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I don't even know @.@ Bloh !

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 24, 2014, 4:05 PM


I am in such a ...rut ! Both art and gaming and roleplay like ! Hnngh!

Nothing seems to go the way i want , art wise lately that is. I have the urge to create a ton of new characters that i won't even use like normally...maybe just sell the ones i have but yeaa...

With WoW being boring as hell i don't even feel like finishing the raids or login on at all , only for my rps that is. The only reason that keeps me there right now so far..

In a way i miss having some original roleplay to take up my time when people aren't on wow or when i'm too bored to play any video games.

Used to write so many plots and create the maps and everything needed for a story that could go on and on for quite some time , was inspiring.

I don't know why i stopped  , maybe because i'm not really good with writing hahaha ! Just kinda miss making all those random characters and stuff...

Perhaps i should try again , if anyone wants to talk over an idea or something i'm up for it !

I like my original roleplays over skype or making a forum for it , currently have an old forum that i could use and stuffs !

Yaaah... thats pretty much it ! :3  LF original rp story !


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March 24, 2014