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Check out this link:…

Also check out :iconvampiregodesnyx:, her works are awesome!
I should take time tomorrow to do more work on DA and hopefully earn more followers. I just lack the motivation. Maybe I shouldn't have returned here. But I want to share my works with others. Yeah, tomorrow I'll do some more work here.

So I'm going to go make a list of things to do.
  • Listening to: Night Mind
  • Watching: Night Mind
  • Eating: Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie
  • Drinking: Water
Me: Hey! I finished my Ozpin picture and I love it. Oh hey! DeviantArt is a place! I should submit it!

Me: Done! I should fix up my account.

~4 minutes later~

Me: HOLY SHIT! Two people added the picture to their favorites already! Kickass!

So, I should probably get to work and transfer more crap from GeeksRUs99, but Qrow smut. I'm going to submit my Qrow smut and pretend that it's a one shot and not part of the Headmaster Chronicles and that it's QrowxReader and not QrowxMe.
  • Listening to: Bad Creepypasta playlist
  • Eating: Pencils and dead skin
  • Drinking: Water