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(danke schoen for the tag!)


1. Post These rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your Character.
3. Tag 8 other people along with the characters you want them to write about.
4. Post their avatars and write the character names next to them.

Character I chose: Nana


Time Gear Bullet by PancakeShiners She's loves cuddles!

Time Gear Bullet by PancakeShiners She used to belong to a human who wanted to use her for breeding

Time Gear Bullet by PancakeShiners she's asexual (hence why she ran from her owner)

Time Gear Bullet by PancakeShiners she often does up her girlfriend's hair for her when it gets long

Time Gear Bullet by PancakeShiners might be asexual but shes still an absolute mom friend

Time Gear Bullet by PancakeShiners she is absolutely madly in love with Ayami

Time Gear Bullet by PancakeShiners she lowkey wants to be a nurse dog

Time Gear Bullet by PancakeShiners also lowkey wants to adopt a child

:iconshiramimbw: | :iconharuspexx: | :iconhealingstreet: | :iconcaia-mei: | :iconmagicant-stuff: |

obviously if you do this you can use either FCs or OCs, but either way i hope yall have fun filling this out!
(you can also ignore the tag if you want-)
its actually been 3 years- time flies, i guess, and ive improved with time-
i'll be posting something for it tomorrow, but for now heres the first piece of art i ever posted:

Concrete poem: the moon by BluePorl

and heres my most recent thing:
[Collab] Blood Moon Aura by BluePorl
although its a collab, shits changed, which im always glad to see Heart
as you can tell, month long events are difficult for me, although i still wanna draw all of them someday
so x2
i changed the way im doing it! now i have a numbered list (same prompts, same ships) and every so often, im gonna use a random number generator to pick a random 'day'. now it'll be more of a "do it when i feel like it" not "do it because now it feels like an obligation since someone else is waiting on me"

heres my numbered list and which ones i've done already, in case you wanted them

im sorry to let y'all down over it, in case you were particularily excited for it, although everything will be done eventually, so have some patience and you'll eventually see what you like hopefully Heart Heart 
so uh
im doing another month long challenge, this one being a 30 day OTP challenge with :iconeeveepixelation:~
and the OTPs we're using are Nesscas, Clausten, aaaaaand Jefftony
we'll be taking turns, starting with Pixel and ending with me uwu

Day 1:  .:SHIPVEMBER ~ DAY 1 ~ CONFESSION:. I Like You by EeveePixelation
Day 2: .:SHIPVEMBER ~ DAY 2 ~ COMBO:. Stronger Together by BluePorl
Day 3: .:SHIPVEMBER ~ DAY 3 ~ SHARING A SCARF:. Bless U by EeveePixelation
Day 4: .:SHIPVEMBER ~ DAY 4 ~ PROTECTION:. Injured Again by BluePorl
Day 5: .:SHIPVEMBER ~ DAY 5 ~ I WILL PROTECT YOU:. by EeveePixelation
Day 6:  .:SHIPVEMBER ~ DAY 6 ~ PHONE CALL:. I Missed You by BluePorl
Day 7: .:SHIPVEMBER ~ DAY 7 ~ WTF CLAUS:. Gimme Pingu Plz by EeveePixelation
Day 8: Dreaming
Day 9: Nuzzling
Day 10: Applying a bandage
Day 11: Play fighting
Day 12: Gaming night
Day 13: Sharing food
Day 14: Swap stuff
Day 15: Jeff is a nerd
Day 16: Emotional support
Day 17: Sharing an ice cream cone
Day 18: Prototype invention gone wrong
Day 19: Shopping
Day 20: PK Love
Day 21: Tony borrows Jeff's glasses
Day 22: Illness
Day 23: Haunt you
Day 24: Music somehow
Day 25: Swapping clothes
Day 26: Getting close
Day 27: Something funny
Day 28: FREE
Day 29: FREE
Day 30: FREE
we had a good run bois
i give up
danke schoen to :iconeeveepixelation: for inspiring/reminding me to do it in the first place, and props to him for getting as far as he did
sorry for dropping it with 3 days left, but i really can't find inspiration
heres a dumb master list i guess

