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Wings, jets and gestalt rule us.
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I never grew up by BlueProwl I never grew up :iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 2 5 Toa and the Rahi II by BlueProwl Toa and the Rahi II :iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 1 4 Toa and a 'Rahi' by BlueProwl Toa and a 'Rahi' :iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 0 0
His Lady
There were few who knew of the old mech's past. It wasn't that he didn't talk about it; he'd talk about it at the drop of a hat. To some it seemed that at every event he'd say "this reminds me of the time…" and you'd hear some story where he was doing something amazing or knew about someone amazing. But really if you listened, really listened, these stories were just that… stories. Old retellings of things that had happened and could be looked up in history files if you looked hard enough. But you'd never hear of his history, of Kup's history. The stories of his life, of his loves, of his sparklings if he had any, you'd only hear about his military history as if all he'd ever been was a soldier, a warrior, a military bot.
But there were those who knew, he wasn't just that. He was more than that. He was more than a warrior, more than a soldier. Some knew that better than most. One of those, surprisingly to some and not so surprisingly to others, was Hot Rod. He knew more about
:iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 8 11
Lose of a Friend
Lose of a friend, a Tribute to Taini
A friend is gone,
She’ll never be coming back
She’ll never talk to me again, or laugh with me again
She’ll never tell me more of her first year of college
Or tell me of her first time with finals
She’ll never tell about when she’s able to walk again
She’ll never Role play again with me online again
She’ll never do so many things and so many do now miss her
But look at what she’s done so far, in such a short time given
She’s made friends well enough of people far away
Well enough we cry for her passing,
She gave us so much joy, so much happiness
Asking little in return
Taught lessons of forgiveness
And lessons of perseverance
She’s been called an angle amongst us
By many and a few
And for me, I find that a good description of our little Taini, too
Our “Paton Saint of Living beings”
It saddens me, to never know what she would say to this new nickname
But I know in my heart… it
:iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 6 18
Another Pic of Big and Little by BlueProwl Another Pic of Big and Little :iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 1 0 Big and Little Partners by BlueProwl Big and Little Partners :iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 0 0 Big and Little by BlueProwl Big and Little :iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 0 4 Blast Part one by BlueProwl Blast Part one :iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 0 5 Blast part 2 by BlueProwl Blast part 2 :iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 0 14
OC Decepticon Frost Mine
OC Decepticon – Frost Mine
Name: Frost Mine
“Happiness is being paid to do what you love, in my case being paid to blow stuff up.”
Fraction: Deception
Sub-fraction: Foot solider (?)
Function: Explosives, demolition, contraction (before and/or after he blows something up)
Special abilities: Makes really good bombs, can make just about anything go bomb, can stand really cold temperatures without freezing
Weapons: Bombs, lots of bombs. He doesn’t have a gun. His fists.
History: Before the war, he was a construction worker, working mostly in the demolition of a place but also helping afterwards to make the new building. When the war started, one of his buddies joined the Decepticons and then said he should too. So he went to talk with one of the Decepticon recruiters and asked them three simple questions, “Do I get to blow stuff up?” “Do I get paid?” and “Do I get supplies to build bombs?” When he got a “yes” to the first question
:iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 3 14
The Watcher
The Watcher
War was a dangerous time. Death and destruction were around every corner, both on and off the battlefield. During war time there were few safe places, and few knew that better then Red Alert.
As security director for Autobot head quarters (and all other Autobot bases) it was his job not only to prevent the Decepticons from destroying the bases, but also to think of all the ways that Decepticons could get into the base and destroy it. It was his and his team’s job to keep the Autobot bases safe from harm.
For in each base lived hundreds of Autobots, mechs and femmes who fought for Prime, for Cybertron, for what they believed in. In these bases they played, they slept, they laughted, they healed, they celebrated, they loved, they mourned and they lived. They felt safe in these bases, safe to live and love. And the one mech and his team that made all this possible was Red Alert and the Security teams of the Autobot base.
He watches them as they love, as they hurt, as they
:iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 13 19
Mustard and Ketchup
Mustard and Ketchup
Public Relation trips… these trips were used to build up relations between humans and the Autobots. To help each to have a better relationship with the other, but some days more then one of the Autobots believed this was Primus’s (or at the very least Prime’s) way of punishing them for something. Among those who believed this was Sunstreaker… he hated PR trips and everything they involved such as being around dirty, smelly, messy squishes. To Sunstreaker there was very little that was as disgusting as a human... except maybe a human child… and even worse was when a group of the tiny human children crawl all over him and he wouldn’t being able to get rid of them.
So a PR trip to a bunch of preschoolers that were little tiny, really dirty, really smelly, and really, really messy squishes… Sunstreaker was sure Primus hated him.
Sideswipe, on the other hand, was loving it! All these little humans to play with, laughing at his jokes (no
:iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 17 22
Nighttime lullaby
Nighttime lullaby
No one knew what to do about Jazz. He was snapping at his friends, yelling at people for the smallest things, grumpy all the time, and being down right mean at times and no one was exactly sure what to do about it. But everyone knew what was causing it.
He couldn’t recharge right. And the reason for that was his radio had been broken during a shirmish with the Decepticons about 4 Earth days ago. As such, he didn’t have any music to listen to so that he could recharge right. The lack of recharge was messing with his personality circuits, making him grouchy. Jazz could have turned his sound system on, but if he did that then no one else would have been able to sleep and Jazz just couldn’t do that to anyone else, he just wasn’t that kind of bot. But after several days of dealing with a grumpy Jazz quite a few mechs were either getting close to or were ready to deal with listening to his rock and roll at audio breaking levels if it meant he got some re
:iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 38 46
Stars of the Night
Stars of the Night
Thousands shone down their light just as pin pricks in the sky but each was special in their own way. On nights when recharge was hard to come by he would go and sit underneath them.
Just as he was doing now.
He counted all of them, and said their names, then the names of all the constellations he knew too. He remembered the stories and legends that go with each of them. He could then use the stars to find his location in the universe.
They were his comfort in this ever changing world, one of the few constants in his life. Sure they had changed slightly over time, but their lives were close to his and as such had changed at the rate that could be compared to a flower changing for a human from season to season. They were pin pricks in the sky, sparks shining down on him, watching over him as he lived.  
He had lived for billions of years and much had changed; Cybertron, Primes, his friends, his enemies, his life, his appearance, his name, so much – but
:iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 8 13
Cloudburst meets her superior
First mission for Autobot club – Cloudburst meets Silverbolt
The hallway was clean, very clean. And very orange… which made the sky blue seeker wandering down one of the clean, orange hallways wonder if she could survive there. It was disconcerting not to have the usual clutter everywhere. She came from the streets, a half crazy-bot that had saved an Aerialbot and then had joined the Autobots. And now she was on her way to meet her supiorer… the leader of the Aerialbots, Silverbolt.
Cloudburst had met him in passing before, but her memory of that meeting was a little jumbled, mixing both what she remembered experiencing and what her empathic abilities had told her about Silverbolt. And she wondered what she was going to make of the mech…. But mostly she was wondering if she could find his office. There were an awful lot of doors in this hallway… and she didn’t remember the directions she was given earlier well enough to find his office. At least not the po
:iconblueprowl:BlueProwl 5 17


