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Queen of Hypocrite Island
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Hey, welcome to my page! :D

Heyo~ I’m Bluepaw! I’m a US born artist and SCAD grad as of the fall of 2018! (Yaaaay, school pride~)

I was pretty much completely self taught all the way up until college and have been doing art all my life, but I remember starting to seriously pursue art and trying to learn at the age of thirteen. It’s been a real trip and I’m excited to keep on trying to grow as an artist!

I’m shy but love to talk to people on here, so please feel free to talk to me whenever and I’ll try to get back to you. I promise, I don’t have the guts to bite! ^v^

I'm also the proud creator of Postmortem and the ShinikoHollow world in general. It's slow going but it's what I love and I hope to stick by it to the end. I love webcomics and I'd like to share my stories with you all~*

~Availability for things~
I do take commissions most of the time, depending on my availability.
I usually only do requests when offered. Unless offered publicly, it's for friends.
I generally only do gifts for friends.

Where I can be found:

Deviantart (obviously)
>:iconbluepawproductions: BluePawProductions (You are here)
( bluepawproductions.deviantart.… )
>:iconnothin-fancy: Nothin-Fancy (Photos and life stuff if ya wanna know my life or whatever)

Professional Site:…


Picarto (sometimes)
>BluePawProducitons ( )

YouTube (If I ever work up the nerve or get my computer to work again)
>Personal one = NotaN ame (Where I just sort of loiter. Gunna be uploading everything on one account so this one basically won't be active publicly.)
(… )

>Public one = BluePawProductions (Where I'll hopefully upload stuff that won't get copyright strikes and I can put future projects of any sort that catches my fancy)
(… )

My Kingdom:
(comment on my page with what title you want, if you want to change your title, or if you want to be given a title by me~ Open to any friends or watchers. [I may have already named some if i think of them.])

Queen of Hypocrite Island

First Lady (the wife) of Hypocrite Island

Satanic Stud King (Satan / the husband) of Hypocrite Island

Duchess Silver Vixen of Hypocrite Island

Pervy Arch Bishop of Hypocrite Island

Spicy Lead Vanguard of Hypocrite Island

The Wiggly Squiggly Dark Lord of Hypocrite Island

Lead Huntress of the Hounds of Hypocrite Island

Holy Mother of Hypocrite Island

The Nomadic Soothsayer Scribe of Hypocrite Island

The Icy High Philosopher of Hypocrite Island

The Wandering Prophet of Cuddles of Hypocrite Island

The Borking Guild Master of Hypocrite Island

The Sparkling Ship Oracle of Hypocrite Island

© HailLucy
Hey, I realized my last journal was quite a while ago and was about something not super relevant anymore. So I decided to refresh my front page and journal in general to provide some new updates since the last one. (I might have covered some of this in statuses already? because honestly, i love them. I love getting them and love making them. I know statuses aren't beloved by everyone, but I happen to really appreciate that addition to DA.)

Since my last journal:

1. I graduated (yay~) from my school (SCAD) with a Bachelors in Visual Communication with a Focus in Illustration. Long name, haha, but it's basically Illustration with more general education credits from transferring in and less art electives. So that's done. (Got it framed in a little frame cuz man, big frames are expensive.)

2. Computer died. R.I.P. my poor 2012 baby. Went a little while without a laptop, got my savings together, got a credit card and financial advice from a very helpful lady at the bank on building my credit for when I move, and got a new laptop to work with.
(Two pro tips from bank lady, in case you didn't know like I didn't: If you keep your credit card charges at half or below your limit on that card, it builds your credit super fast, as long as you're making regular payments. Also, if you charge something on your card, let it sit for a week and a half to two weeks so that the bank people have time to check your card and register that you've charged something. Otherwise, if you pay it off immediately, it will look like you haven't been using your card and it won't help your credit.)

Note! My comp died, but my files survived. So my upcoming comic page I was working on and in progress art is still safe. ;D Noice. Bullet dodged.

3. Launched my professional site officially now that it's finished. (It's just a portfolio site and not too fancy, but if you're interested:… . Wix because it's free and honestly really nicely customizable. I had it recommended, so thank you fellow random students who advised me on that.)

4. I got my portfolio and resume up to date and started applying for local part time jobs to save up and professional jobs to hopefully get my career started. Yaaaay, exciting and terrifying all at once~

(Kinda sorta 5. I got accepted for a part time job today. Woo! Gunna start soon. Hopefully nothing falls through because I'm pretty happy about that.)

6. I'm gunna be traveling to visit a friend with my dad for just a few days starting the 19th. It's business for my dad, but I have a friend up there. So, if I'm hard to get in contact with a little around that time, I'm sorry, but I'm gunna be so wrapped up in excitement friend times~ First time meeting in person.  

Alright. So. That's all I have if you were interested or didn't care or anything in between, haha. Not extremely interesting, I know, but thought I'd throw that all out there all at once. 


Yo, send me some songs, peeps. I'm on a song kick. Plz and thnx~<3
Hey, yo, share somethin that makes you happy~ Can be anything, really. A video, music, a story, a memory. Anything ya can think of. Just good vibes, man.
Very close to done with my Postmortem comic page at last and am hype about it. Will be working on that today! ^v^
Hey, so, I had to put down my rabbit, Leo, today. I've had him since he was the size of my palm. He was old now for a rabbit and lived a long, sheltered, indoor life with lots of love and spoiling. I'm pretty upset about it, so I'm sorry if things get a little slow around here for a bit.


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