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Character interview meme 1
1) What gender are you?
Michael: Male
Arkady: Male
Christophe: Male
Jeremy: Male
Cecilia: Female
2) What is your age?
Michael: 23.
Arkady: 123, but I look 15.
Christophe: 223, but I look 21.
Jeremy: 24 forever and ever, I suppose. But really I just turned 40, which is weird.
Cecilia: 26.
3) Do you want a hug?
Michael: *blinks* Sure, if you like.
Arkady:  *flings himself into your arms and clings*
Christophe: It depends. Are you a boy or a girl?
Jeremy:  *death glare at Christophe that would melt steel*
Christophe: *sweatdrops* Ummm…never mind.
Jeremy: *smiles tightly* If you need one, I'll give you one. I'm good, myself, though.
Cecilia: *blushes* No, but thank you.
4) Do you have any bad habits?
Michael: A few, I suppose, like anyone might.
Arkady: *still clinging to you* People say I am too much emotional, like people too much and it hurt me.
Christophe: Everyone does. I am very focused on my work, and some people don't like that. *raises an eyebrow at you* I
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Without Her
13 years ago
The heat of late summer hung in the air, the air still and stifling as young women passed between stone buildings, finding their bearings with nervous glances between signs and papers clasped tightly in their hands. The sound of nervous chatter, of halting introductions and small talk, flowed alongside the human tide in lieu of breezes, whispers building to a din in the close heat.
Sarah fidgeted nervously, half-looking at the ground as she approached the front of the school library. She referred to the green paper in her hand to make sure she was in the right place before gratefully passing through the door from the heat of the day into the chill of an air conditioned marble lobby. With a sigh, she felt the accumulated heat that her black t-shirt and jeans had absorbed from the sun begin to radiate away into the cool air, calming her regrets about that day's fashion choices, which had been building to a crescendo the longer she had spent outside in the early after
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The Cure for A Bad Day
Dust danced in the light of the mid-afternoon sun, shifting in the beam that breached the curtain. A lace pattern from the cloth barrier's edges passed in stripes across the back of the young man who sat across the small room, gazing into a large mirror in front of him with the intensity of a scryer.
"Gillie!" he cried at last, pouting as he looked at the array of colorful bits of fabric, elastic and beadwork on the vanity before him, holding two of them up next to one another and shaking his head. "Hey, Gillie!"
Across the room, a brunette head slowly raised itself from the world within a book, looking over at the one who called. "Yes?"
"Which one do you like better?" Genya said, brandishing the two barrettes. "The purple one or the green one?"
Gilles settled his bookmark in place, looking over at his friend, who was wearing a lavender Hello Kitty shirt and pink short shorts, with his waist length hair in two glitter-gelled ponytails. "With this outfit you wear…I think it
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Know Your Character: Gilles
About yourself:
Name?  Gilles- Maurice Alexandre Faribault.
Nicknames? People call me Gilles. Genya calls me Gillie sometimes even though I tell him not to.
Age? 22.
Sex? Male.
Height? I usually don't stand up, and when I do, I can't straighten my back out, and I'm about 5'9 or so. But, I've been told I would be about 6 feet tall if I could stand up completely straight.
Weight/Build? I'm fairly slender, since I don't eat very much and I can't really put any muscle on the lower part of my body.
Eye color? Blue.
Hair color? Sort of medium-golden brown.
Skin tone? Glow in the dark white.
About your surroundings:
Place of residence? New York City at this time. I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, but we moved to Sleepy Hollow, N.Y. when I was very young, for my father's work.
Occupation? I am a student in English literature at Columbia Unversity in New York City. Even though I live here, I do some of my classes online, to minimize how many times I have to leave home.
Family? I
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Know Your Character: Genya
About yourself:
Name? Gennady Aleksandrovich Lunacharsky
Nicknames? Almost everyone calls me Genya.
Age? 21.
Sex? Boy. 
Height? 5 feet, 5 inches.
Weight/Build?  About 115 pounds – little and thin, you'll barely notice me, I swear :P
Eye color? Bright blue.
Hair color? Sort of light brown or dirty blond, and down to my waist.
Skin tone? Pale and porcelain-like.
About your surroundings:
Place of residence? Currently, New York City. I was born in Valhalla, N.Y., about 45 minutes north of the city.
Occupation? Fashion design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan.
Family? I'm an only child. My dad, Alexander, is from Russia and my mom, Sachiko, is from Japan. They're the only ones from their families to move to the U.S., so I've only seen my extended family members on either side a few times.
