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Mega Ninetales Design

I think it would be awesome if gamefreak made a mega Ninetales, so i wanted to come up with a design myself.

This mega Ninetales is a Fire/ Psychic or Fire/ Ghost type and would get the ability Solar Power. I would give it boosts in Hp Special attack and special defense.
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Not generally a fan of Mega-Evolving Pokemon, but even I, (Especially being the fan of Kitsune mythology as I am) think this is cool and should be implemented in some form in a future game.
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Is it ok if i use this picture on Fanfiction and in my fanfiction called The new champions?  
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Awesome job on Ninetails, Bluepisces. :)
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Now this is a good and proper design I'd like to see Ninetales have as a mega. Defiantly some like this since kitsunes in Japanese mythology hold a special crystal ball/pearl/jewel known as a Star Jewel or something like that. As for type, it's typing would be become Fire/Ghost or Fire/Psychic.
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Thanks! I did do a little bit of research on Kitsune before making this. Its why I added the jewels. Yeah, I think Fire/ Ghost would be cool as Kitsune can mean " Fox" or " Fox Spirit" which kinda goes in line with the ghost thing :D Thanks for the comment :D
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I love it. The only thing that wouldn't probably make me flinch about it is the dramatic color change between the head and body. Other than that, I think its beautiful~!
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Thanks. With the colour change, it was a design choice I went with to make it look different from the original. Its a fair comment though :D
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I would love it if they did a design like that. :heart:
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thanks! Id love it whatever it looks like.. mega ninetales would be so cool :)
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You can explore DA to look for some fake MegaPokemon (as on Dragonith's account)...
Me too, I would like seeing or inventing more new MegaPokemon and their MegaGems ! And suppose them to Mr. Satoshi Tajiri and Nintendo/PKMN Gamefreak...
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I really like how you add a hint of "Okami". I wish this would be cannon...
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thanks. okami is probably my fav all time game so I had to make a reference to it haha. If they did make a mega ninetales it would be so cool.
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I really love the design you gave for the tails, this is fantastic X3
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thanks! Its really Okami inspired :)
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This better be happening :D great design
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yeah mega ninetales would be awesome! 
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I love it! It reminds me of ninetails from Okami! Okami Sprite 
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yeah haha I took inspiration from it. Gotta love Okami! :D
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One of my favorite games! :3
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This is such a cool design! I love the extra accessories and markings that you added. :D
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Thanks. I did a little bit of research on Kitsunes which inspired me to add the beads and mask markings :)

Glad you like it :D
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