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Durpy Durp !

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 13, 2015, 6:11 AM

So i am ashamed that i haven`t been as active but i can explain !

I have been too busy with college and end semester stuff and now with exams which i need to pass ! 

So far passed math ! Woohoo ! <3

Anyway hopefully i can get some drawings out of the way after exams pass and things are a bit more calm and not so stressed , possibly open some commissions again.

Random side note :  We had our first snow yesterday ! But it melted today , kinda saad ! D:

Um...what else , uhh i do have alot of sketches ! Atleast thats good than not having anything done the past months !

*rubs cheek* Loving the new laptop , it`s perfect ! Doing me a great job so far , no problems when playing WoW or Star Wars ...which is good when i wanna relax at night !

Don`t wanna rant too much so like byeeeh ! <3

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January 13, 2015