Friends? I only really have one close friend – Gilles-Maurice Faribault, who is the son of one of my dad's best friends, so we grew up together. People
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Skizzor Girl
It didn't take long in her new location for Skizzor Girl to figure out why she'd been dropped there. The first clue was the girls themselves – pale, listless, confused, and wandering down the sidewalks as though dazed. As she walked among them, she began to see details out of place on the clothes – the neckline a little too skewed on one's blouse, the hemline of another's skirt simultaneously too long and too short. By the third block, snippets of conversation began to bleed through, catching her attention from all sides.
"I know it's sort of outrageous but it's soooo in right now…"
"You're going to have to pay the light bill. Hey, don't blame me – I needed this skirt, everyone's getting one. It was totally worth it!"
Clutching her Government Manual for New Fashionistas to her chest, she wondered just what was going on. She was already a fashionista after all – so where was the twist?
Turning the corner, she found her answer. A large building with windows all a
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Driven Like The Snow
A single ray of golden light broke through the thick cover of clouds that obscured the pale blue of the winter sky, bending into an arc as it passed through air, foiling the edges of the turbulent white billows that blotted out the rest of the sun as though with metallic leaf.
Arkady leaned his head against the window that admitted this scene, meekly accepting the almost painful bite of the cold glass as it touched his cheek, too lost in painful memories to do much else. His fingers were stiff with cold despite his gloves, his body seeming to shrink inside his coat as the harsh, dry, terribly cold air seeped in through ill-sealed window and door edges and fueled the storm of recollection in his head, bringing back that day –
"Where do you want to go today, Kadya?" Kostya said with a soft smile, bracing his hands against the saddle and pulling himself up onto the back of the white mare. "Past the lake?"
"We might be able to go on the lake," Arkady said, mounting his black mare w
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Spend a Day With Your OC meme by blueplastic Spend a Day With Your OC meme :iconblueplastic:blueplastic 1 1
Maeve O'Leannain
Name:  Maeve O'Leannain
Meaning: She who intoxicates
Nickname:  Maeve the Fair
Gender: Female
Birthday: She has none, as she has existed as long as there have been people.
Age: Timeless.
Eye color: Bright, vivid blue.
Hair color: Red-gold, and down to her waist. It is wavy with occasional natural ringlet curls.
Skin tone:  Pale and even, like porcelain, with a light natural blush to her cheeks
Height: 5'3"
Weight(or body type): Slender, but curvy…but, this can and does change, according to who she is with.
Clothing style: It has changed over the years, but currently she prefers elegant dresses in relatively modern but classical style, with a lot of light blues and greens.
Likes: Art, music, poetry and prose – anything made by inspired minds.
Dislikes: Boring, uninspired examples of the same.
Favorite color: Light, misty blue.
Least favorite color: Brown, grey.
Favorite food: She does not need to eat.
Least favorite food: She does not need to eat.
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The Pursuit of Candy, Part 2
After a frantic few moments (and a near-burn for the baby on her third and penultimate attempt to summon a diaper for him from the ether), Cuppie was ready to face her family, the baby clad in a very respectable looking button-up cotton union suit that she thought Marcus would not find too offensive to wear.
"Mom," she said softly as she came down the stairs and rounded the corner into the kitchen. "I'm sorry to be late to dinner, but something happened –"
Mrs. Silverstar, a small woman with bushy hair and a wily look about her, looked up idly at her daughter. "Oh, what hap-" she started, her eyes widening as she saw the baby in Cuppie's arms. "Cuppedia Melitte Silverstar," she said slowly, carefully, a storm of suspicion brewing under her words. "Explain, please."
Cuppie's eyes were wide as saucers, her voice faint and halt with nervousness. "Mom," she started. "Mom, I know it looks real bad, but I can explain, okay?"
"Yes?" her mother said shortly, standing up now, her pork chop
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Kaden Myers by blueplastic Kaden Myers :iconblueplastic:blueplastic 4 5 Christophe Feuilly-LaMarche by blueplastic Christophe Feuilly-LaMarche :iconblueplastic:blueplastic 5 3 VW -- Goo's Machine by blueplastic VW -- Goo's Machine :iconblueplastic:blueplastic 0 3
The Pursuit of Candy
The pursuit of candy is no trivial thing.