1. Decapitation -
2. Virus -
3. Eyeless -…
4. Self harm -
5. Torture -
6. Amputation -
7. Suicide -
8. Bleeding -
9. Ghost -
10. Impalement -
11. Stitches -
12. Bruises -
13. Surgery -…
14. Chimera - Lucas, Mother 3
15. Drowning -
16. Yokai -
17. Murder -
18. Faceless - Nesscas fusion, Ness, Lucas
19. Possessed -
20. Nightmare -
21. Asylum -
22. Glitching - Agent 8 (female)
23. Freezing -
24. Sacrifice -
25. Spilled guts -
26. Scratches -
27. Hanging -
28. Insanity - Claus, Mother 3
29.  Decay -
30. Alone -
31.  Purgatory - Mega Absol

the three bolded are the ones i missed

and the art itself can be found here, at the bottom, cuz its the first series
<da:thumb id="768180557"/>  Run Claus, Run! by EeveePixelation <da:thumb id="768181182"/> <da:thumb id="768182337"/>
danke schoen to EeveePixelation for all this art holy shet 

20181013 171916 by BluePorl
oh and i got these amiibo
or im gonna try to… heres my list
totally didnt steal it from EeveePixelation >w>;;

here if you cant click the link to my trello

1. Decapitation -
2. Virus -
3. Eyeless -…
4. Self harm -
5. Torture -
6. Amputation -
7. Suicide -
8. Bleeding -
9. Ghost -
10. Impalement -
11. Stitches -
12. Bruises -
13. Surgery -…
14. Chimera - Lucas
15. Drowning -
16. Yokai -
17. Murder -
18. Faceless - Nesscas fusion
19. Possessed -
20. Nightmare - Tina (DnD character)
21. Asylum -
22. Glitching - Agent 8
23. Freezing -
24. Sacrifice -
25. Spilled guts -
26. Scratches -
27. Hanging -
28. Insanity - Claus
29. Decay -
30. Alone -
31. Purgatory - Mega Absol

NOTE: replaced Mauve in day 20 with a DnD character of mine
9xzGhgc1Pbt27tzIVpFAAEEEEAAAQT6WKCSIcIKCisrK1pdWen by BluePorl
Download by BluePorl
oh and this happened right after me and a rowdy mouse both got a smash attack in the same turn
  • Listening to: the game's music, ofc
aka :iconstarburst-cafe: and :icongem-quest:

oh and i need to design my kittykoi and submit it to :iconkittykoi-aquarium: to be approved!
i might also join some other gem groups, like :iconasterism-court: and :iconcourt-of-phobias:
(consider this a self reminder)

edit: also join :iconred-roses-oasis:
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The very next month,
when everyone has gone
and hurt themselves again
I hear their call
But instead of doing what I can,
I feel the need to stall

Another day goes by,
and I hear the return of their cry
I stand up this time
But you frown,
and sit me back down.

We wait around under the moon,
before they come busting in
Feelings everywhere,
they swamp the room
I reach for the surface,
but then you pull me down
You told me you would help me,

but I guess I’ll just drown
  • Listening to: addict with a pen - Twenty One Pilots
They call out for help,
out comes the hammer and chisel
cracks across my skin
I break pieces off and give them away.
“These oughta save you for the rest of May.”
I say
and then they turn away
only to come back for more the next day.

Next one goes to you, one of the many I want to save.
But you shake your head no
and gave me a piece of yourself instead.
I try to give it back, but it fits right in,
underneath my skin,
and refuses to leave.

You say hello
rather than goodbye
and so we talk again, moving to and fro,
leaving me with a cheery glow.
  • Listening to: addict with a pen - Twenty One Pilots
  • Reading: this experimental poem
Untitled by BluePorl

vent art i see?
bob's eyes bob's eyes bob's eyes  
never thought i'd say this but
what stuff do people owe me? XD

@/Doktor-Fungi and @/Haruspexx owe me 2 seperate art trades
and KawaiiNightcore owes me a Andradite Garnet ( Secret Garnet Adopts (CLOSED) by KawaiiNightcore) and this fuckin sea pearl ( Water gem Adoptions (CLOSED) by KawaiiNightcore)
oh and a collab with Cosmic-Wolf89 that we never started but i dunno if she'd still be up for that

edit: oops i missed someone!
MareOnTheMoon owes me a pride icon commission
CHES PLEAS by InkletSplat .: W I F E :. by InkletSplat Ych for Blueporl by SleepyStaceyArt BluePorl's Bluepurrl by GoodCopyBadCopy
no seriously

why XD
and ive only drawn him like
ive never drawn him myself
only 2 of them were asked/paid for so oof