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Mission Accomplished by BlueMario1016 Mission Accomplished :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 11 26 'Drumroll please!' (collab art piece) by BlueMario1016 'Drumroll please!' (collab art piece) :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 27 17 War-zone Wolftaur by BlueMario1016 War-zone Wolftaur :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 9 7 Victorian Max by BlueMario1016 Victorian Max :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 10 6 Victorian Doggett by BlueMario1016 Victorian Doggett :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 9 9 'This crusader here will support you on!' by BlueMario1016 'This crusader here will support you on!' :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 5 10 Victorian Mike by BlueMario1016 Victorian Mike :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 11 7 The Scheme of Friendship Power logo by BlueMario1016 The Scheme of Friendship Power logo :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 8 9 Legendary Liger - Speedy Kuno by BlueMario1016 Legendary Liger - Speedy Kuno :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 15 13 Nightriders Anime - To Be Continued Card by BlueMario1016 Nightriders Anime - To Be Continued Card :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 7 4 TSOFP - Rejoicing Gathering by BlueMario1016 TSOFP - Rejoicing Gathering :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 19 23 Artistic Dragon by BlueMario1016 Artistic Dragon :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 15 20 Matt's alternative look by BlueMario1016 Matt's alternative look :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 9 8 Quadlic Get! (300th submission of 2018) by BlueMario1016 Quadlic Get! (300th submission of 2018) :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 9 13 John the Tiger - Cat of Chaos by BlueMario1016 John the Tiger - Cat of Chaos :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 10 11 TSOFP - Music Card teaser by BlueMario1016 TSOFP - Music Card teaser :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 6 2
When you read this, it actually does mean you're not allowed to copy, steal, edit, re-post, or distribute any of my deviations without my permission. Also, you're not allowed to put in new copyrights on them or sell them as prints either, so don't even think about attempting to sell my work or let alone anyone else's work for cash. I hope you please keep that in mind.

I mean hey, you wouldn't like it if someone stole your artwork, now would you?

In short, you may not use my work in any matter without my authorization, so thank you very much.



Nightriders Revenge of the Sewer Rats Part 15 by AxlReigns Nightriders Revenge of the Sewer Rats Part 15 :iconaxlreigns:AxlReigns 7 2 Inktober 2018: Day 14 by TateShaw Inktober 2018: Day 14 :icontateshaw:TateShaw 12 3 Sabrina Raine by JethroVossler Sabrina Raine :iconjethrovossler:JethroVossler 9 8 Jethro Vossler by JethroVossler Jethro Vossler :iconjethrovossler:JethroVossler 12 8 Dimitri Norrix by JethroVossler Dimitri Norrix :iconjethrovossler:JethroVossler 9 6 Jasyrth Vossler by JethroVossler Jasyrth Vossler :iconjethrovossler:JethroVossler 12 8 Monty Pierce by JethroVossler Monty Pierce :iconjethrovossler:JethroVossler 10 10 Renegade Angels: Warriors on Two Wheels (Part 1) by JethroVossler Renegade Angels: Warriors on Two Wheels (Part 1) :iconjethrovossler:JethroVossler 13 6 Lazule Reference (Remake) by AuldBlue Lazule Reference (Remake) :iconauldblue:AuldBlue 26 11 Crook - 25/11/2015 #5 by BluebottleFlyer Crook - 25/11/2015 #5 :iconbluebottleflyer:BluebottleFlyer 6 1 The king controls power by RicoDergy The king controls power :iconricodergy:RicoDergy 17 14 Rico loves you! by RicoDergy Rico loves you! :iconricodergy:RicoDergy 22 34 Luna de miel en Grecia -parte 1- by AntoninoCanino124 Luna de miel en Grecia -parte 1- :iconantoninocanino124:AntoninoCanino124 23 34 Inktober Day 14 by RobertGDraws Inktober Day 14 :iconrobertgdraws:RobertGDraws 11 5 CM: Caltsar. by Razor-Zyrak CM: Caltsar. :iconrazor-zyrak:Razor-Zyrak 12 3 Terror in the Swamp Epilogue (Part 14) by AxlReigns Terror in the Swamp Epilogue (Part 14) :iconaxlreigns:AxlReigns 28 7
This shows tons of what I find to be very interesting artworks, stories that I have added. Check some of them out!


Time ever flows so fast when you're busy. I'm just six days shy away from my birthday! The 25 YEARS OF COLOR will wrap up after my birthday, with an art piece celebrated being the final art piece of that event.

I'm now hitting up 26 along with my twin sister, so I am starting to enter the mid-20s' age demographic in life. As of now throughout this semester in college so far, I still feel that fall hasn't really taken off, due to little to no color change on the leaves in the trees so far. So basically, i figure that it's summer in October.

2018 has been a rough year for the most part. I say even more rough than last year. I wanted this year to be better, but yet, I jinxed it and expected too much of a good thing to happen only to fall. And I still have yet to completely recover from September, though things are getting better day by day. And yes, I am doing a Holiday project of 2018 this year. But it will be into 2 parts this time due to large space. All characters from last year will be imported through resourcing in order to save time and effort to make room for drawing in newcomers. So some of the characters may look outdated and a bit strangely drawn when looking back, but understand that my computer is not powerful and I don't have all the time in the world to literally re-draw every single character. But the characters that did not look good at all, or been given a new appearance or even a new character, they will be re-drawn. I am bound to have 450 characters. So I won't really have that many, as some will be replaced, either due to personal issues or large inactivity of not interacting with them for so long. I can't always fit everyone and sometimes we take turns being in projects. Though, there are a handful of characters that have been on all projects to date since the very first one in 2011. And what a surprise is, two characters will be returning back for the 2018 project. More on that in the future. It's all free to be in, by the way. But I think I got my 50+ newcomers in, already. With some taking place of a few ones that won't be returning.

I am also still doing tutoring for algebra as I am taking this a third time. I got a rather average score on the first exam, which is better than the other times I did tests in the first two tries of doing the class. I hope I can pass this time, hopefully. And I am gonna see if I can do some test commissions in the meantime. I really need to start earning some extra money for myself so I can do important things such as pay bills to help keep the lights on at night and have food to eat as well as supporting my family for what they need. I only did three so far. One this month. If anyone wants more info, I'll see if I can put up my prices and terms of service publicly. But doing so, you need to follow the guidelines such as seeing what I can and can't do, and the fact that you aren't allowed to share my payment email publicly or through anyone else. Because I am not a big business nor some enemy planning to do illegal activity, so expect not to do that.

Well, that's all I am gonna say for now. See you guys on the next journal. I'll definitely do one for my birthday.

- Blue out.
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Nicholas "Nick"
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello, I am BlueMario1016, but everyone here likes to call me Blue for short, as my official online nickname. I am a fellow user on deviantART and some certain other websites. I've came here to make new friends and have fun as well by expressing myself and showing what I can really do. I love to do art as well, as I learn to improve on from my skills and fulfill my experience. Out of most art genres, anime art seems to be my favorite type, since I am inspired to do art usually in that particular style. I may have some problems, but I would like to be successful and respected in life, and I don't want others to feel pity on the problems I have, whatsoever, because that would be wrong. My account was hacked here once, so if it ever happens again, that won't be me saying all those mean things.

I am proud to be an Italian-American. :iconitalianflagplz: :iconamericanflagplz: :peace:

I also now have a personal PayPal created with a separate email. I can only buy from friends as of now. Though, If I do plan to open commissions soon (which I don't have plans for it now), I may have to limit it to friends only, as there are plenty that I can trust. But don't expect me to do this, all the time. Because I need to save my cash for important things as well.


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