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United States
Current Residence: Somewhere North and cold
deviantWEAR sizing preference: What is this?
Print preference: Again, what?
Favourite genre of music: I like or am open to everything except rap
Favourite photographer: ....
Favourite style of art: I like any style
Operating System: ......what?
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Shell of choice: huh?
Wallpaper of choice: if it has dragons or Bluestreak I like it
Skin of choice: anything with dragons or Bluestreak
Favourite cartoon character: BLUESTREAK!!!!!!!!
Personal Quote: True success is not about never failing, it is about failing and trying again.
I think my Smart Pulse Pen hates me. Ever since I had to wipe my computer because of a virus it won't download likes its suppose to. It will either download the pages without the audio or, just recently, it did download just the audio...

Stupid pen... or maybe its mad at me for doing something...

Aside from that I've been having a pretty good time. My spring break is two weeks away at least for one of the university I take classes from but three weeks away for the other. Yes, I'm going to two different campuses which are in the same system run by basically the same people but their spring breaks are different. Go figure.....

I also have a really good book! If you've not read the Fablehaven series and like fantasy with dragons and other mythical creatures I would highly recommand this series! It is sooooo good! I'm just starting the fifth and final books of the series and I've found i'm really enjoying it. Now I just have to make sure that my enjoyment of this series doesn't interfer too much with my school work.

I've discovered I'm suffering from something called "senoritus", which some (if they can reconize it with its horrid spelling) will know it is the sickness that senors in school get when they know how close they are to the end of school. I have this last semester in college and then I graduate! That is... if I pass physics.... I really need to pass physics.

Hmmm if this journal entry sounds a little chaotic to anyone know that I'm getting a cold, or have one.... or am getting over one... so I'm not feeling completely well. That and I'm not really taking the time organize it really well. But my plan is to make sure that if I complain about something in this weekly journal entries I plan to do that I also find something to write that's good.

Speaking of something good, I went to a Duke Ellington Orchastra concert last night. It was really good. I'm not a big Jazz person but I liked it. Though the seats were a bit uncomfortable, there was not a lot of leg room and I have really long legs.
  • Listening to: TV show about Egypt
  • Reading: fanfiction
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  • Playing: don't play video games
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: tea


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