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Shoulder Pad Tutorial

First Tutorial
Made to answer ~ABeastLives questions about my Cloud Strife Cosplay shoulder pads. They are far from perfect but im proud of them as this is the 1st time iv'e made anything like this. :)

Hope i helped :3
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This is really gonna help with my Kamen Rider J cosplay.
BluePandaCosplay's avatar
Glad the tutorial has helped you :D
KalassinDracon's avatar
Thank you SO MUCH for this. Going to be using it for my Hyrule Warriors Zelda cosplay! I will try and remember to send you a picture when they are done and give you a shout out on my cosplay page!
BluePandaCosplay's avatar
I'm glad my tutorial helped :D
Cant wait to see your Hyrule Warrior Zelda Cosplay!! :3
SecretUntold's avatar
thanks for the awesome tips!! :D
BluePandaCosplay's avatar
Your very welcome :D
AhhTheHorror's avatar
Using a foam mat is a good solution. I shall try this for my Princess Kenny cosplay. ^^
BluePandaCosplay's avatar
Happy i could help :3
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I've been following this guide loosely and it's helped me out so much! I never thought I'd be able to make an FFVII Cloud shoulder armour, but this has really helped me! Thank you so much!

(Outstanding cosplay by the way!)
BluePandaCosplay's avatar
im glad my tutorial helped you :D
And thank you :3
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You know you can just coat it in PVA water mixture and then spray paint it after a couple coats
BluePandaCosplay's avatar
i shall keep that in mind, thank you :3
beamiranda's avatar
Can i use Super glue for Eva foams ? (i was goin to buy some but my bro told me it wouldnt stick, is he right ?)
BluePandaCosplay's avatar
Super glue will melt the eva foam warping the shape. You could try it with two small peices to test the effects as it maybe possible if you only use a very small amount.
beamiranda's avatar
Thankyou for the advice ;D
AlexXe666's avatar
Where did you get the camping mat from?
BluePandaCosplay's avatar
i got mine from a shop in the town i live called: Home Bargins.
But Wilkinson's sells them as well as asda. They will be near the camping things.
AlexXe666's avatar
sound familiar lol. Thank you for the great tutorial and help/information. Keep up with the great work ;)
BluePandaCosplay's avatar
thank you, also if your struggling to find a shop that sells them try sports shops or online. Happy to help :3
AlexXe666's avatar
Thank you i will do, when i start my next project. :3
Tearsonsasuke's avatar
Thank you lea :3
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