is, think coran from the new Voltron series) and don’t get me wrong, he is a good voice actor in a lot of others things in has done, but for crash his voice just seems weird and all over the place. Furthermore, crash does do more goofy things like he is known for in the games, but it’s so random and comes out of nowhere. I know they are trying to cater to more long die-hard fans of crash bandicoot that want his silliness, but they should try to have some better context for his goofyness. 

So anyway, crash takes the time travel device from eruptor and starts messing with it and starts doing some random crazy goofy shit. While he is doing that he trips, falls and messes up the time travel device which in turn sends eruptor and spyro back to the present only crash gets sent with them this time. Now since crash got sent to the present of season 3 everything the happened in the episode of season one became undone and the skylands becomes an apocalyptic dystopia ruled by glumshanks as king. Bear with me here. Since crash was taken out the timeline from the past, he was no longer there to help the skylanders battle kaos to stop him from opening the book of spells and crash was no longer there to grab the book before glumshanks did.  Once glumshanks grabbed the book he somehow got dark magic powers and was able to defeat the skylanders and take over the skylands. So spyro and eruptor have to get crash back to the timeline that happened in season one to undo everything that happened to the present, but the batteries to the time travel device died. But they soon find out there is another time travel device locked in the castle where glumshanks is. So they sneak into the castle and get the time travel device, with a surprisingly help from kaos, and prepare to send crash back to the past timeline, but then they find out the skylanders from this dystopian present have been captured and be turned into statues. Of course, the skylanders of the dystopian present get rescued by spyro, eruptor and crash and then crash gets sent back to his proper timeline in the past and everything turns out okay. Overall, it was okay episode, it was nice to see crash interacting with spyro again, even though spyro is kind of snarky evil prick this time, and would be nice if crash noticed something was different about spyro.

Then crash appears again in the last episode of the season, this time with coco. Basically spyro and the rest of the skylanders gang get crash’s help to battle chaos to stop him from destroying the core of light. They don’t explain it too well how they pick up crash and coco, but my guess is that they pick them up by driving an airship through a trans-dimensional rift that can go to any dimension they want including the one crash is from. So the skylanders confront kaos where the core of light is and it is at this point where crash and coco appear. Coco certainly looks different, way different from what she looks like in the games like the n’sane trilogy. Her design looks more closely to the one used in the crash: mind over mutant game which in my opinion is not the worst design they could give her. And plus (unpopular opinion here) to don’t really care for coco’s design in the n’sane trilogy, I mean here overall design is fine because it’s accurate to the first game, but her hair might as well be a plastic object on her head, it doesn’t  move at all and there is no weight to it.  At least with her design in skylanders her hair is more realistic. And then coco has all these high tech gadgets like electric boomerangs and a high power bazooka and I’m like WHAT?! I get that they went with the coco being the smart one that knows a lot about technology and invents stuff in the games, but they really went over the top with it here, but in a way I kind of like it. Plus coco is voiced by Tara strong, which is not a bad choice as she is a well-known voice actor that has done many roles from different cartoons, but still kind of wished they used the voice actor  for coco in the games. Also furthermore, where the HELL is aku aku? Aku aku is like crash’s guardian and follows him wherever he goes to protect him so it would make sense for aku aku to show up since he would have helped out crash a lot in the fight against kaos. I mean seriously, they put him in the skylanders game that was the follow up to the series and he had a decent voice actor in the game, so it would make sense to put him in the tv series as well.  

Anyway, despite my nitpicking on this, I WANT A CRASH BANDICOOT SPIN OFF TV SHOW NOW.




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