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Twilight: "so that's how it works.."B-) (Cool) 

Some time ago, after  trail of destruction I had the idea of creating another apocaliptic/space scenario, so I thought to put Twilight, in outer space ( in my phantasy she can :P), probably after having read a book full of spells that she mustn't have used..but she was too curious and this is the resultOops! . As reference point I used real images found on the web to make it the most real possible.
Anyway I'm happy with the result, I'm getting the hang in planets destruction:D (Big Grin)  (only a joke).
It took me 7 hours to make it, the longest part was the planet. The nebula behind is a part of a project made entirely by me that you'll see soon.
Then, I made an alternative version without Twilight, which you can find in the attached package.

>>>Timelapse video here<<<< music credits > Axl Rosenberg  - Ascendance

I would like to receive some constructive critique, please. Feel free to download, share and fav. 
Twilight © belongs to Hasbro.
Everything else © goes to me.

Many thanks for the feature…  Love 
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So this is what they call the "Dark Sun"...

It's definitely the Earth's core.