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Surpassing Normality
It could kill you, you know?
Yes.  That's why I like it.

Hang every threshold of stimulation and bring a crown of lively chaos upon my brow.
Frustrations caused me to open gates previously unrecognized, unconsidered, untouched, unrevealed.
All on a path of growth, dismay, and hope.
:iconbluenine:bluenine 1 4
Artificial Severance
What do you feel?
You were at liberty to tell me.
You felt free enough to let me know.
Little did we expect that the technology that brings us together can just as easily seperate.  (Just as the machines that support our lives can clasp and burst them -- puncture their thin
film and let run the liquid that once kept them supple.)
Although sometimes, that's the only way to move on.
And I know it's positive overall, at least this time
for in spite of this severance, we are given the opportunity to reunite
more promptly
under greater circumstances.
:iconbluenine:bluenine 0 1
Interconnection in Darkness
Patches of darkened amber
the light connecting my various
city sections.
We're living in this
post midnight world I've created
And at this moment it holds in place
just as I wish for it to.
A reflection of a place only distantly rendered, perhaps, in thoughts;
its outline fitting perfectly inside a cut-out, matching silhouette
Witnessing patterns in the sun, frozen in space
Just as they did in fractal dreams
Walk the path of True, now, with what you've gained
(The end of which is wonderfully unknown)
And we'll all continue in grace.
:iconbluenine:bluenine 0 2
Throes, Clouds
Are we ever joined?
  Accompanied solitude runs
  through my 24th hour
My synchronicity is spent
And throes, clouds surround
View scrolling
Concealing the erratic
violence within my mind
And later, I'll enjoy nightmares
that have
:iconbluenine:bluenine 0 5
blueNINE Poetry Amber by bluenine blueNINE Poetry Amber :iconbluenine:bluenine 0 1
Turning to Nothing and No One
When I'm taken over
There is nowhere I can go to now;
Sit in the Eye and let resonate the sounds of the hurricane
And by the red escaping from my ears, it seems that surely I cannot endure much longer.
:iconbluenine:bluenine 0 1
Lean forward and sink.  Fall into thoughts of colorless (but blue) light from the arising of dawn, fading out what was night.
You're a new energy and a different type.  Like a geometrical shape previously unseen, unimagined.  An overlooked element.
And while origin and communication seperate, the fact that our true source is one and the same is inescapable and defines our reality.
I beg my consciousness not to regard a lesser reality as an ultimately seperating factor.
Forever existing with silver chimes spiriting between my thoughts, I'll continue on my way.  Wish for the best.  Don't step back.  Embrace the present, and create the future.
:iconbluenine:bluenine 0 5
Elevating from the bottom of my forgotten well
Cold blue walls reflecting the light of a bad moon
You return to my consciousness, bursting between the drumming of my heartbeats
Gushing, distilled.
Unorthodox harmony of elation and dissonance
Am I to be cast away?
Is this the undoing of my soul\'s precious armor?
Tear through tear, I will perpetuate my scattered equilibrium.
:iconbluenine:bluenine 0 4
Sadness - Fantasy
In sadness and fantasy I am...daydreaming of relationships nonexistent at present, dark nights, pale green lights with art and happiness flowing through my veins. If only...
:iconbluenine:bluenine 0 4
Nothing Could Ruin
I long to look out and see black, blanketed by sheets of sonic metal and rain -- endless, forever
Then nothing could ruin.
:iconbluenine:bluenine 0 3
The Falls of Her Eyes
I stood at the falls of her lush blue eyes
Round, reaching and pouring inward
Spires of multiple shades rapidly descending to the bottom
Static fog lifting off the pools below calls my name
and drops mottle my face and arms
Leaning forward, through silence, I allowed the weight of my body to give in and
For a few ecstatic moments this drifting lasted,
though I could have sworn it was a solid portion of my lifetime
I glanced downward, waiting to know what my fate with this would be
And it was then that I saw these falls would be inverted --
flowing in the opposite direction in seconds.
The whole of my being was flushed out of those eyes and that existence by her lucid, full tears.
Through, up, and out. Washed to the shore of difference and put down in the sands of recollection.
I've since taken a solitary journey, taking the time to enjoy the natural beauties of the world and its Creator...even despite the blood that still flows from my heart.
:iconbluenine:bluenine 1 4
The Void Puddle
Circular puddle of mercury shines
Like a silver dinner plate over a dull table of ash
Perhaps according to the eyes, the (mis)interpretations of others, nothing is wrong
but I\'m falling through galaxies, down, tripping through voids
caught in-between space and time
just because this puddle is without limit in its depth when I stand in it
Some seem to just step through and move on,
not knowing of the seperate phenomena that I experience in this ordeal
:iconbluenine:bluenine 0 5
Afro Blue by bluenine Afro Blue :iconbluenine:bluenine 4 17
Visual Misconceptions
This life has beaten me down, I feel.
"Tomorrow, I want to look the way I feel. I want to look like the abused," I said, looking back at myself in the mirror, noticing no marks to prove what had my soul had endured.
"You already do," He said.
I looked once more and saw that what one assumes from a visual appearance may be a false perception, and in fact even the inverse of what one sees as an indication may be so.
This lesson learned, I silently exited to the dark.
:iconbluenine:bluenine 1 8
Her Dance of Life
Bearing black
Clothed by the deadened bark
of a looming tree
You arise and reanimate this being of nature
and breath its soul out, colorful,
providing ocular proof of its beauty within
You quicken what is latent
And you unfasten what holds love from the world
Enchant, gladden, yet...
:iconbluenine:bluenine 1 5
Night in Reparation
The pain slowly dissolved
Like a medicinal oil, rubbed into the tired, tense back of a worn body.
Like green tea leaves; beautiful source of perfection
Gliding with arms winged...
Extoll this greatness
In a time of unknown peril.
:iconbluenine:bluenine 0 3

