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This is a comprehensive list of all available Dema houses! 

This list is ONGOING.  Meaning, it will grow and add more to its collection of Dema Houses as more people make them.  I will edit it as often as I can to stay up to date. ;D When you add something, though, please do comment here with the changes so I can keep up.

If you make a Dema or I failed to add it to this list, please leave a comment here or note me on my personal profile.  I will add it as soon as possible.

Before you list your Shiniko as part of a House, /please/ ask the Dema owner first.  These people are nice and will most likely say yes unless there is some reason they are saving their last (or last few) spots. (i.e. for their own characters) 

Thanks all~ :D (Big Grin)


***HERE is a complete census of who belongs to what house! >u< ***

(1) :iconbluepawproductions:

House: Vesuvius

Dema of: War and Calamity

Type: Dark

House Power: Weapon Materialization

Vesuvius's house grants the ability to materialize a weapon unique to each member at will. This weapon is made of spirit energy, so it can be summoned to the hand or generally just the personage of the wielder at will with some sacrifice of energy. Vesuvius's own energy supplements the summoning and makes the weapon more durable and more effective on souls than a normal weapon. The wielder can not decide which weapon they will be granted, as it is unique and innate for each, simply choosing the wielder and not the other way around.

(Note: Each weapon is only for the welder's hands. No matter what size or mass it should have, the person wielding it will be capable of doing so. However, no matter how small, it will be impossible to use for anyone other than the one who summoned it. It will be too heavy to lift for all but the summoner. Those with enhanced strength may be able to pull it some, but never wield it. The only exception is in the case of demas. Any dema can lift the weapon.)

Availability: 17/20 filled

~Alexander Calloway* ~Yoru Tenshi ~Valhalla Kenway ~Lucinda Geminae ~Sadin Reaper* ~Tina Siberius ~Navarious Van Sutherland ~Jeremiah Kenway ~Bob Katt ~Asher Kerikil ~Natasha ~Zakai Myrick ~Ki Nightingale ~Birillinis Bloodraven ~Mora Bursar ~Arthur Stephen Nicolai (on TH) ~Stella (on TH)

[Shrine Pets: -Akumon]

House Layout~!

(2) :iconsg96:

House: Yvis

Dema of: Love and Hate

Type: Light

House Power:

A brief period of extreme strength overcomes the user as they attempt to protect those they love or try to kill those they hate. It has a limited/short time of use, so it must be used strategically. 

Availability: 5/20 filled

~Ludger ~Anire Wolfsong ~Ico ~Damien Calloway* ~Von Sorenson


House: Acanit

Dema of: Time and Space

Type: Light

House Power: Teleportation

The user can teleport sort distances (up to 20 feet) but will require rest before teleporting again.

Availability: 1/20 filled

~Albany Sybil 

(4) :icontwintigerpaw:

House: Gau

Dema of: Water and Blood

Type: Light

House Power: 

Shiniko under Gau’s house find that, in battle, they have the ferocity of a shark and can temporarily heal by splashing themselves with water. This, however, is an emergency thing only. If they waste their heal on something small, they could seriously be in trouble if they get hurt even worse later. Shiniko from his house might also find that they require more food than normal as a side effect.

Availability: 15/20 filled

~Ichigo Pompeii ~Aderyn Phillips ~Taddle ~Juliet Strongheart ~Roe ~Clockwork Angel ~Oliver Rykes ~Emery/Emerie ~Texas (Tex)  ~Daisuke  ~Yokai (Yoko) ~Kovu Gabriel ~Luca Mandarin (on TH) ~Alana Nyx (To Be Posted) ~Augustine Hamilton (To Be Posted)

[Shrine Pets: -Clara -Nightcrest]

(5) :iconbluepawproductions:

House: Akinaten
Dema of: Death and Calamity

Type: Dark

House Power: Reaper Command

This is the ability to bind and direct phantoms to do the bidding of the wielder. The stronger the shiniko, the more phantoms they can control at once. However, the more powerful the phantom, the more likely it is to break free and turn on or even corrupt its master through their link. Non-sentient phantoms are easier to manage, but some sentient phantoms can also be controlled by more apt users. If too many phantoms are taken on at once or if a shiniko doesn’t break ties with a phantom that is too powerful to control for them, the user may be corrupted as well and turn to a phantom themselves. In addition to binding and directing, this ability allows shiniko to call phantoms from all around to create a horde by making the phantoms under their command give out a call that draws them in. A large horde can’t be controlled though. The strength and capability of this power varies with each shiniko, based not on personality or powers but more on their individual energy signatures, much like DNA would express a natural talent.

