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Every Time Sans Tells a Bad Pun...

What happens when you're sick all break, buried the neck in homework, and finally get an hour or two of free time? You think of Undertale trash stuff to do of course! I many Undertale things in my head I could draw. TvT Someone save me from myself....

BUT! Point being, I've been really sick. My body made an executive decision to give me a migraine and make me sleep for 18 hours solid the night before last, so I had to stay up til 4am working on a project last night instead. Fun fun. Still sick. Not AS sick as I was, but I finally got everything I needed absolutely done is done...for now. I'm sure there'll be more. And in my first free moments, I bring to you *drum roll* MORE BANDWAGON GOODNESS!!!

>u> Not going to lie. I think of this too often when Sans tell Papyrus that he's smiling and Papyrus shout back the he knows and hates it. Hehehehehe~

Sorry not sorry.

Characters (c) Toby
Art (c) Me 
Please refrain from redrawing or otherwise reposting. 
BUT It's a fan comic and I love seeing people do fun stuff with them. So, if anyone feels like doing anything with it, just ask and I'll probably say yes as long as you link me so I can see it. >U> I am Undertale trash and I have an addiction. 

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Me: do these jokes BUG you
BluePawProductions's avatar
XD lol, it's my life too. I have the best time driving people nuts with puns.
Netherfeline's avatar
BluePawProductions's avatar
XD Yes, my kindred sprit. We are cut of the same cloth. 
JadedEmberWolf's avatar
rotf this is perfect XD
BluePawProductions's avatar
ovo It's a song. It usually plays for comedic effect on little short videos. If you type it into youtube, the song should pop up.
ThePenVsTheSword's avatar
Hehe, I love this! And I hope you feel better soon.
BluePawProductions's avatar
>U< Thank you so much! 

Haha, this was actually drawn a while ago, so I got better from that. However, ironically, I happen to be sick again now. :'D Such is life.
ThePenVsTheSword's avatar
You're very welcome!

I see. well, I hope you feel better again.
BluePawProductions's avatar
>u< Aw, thanks, I will~
ThePenVsTheSword's avatar
KwitterPwea's avatar
-shows fangs while laughing
NOMNOMSUN's avatar
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XD I have seen so many videos with that song. It is funny to me every single time.
NOMNOMSUN's avatar
I like many vine videos. Most of them lead me to good music.
Like Timmy Trumpets - Freaks.
I love that beat~
BluePawProductions's avatar
Annoying Dog ovo~* I'm innocent I tellz ya!
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