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S H E :iconaelis:aelis 8 30
Beautiful- Incomparable
:iconlowra:lowra 2 10
color of blood
there is a drop of blood on this paper now
mixing with my tears it turns pink but
in my mind it's still red
red as the rest of the drops on my arm
red as the inside of those cuts you never notice
red like neither of these
just red like blood
and how would you describe the color of blood
somehow red doesn't seem enough
there's a rainbow inside
each drop a rainbow of problems
none important on their own
yet each slowly
or is it quickly
killing me
like the rainbow choker i wore that day
pulling always tighter and tighter
and not till i left did i know
it never changed size
but your voice still echoed in my ears
as i felt the bruises begin to set
around my neck where my rainbow choked me
where you choked me
until life killed me
but life killed me and left me living
like my body didn't know my soul was dead
like maybe it didn't matter
as the red gave up choking
and drowned me instead
:iconbloodchild09:bloodchild09 1 3
Puddle of Paint
Puddle of Paint
I am but a puddle of paint...
Azure, emerald, golden, blinding,
Infinite, vibrant, warm colors are me layed
Silently upon the earth.
Security, self is mine as I am here
Undisturbed as my puddle upon the earth.
I never asked for the rain, the madness to come,
To pour down upon me and cause me to forget
Where I once was.
I never asked to change shape, to conform
To the world, to splash and find myself
Segregated from the security I once felt in
My puddle upon the earth. My colors are splattered.
I am desecrated.
But now I am not alone....
My colors may have splattered,
Landed out of reach,
Faded into stone,
But I am not alone.
Fluid flowing through these stricken veins,
Rain is alive in me.
Rain blends with my once vibrant colors
And have balanced my tint of being.
What a transformed puddle am I.
I am shaded, tinted, yet not as distant
From my true colors as my fallible
Soul had thought.
I am shaded,
But more beautiful for infinity.
:iconlowra:lowra 1 4
i am not strong
i always thought i was strong.
i was always there always
okay never failing to cheer her up or
make them laugh.
i was never strong.
the well inside me is deeper than they think
the pain inside me is harder than i knew
it hurts more than i dreamed more than
the pain on those nights i woke sweaty sheets
twisted around me when i couldn't breathe the
air was hot and heavy my mind even worse and
i never knew why.
so i got up washed my face like they always
said and i thought no one else knew what
i was going through never told never asked just
now i know i am not strong.
i know i am not brave.
i can only hope i'm strong enough but
i'm being crushed under all this weight this
pain and i think i am not i think i am
i wish i could let him help me.
:iconbloodchild09:bloodchild09 1 17
Never Is It That Way
When everything I prayed would last always became a past, I vowed I wouldn't trust again, I wouldn't feel again. Yet I feel the pain of not being able to hurt. Only so much longer can I live in hopes that one day things may go my way, that one day I won't have to wonder if my world will shatter in the next moment. Yet how can I not when it has happened innumerable times. Security has been taken away innumerable times. Such things can weather a young soul. Such things can make one untrusting, unwilling to give all, unknowing of what may befall. Yes, everything becomes my past. Just once I wish for a future, but never is it that way. Never is it that way.
:iconlowra:lowra 1 4
Her Grain of Sand
Her Grain of Sand
She is sand in your hands.
Unable to be completely
That which you believe will
Complete you.
She slips from your fingers
Pieces of her fall to the
Ground and blend with the
Normal and conforming sand
At your feet.
You watch her pieces fall,
Until there is one grain left,
One grain left of her
That you hold so tight
Between your fingers.
Don't let her go,
Don't let that last grain fall
And become lost,
For you may never find
That one grain of sand
Ever again.
:iconlowra:lowra 1 7
Forgive Me by Vaskania Forgive Me :iconvaskania:Vaskania 6 9
soul vampire
I look, see her standing there, her hair wet from the streaming rain, her eyes searching for mine, for the keyhole to my being, my soul, searching for that miniscule hole that will catch on the claw she holds in her eyes, catch and tear, bringing me with it. Moving a little, shifting in place to give her access to my soul, I feel a ringing in my ears and then she is drinking, from across the street and through the rain and to everyone else we look just like normal people, we're just standing here in the rain maybe waiting for a taxi maybe just watching the raindrops fall but normal people and who would know she's standing here drinking my soul, my very being and oh how it hurts. She takes and takes till I'm sure there's nothing left, and when she finally lets go I collapse, lying in the gutter with the rainwater washing over me, around me, under me and I know she wants more. Open my eyes and she's standing there above me above my suddenly trembling body wanting more, more, always mo
:iconbloodchild09:bloodchild09 1 4



United States
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Right.  Another year is now past.  I plan to give some attention to this page.  This profile will be refined, I think, and then perhaps I will move forward.

Also, any entries or updates that I had previously said I'd make later on in this journal...that is all null now.

23.  I'm still here.
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