A lesser-known aspect of this power is that some select members of the house gain the ability to inflict corruption on others by touch. This is a rare outgrow of the house power and only a very few ever have inherited it well. Many can make the area they touch burn with corruption, but only the elect have the strength in this power to fully corrupt someone. It varies in strength between users. Using this power runs the risk of corrupting the user and also causes intense pain and fatigue to both parties, as it is quite draining.

Availability: 10/20 filled

~Dante ~Shiv ~Roselynn Nightwalker (Rose) ~Fyuro Glade  ~Linnette ~Kaine' ~Hiroshima ~Jypsy ~Lazarus ~Yvette Ida (on TH)

(6) Schicksale (on the forum)

House: Daistrom

Dema of: Earthen Harmony

Type: Light

House Power: Strength of the Earth

This power allows the user a boon of the earth to create a natural shield or armor, whether it be crystalline armor or vines, to move around (think 3-D gear from Attack on Titan) or to create a wall of stone before the user to shield themselves from a strong attack. The limits of the ability lie within the user’s devotion. If someone uses the house ability and shows no devotion to the spirits of the earth, then they will forsake the user and leave them without it until they earn the power back. This means that the ability should be used sparingly for those who lack devotion. Different uses have different tolls and moments to be considered.

Availability: 5/20 filled

~Lynx ~Allina ~Adam ~Allison Wingheart ~Julie Sauve 

(7) :iconblackbrier:

House: Seanan

Dema of: Equality and Leadership

Type: Light

House Power:

 The ability to summon a possessed animal from the main house. This animal will protect their summoner at all costs, but the only thing supernatural about these creatures is their ability to be over six feet tall. The tallest one is Seanan’s companion (Renegade), who stands at ten feet.

Availability: 1 /20 filled

~Iris Oracle  

(8) :iconzecrazyangel:

House: Nylia

Dema of: Purification and Poisoning

Type: Light

House Power: Purification

This power grants the user the ability to purify any kind of liquid simply by placing their hands over or swimming in it. The purifying process goes all around them as they go. It is also a power that can be used to purify water so it’s cleaner to use on wounds, disinfecting them. Such water can’t heal the wound itself, what can be best to actually clean up infection from the wound without any pain, though the user has to keep purifying the water before placing it back on the wound. It also gives the user an immunity to poison, since they can purify their own blood easily.

Availability: 2/20 filled

~Raphy ~Natalie Oceantide 

[Shrine Pets: -Fildon]

(9) :iconseishiyo:

House: Catastrasa 

Dema of: The Apocalypse

Type: Dark

House Power: Chaotic Destruction

Catastasa's house grants shiniko the ability to bring forth a contained version of the apocalypse with in a contained field created by the house power being activated. The power allows the shiniko to alter the environment within said field. The powers are akin to that of the world ending on a minor natural disaster ie: (Tornados, Earthquakes ,Hurricanes ect) diseases (Bubonic plague, Polio, Spanish influenza ect), infighting (Verbal, Physical, Emotional, Mental ect). The environmental aspects of the power are long lasting meaning once you destroy that part of the environment is permeate. Non-environmental aspects of this power eventually ware off.  This power last about half an hour to an hour and can only be used once within a 24 hour span. Shiniko who use this power can  be affected by this power so they must actively be careful about how they use it. They are also prone to losing control of certain aspects of this power so proper practice is advised. Shiniko also lose the ability to activate or use there normal powers during the use of this power because it drains them. The longer the house power runs the longer the shiniko is cut off from there powers. Meaning if you use the house power for 20 minutes you have to wait 40 minutes for your own powers to recover. So use with caution and keep an eye on the time.