  The persistent idea that it was such, commonly spread by adults who are clearly suffering from a serious sugar deficit, is a symptom of the unfortunate tendency of the boring and dull to claim that the traits of their cardboard-flavored lives were, in fact, the trappings of 'adulthood,' and anything that tastes good, is fun, interesting, explosive, shiny or cool is the exclusive property of children, and not worth diverting one's attention from the financial pages to notice or pursue. Such people usually spend a lot of time planning to become wealthy by careful investment in oatmeal stocks and unsweetened tea futures. They also tend to wear beige cardigans, frown a lot and attempt to chase small children from their property for serious infractions such as playing games involving balls, running and laughing.
  Cuppedia Silverstar, teenage witch, known to most as Cuppie, liked to dress in royal purple, deep leaf green and su
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Fruity Sacrelige
"Oh for pete's sake," Julian muttered, walking along the long lineup of breakfast cereals which lined one side of the aisle.
"What?" David asked, trying not to lose track of Julian amidst the sea of packaging colors.
"They've got Fruity Cheerios now!" Julian said disgustedly, brandishing a white box decorated with a rainbow of colors at him.
"Isn't that...basically Froot Loops?" David said quizzically.
"Yeah, exactly!" Julian shivered visibly. "The most my parents would let me have was Frosted Flakes. Most of those sugary cereals are disgusting."
"Oh, man, I know you're not putting down my man, Count Chocula," David said crankily.
"Ugh, you like that stuff?" Julian asked incredulously. "That's like eating candy for breakfast!"
"Well, yeah, that's the whole point, really," David said, quirking an eyebrow.
"So nasty, David," Julian said, making soft noises of disgust. "You're never bringing any of that crap into our house, that's for sure."
"Okay, El Dictator, I've had enough of your ins
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Two Boys and a Kitten
"You and your caffeine addiction," Julian muttered, only half-upset as he gripped David's hand tightly, drawing him on behind him.
"What? What's the matter?" David asked, trotting a little faster to keep up.
"It's just...the traffic is terrible today, every crossing is like threading the frickin' needle, and I have to worry about you the whole time, while eight million jerks on speed whiz around us every block, and steer you around all the puddles of bum piss and vomit, and...just, ugh," Julian snarled, his grouchiness only seeming to make him walk faster.
"You could have just gone out and bought me a coffee yourself, if it ticks you off so badly to bring me with you," David said, frowning as a little stab of hurt went through him.
"Oh, no. No way. I remember what happened the last time I tried to do that. You wouldn't stop bitching for hours on end, you big baby," Julian said crankily.
"It's not my fault you got amaretto in it when I didn't ask you to!" David said, finding himself dra
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Green thumb by Buuya Green thumb :iconbuuya:Buuya 44 11 Clock Hand Green Dangle Earrings by KCarey Clock Hand Green Dangle Earrings :iconkcarey:KCarey 1 2 Art Deco Crystals by KCarey Art Deco Crystals :iconkcarey:KCarey 10 2 Alexis Portrait by NickRoblesArt Alexis Portrait :iconnickroblesart:NickRoblesArt 38 11 Cuppie and Marcus by zoemoss Cuppie and Marcus :iconzoemoss:zoemoss 21 2 Commission Sale 17 - Linneah by NickRoblesArt Commission Sale 17 - Linneah :iconnickroblesart:NickRoblesArt 54 8 Paul by NickRoblesArt Paul :iconnickroblesart:NickRoblesArt 60 17 Cecilia Portrait by NickRoblesArt Cecilia Portrait :iconnickroblesart:NickRoblesArt 78 15 Christophe Commission by NickRoblesArt Christophe Commission :iconnickroblesart:NickRoblesArt 109 26 Honeybee Barrettes Card by KCarey Honeybee Barrettes Card :iconkcarey:KCarey 3 0 Jeremy Portrait by NickRoblesArt Jeremy Portrait :iconnickroblesart:NickRoblesArt 49 6 Arkaday Commission by NickRoblesArt Arkaday Commission :iconnickroblesart:NickRoblesArt 51 14 Michael Portrait by NickRoblesArt Michael Portrait :iconnickroblesart:NickRoblesArt 133 17 New York New York by Buuya New York New York :iconbuuya:Buuya 32 7 en francais by Buuya en francais :iconbuuya:Buuya 29 17 the music man by Buuya the music man :iconbuuya:Buuya 23 7


  • Listening to: YouTube
  • Reading: Websites
  • Watching: the monitor
  • Playing: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
  • Eating: Nothing at the moment
  • Drinking: Ginger ale
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Arkaday Commission by NickRoblesArt   The Lake Puzzle by NickRoblesArt   Commission Sale 2 - Poldalle by NickRoblesArt

Next up is my friend :iconkcarey: who is awesome, so it was really hard to choose again:

Stone Skeleton Key Necklace by KCarey   Stripped Rose Framed 2 by KCarey   Smokey Blue Moon by KCarey


Sarah Starr
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United States
Current Residence: Deepest, darkest New England
Favourite genre of music: geek rock and synthpop
Favourite photographer: ones who take pics of cool stuff
Favourite style of art: The kind with my characters in it
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: My iPod. His name is Misha. :)
Shell of choice: conch
Wallpaper of choice: Kyle's drawings of my characters!
Skin of choice: the kind on my body.
Favourite cartoon character: any one drawn by my friends


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