Steampunk Pony Price List

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Steampunk Pony Price List

1) Rainbow Dash $45
2) Twilight Sparkle $40
3) Fluttershy $40
4) Rarity $45
5) Applejack $35
6) Pinkie Pie $30
7) Lyra Heartstrings $35
8) Trixie $40


Please email me at if you would like a pony Steampunked!

Each one will differ in looks due to supplies on stock. I have not had the chance to make a Lyra or Trixie but I do have some ideas!

Thanks, Dea
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Ugh I hate ebay right now too, aswell as paypal, and Bill Me Later. I sold a receiver and have been having two weeks worth of trouble just trying to get paid for it. It was ebay's fault for autocompleteing my paypal address and they refused to fix it so I could properly get paid. Long story short, my buyer is paying me small payments as their BML refuses to now make a payment to my account. Are you still doing the large plush ponies, I bought the little glass eye'd Twilight Sparkle a while a back. She is like my fav pony plush at the moment. She sits by my pc monitor, right near my keyboard. I was curious on the pricing of one of the larger plushes like that. thanks. If I don't respond right away, Im not being rude, it's just i am very busy with family stuff right now. If thats too pricey I may be up for a steampunk Rarity or Twilight fashion sized.
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i'm just upset with ebay cuz there is someone who is selling beanie plush close to what mine are but are doing the eye close thing and is getting 100-200bucks for one! and i think mine look better and i get maybe $60..anyways i hate it cuz of other people selling plushs and they go for sooo much! that i want to do the right thing and just offer them at a decent price. right now i'm not taking commissions for the larger size beanies, just the small since i've got sooo many of the eyes and i'm tired of the iron on eyes. i'm hoping to get a embordery machine by the end of april so i can make them that way.
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Yeah I understand your discontent there with ebay. I have noticed that with yer past auctions. I just feel some solace in the fact that others are paying way too much for something so small. Yeah, hard work went into them, but as you said, its the right thing to offer them affordably, even if you were hoping for more. But In yer situation, I know I would feel the same way, and I also feel yours are much better. I know first hand having the little Twi plush. Sometimes others just get lucky, If I remember correctly I think you had that pattern out first did you not?

I like the open eyes better n.n It's cute but why would you want something that looks like its permanently asleep?
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see i'm making them to help buy a huge surgery bill (which i'm a 2/3 way there, just $1,000 more to go) so it is going to a good cause.
sigh, i'm not sure who had the pattern first, i know those is different, so it's a matter of the idea. i bought a pattern for stand up one and it was too much work. while cleaning my place i found my tys and thought hey why not a beanie mlp! so i kept the head pattern (which i altered) and made the pattern for the body which took some trails and tests.
thanks for your kind words and understanding :)