Availability: 10/20 filled

~Scourge ~Discord ~Necrosis ~Victoria ~Whisper ~Kaimiki Tau ~Hiro ~Reno ~Kimiko Michi ~Rylan Ukaidi (on TH)

(10)  :iconasimplemoon:

House: Valos

Dema of: Protection and Wisdom

Type: Light

House Power: Berserker Rage

The user can call upon an inner rage and whichever form they are in will grow in size as well as become exceptionally stronger. When using this power, they will also obtain more beastly physical attributes. The more someone is taught to control the ability, the longer they can stay in this form. The longest recorded time of a non-dema using the ability was five hours. NOTE: Anyone using this ability will have the sclera of their eyes darken to gray during the duration of the usage.

Availability: 18 /20 filled

~Yume Makemashito* ~Shani Nwosu* ~Primrose ~Amai Esa  ~Sonya Manson ~Ikari Sato ~Neo ~Nero ~Arron Hazer ~Galeheim ~Adrien Hollins ~Karaline ~Ezra ~Mayuri ~Mao ~Damian Hayes ~Saar* ~Landon

[Shrine Pets: -Kalandra -Lucky Light]

(11)  :iconantipathetic-enmity:

House: Hayato

Dema of: Generosity and Comfort

Type: Light

House Power: Able to summon a low-leveled phantom (brute) in battle for a short period of time. The longest this ability has ever been used for was an hour, though usually the maximum time is 30 minutes.

Availability: 3 /20 filled

~Keith Parham ~Thaine Cressius ~Jamie

(12) :iconrawr-horse:

House: Balamir

Dema of: Honor and Deception

Type: Light

(Also! Our first official Black Market dema that's not an NPC! : D )

House Power: Guerilla Warfare

Balamir's house grants his shiniko the ability to turn the tides of a battle, manipulating their enemies so they temporarily work for their side instead. Phantoms and afflicted are immune to the mental attacks, but shiniko are not. Depending on how strong the shiniko is that uses this power, they will be able to affect more shiniko at once or individuals for longer periods of time. Some shiniko are more loyal than others and therefore harder to manipulate to change sides, sometimes resulting in the power failing on them if the caster isn't strong enough. Shiniko can only be under the effects of Balamir's house power for so long before they've become mentally immune to it, temporarily. This time period varies depending on the one under the effect and the one who casted it.

Availability: 11 /20 filled 

~Nyota ~Lafayette (on TH) ~Vermillion [placeholder name] (To Be Posted) ~Jacoby (To Be Posted) ~White Tiger [placeholder name] (To Be Posted) ~Ophelia Shayde (on TH) ~Pompeii (To Be Posted) ~Roma (To Be Posted) ~Benjamin ~Rasmus (To be posted) ~Cryogenic

(13) :iconana-mizuki:

House: Chance

Dema of: Dema of Odds and Statistics

Type: Light

(A Black Market Dema as well~)

House Power: Random Number God

Benefits:  As the world is random and chaotic, Styx can use this to his advantage. Anything that relies on chance, Styx can change its outcome.
Drawbacks: Sadly, only as far as giving another possible result. It could, therefore, go really well or really badly for Styx. In addition, as Styx has not developed this power much and has trouble thinking beyond today, he does not yet understand to stack the odds in his favour

Availability: 1 /20 filled 


(Extra 1) 

House: ANARCHY! 

Dema? What dema? (Anarchy has many demas but none are known)

House Ability? 

There is no house ability available to anarchy shiniko because the anarchy dema sect doesn’t believe in revealing themselves and they don’t pass on the knowledge that would let use the ability. However, the anarchists have no number cap due to the fact that there are enough demas to support any feasible number of shiniko. Anarchist shiniko don’t stay in houses and are usually not welcome there because they can not be officially tied to a dema house like other shiniko can. They tend to be unorganized and to not be told about themselves or their new world, being given no help from their dema, who they typically only see the first time and then never again. 

Availability: ? / ??? filled (No number cap!)

