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Bluepaw's Fire Tutorial

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Edit: Oh my gosh! Thank you guys so much for all the faves <3  I'd really like to thank you all individually, but I have no time today. D:  This has gotten the most faves of any of my works.  Thank you all so much! :D

At the request of BlueIcyEyes, here is a tutorial on how I do fire. ^-^ I really hope it helps.  Fire is one of my favorite effects to draw and it is certainly fun to do.  With the help of this tutorial, hopefully you will also become an artistic pyromaniac. ;p  

(ignore the poorly sketched sketchy-sketches)

Everything seen here (c) me.  Please refrain from redrawing or otherwise reposting. Thank you. :)
HOWEVER, please feel free to reference it.  That's what it's here for.
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TheReturnOfBassChu's avatar
oh my goodness this is awesome
toothbytes's avatar
fancy seeing you here
BluePawProductions's avatar
>v< Thanks! I'm glad it could be helpful~
TheProtobabe's avatar
This is extremely helpful and SIMPLE! Thanks a lot! 

...also, is it bad that I giggled off and on at that flaming fart for several minutes?
BluePawProductions's avatar
:D Oh gosh, thank you~ I'm glad that it could help! 

And absolutely not at all! That was my intent. >:3  *evil laughter*
TheProtobabe's avatar
I used a combo of your tutorial and a couple of others here!

War for Surra_Title (No Text) by TheProtobabe  WfS_Title by TheProtobabe  
BluePawProductions's avatar
Oh wow! :D That turned out really well! And that lion is quite well drawn too. :> Is it Scar from The Lion King?
TheProtobabe's avatar
It's actually a character of KanuTGL 's--Sumai ^^

This is going to be a comic of a roleplay from TLKGO :3
BluePawProductions's avatar
Ah, nice! :D I love the reddish colored TLK type lions. :)
Goldroid's avatar
amazing this helped me out
BluePawProductions's avatar
:D Thanks! I'm so glad it could help. :>
originalspaceduck's avatar
Heh, this is pretty useful. :D
SakuraDrawingPencil's avatar
This really helped me out!
BluePawProductions's avatar
Krazzulimaii's avatar
Oh wow, this has got to be one of the best fire tuts I've ever seen! The fire looks soooo goood. I especially like the 'breathing fire' look. I may just have to use it at some point.

Thanks for the awesome tutorial! Llama for you!
BluePawProductions's avatar
;-; Oh my gosh!!! Thank you so much. :D It's only my second tutorial, so I was a bit unsure of it.  Hearing you say that though, makes my day. :D And thank you so much for the llama!
Krazzulimaii's avatar
No problem! You deserve the praise
BluePawProductions's avatar
Aww, ^///^ that's so nice.
Acethewolf20's avatar
you fart flams i feel bad for your toliets
BluePawProductions's avatar
XD favorite doodle that I have ever drawn. And yeah. >.> toilets don't last long with flaming farts.
BlueIcyEyes's avatar
Omg!!! Thank youu so much!!! This is going to help me much!!! *3*
BluePawProductions's avatar
Hooray! I'm so glad. :D 
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