~ N3 (Nova) ~Xio ~S1 (Siagi) ~Olivia ~Jinx ~Son Wukong ~Isaac ~Eleanora ~Dradin ~Etsuko ~Chihiro ~Teague ~Gilbert ~Emmeran Ouen ~Sylvia Stratton ~Lykos ~Zahara ~Veronica ~Monica ~Roman Rowan (on TH) ~Ashby Sterling (on TH) ~Arwyn (on TH) ~Emily Winchester

(Extra 2)

House: Black Market

Dema: (No real dema. Usually, NPC demas will only hold them until sale in a marketeer capacity)

House Power: 

Black market shiniko don’t receive house powers until they are taken into a house. The marketeers wouldn’t tell them or teach them their house power of their own house because it’d only change when they are “rehomed.” Thus, until they’re bought, they won’t have any house powers to speak of.

Availability: ? / ??? filled (No number cap!)

~Check Anoei ~Brolly ~Micha ~Sienna Absolon ~Saiko ~Blair Tesni Anastasio ~Kaliko  ~Julie Sauve (Later in House Daistrom) ~Shiloh Servaine (later in house Yvis) ~Knox ~Cross ~Jackson Streiter ~Zai Ayesa ~Oni Byakuya Kira ~Bio Hazard ~Plague Rat ~Riley Sawyer (on TH) ~Tsuna Taka ~Jetta (To Be Posted) ~Kassandra (To Be Posted) ~Nightingale (To Be Posted)

(Extra 3)

(Shiniko that are not in a house currently and thus are on borrowed time)

~Kenya Gray 

(Extra 4)


~Gray ~Armuros ~Bitey ~Bits ~R1 (Rabble) ~Rhonin (X) ~Chark ~Vincent ~Kira ~Killian ~Wisteria Hemlock ~Raika ~Caspian Elliott Blackburn Queens ~Hibiki ~Dolsen Chigo 
(on TH) ~Hadeon Payton (on TH) ~Haden Garrett (To Be Posted)

(Extra 5)



~Rune ~Jager ~Vladimir Mikey ~Blue Shadow ~Hydra ~Ultima ~Crowley ~Alice ~Masky ~Hikari ~Icarus ~Aika ~Pumpkin ~Andras ~Lethiathan ~Monstro Con Occhi ~Lil Trooper ~Opel Scale ~Ayanaga (Yang) ~Pablo ~Liona ~Lumos ~Alden ~Mr. Noodles ~Xero ~Nightoss ~Akumu ~Portabella ~Erikill ~Fyrefly ~Mirugen [~Cryogenic (currently not approved due to pending reference changes)] ~Devon ~Triton ~Deerling ~Cheshire ~Windwalker ~Loyalty ~Shae ~Akira ~Cato ~Hyde ~Erwin (on TH) ~Loki (on TH) ~Jared (on TH) ~Kier (on TH) ~Ascalan (on TH) ~Akira ~Killian (on TH) ~Sinclair (To Be Posted) ~Enzo (on TH)

(Extra 6)

(Please comment below with the name of any NPC if you'd like to have them added to the official roster. Reference not required. It's just for you to be able to look back on. ;D )

~Sylo (past) [TwinTigerPaw] ~Tempura Shiro 
[TwinTigerPaw] ~Chisei [TwinTigerPaw] ~Calypso [TwinTigerPaw] ~Chrota [TwinTigerPaw] ~Norowa [TwinTigerPaw] ~Ides of March [BluePawProductions] ~D3 (Dee) [BluePawProductions]~K9 (Koss) [BluePawProductions] ~Phoenix [Seishiyo] ~Kemono no Masutā [Seishiyo] ~Sebastian [Seishiyo] ~AJ [Seishiyo] ~Slein [?pleasecomment?]  ~Sorrin (dead) [BluePawProductions] ~Drexis [BluePawProductions] ~Yorick [BluePawProductions] ~Tartarus [BluePawProductions] ~Elias [BluePawProductions]  ~Rayna [BluePawProductions] ~Sverra [Rawr-Horse] ~Leander [Rawr-Horse] ~Aeschylus (Luster) [Seishiyo] ~Aanya [BluePawProductions] 

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