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  • Oct 16, 1992
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Hello, I am BlueMario1016, but everyone here likes to call me Blue for short, as my official online nickname. I am an Italian-American fellow user on deviantART and some certain other websites. I've came here to make new friends and have fun as well by expressing myself and showing what I can really do. I love to do art as well, as I learn to improve on from my skills and fulfill my experience. Out of most art genres, anime art seems to be my favorite type, since I am inspired to do art usually in that particular style. However, I also draw other things such as abstract art, background scenery art, still life and even take a glimpse at trying to experiment with more realistic looking illustrations.

As someone who may have problems, that won't stop me from being successful and respected in life. My account was previously hacked in 2012. But as of now, all is well.

I also do art commissions through PayPal with a separate email. Anyone who is interested can take a look what I have to offer with affordable prices provided for those that are wanting to take a look. My prices and guidelines are featured.

BlueMario1016's commission guidelines! (rev5)

My works nowadays are usually published in both Japanese and English to attract both audiences between those two language barriers.


Favourite Visual Artist
There's many I like.
Favourite Movies
Not sure what to put publicly.
Favourite Games
Mario, Zelda, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Castlevania, and more.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo, Sega and Sony Platforms, but PCs will always be the best.
Tools of the Trade
Paint Tool SAI, GIMP, Krita, Medibang Paint Pro,, SketchBook, FireAlpaca, Photopea
Yesterday was May 18, being a special day when me and LeoTheTiger first met. My best friend who now goes under AIArtParade here. Originally, we were friends outside the platform, but there was a nasty downfall that happened late last summer. Months later though, he has returned on his own accord. This year officially marks 11 years we've known one another. May 18 is Friendship Day as we made clear, but you can make any day such with anyone you consider your bestie. It's now officially been far more than a full decade. The big double one's. Never thought we'd come this far, but we did. We lived completely different lives from 2013 up to now. Happy 11 years to this! :hug:
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Hey, all. Blue here. Happy May everyone. I'll be off my computer for most of the weekend, since an event is taking part in my state locally. And I won't be posting any art or much either. I have just finished my final exam as of last night for my intermediate algebra. But I will be back at the end of the day to be on my PC during the evenings before bedtime. However, I will be on one of my social platforms to take on my phone, so I can be reached there. I was advised to do this and I got it up and running. Those who know prior will be aware. In the meantime, I will hope you guys have a safe weekend. :)
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Hey, all. Blue here. I got a brand new commission sheet for those who may be interested. Prices for most of my offers had to be increased due to inflation. But don't worry as it's only just by $5 USD. But however, I now have more options available such as Custom Logos and Abstract Backgrounds for your own use. Thanks to domafox and with three hours of extra work given from him to help, I now have a more professional-looking sheet that's easier to understand, with panels that may have less colors, but can offer more, as well as interesting looking shape designs and use cool-looking fonts that'll pop and catch people's interest. The English version is displayed, with a Japanese sheet being separate. -------------------------- 新しいコミッションシート! やあ、みんな。 ここはブルーです。 興味のある方のために、新しいコミッションシートを入手しました。 インフレのため、ほとんどのオファーの価格を値上げする必要がありました。 ただし、たったの5 米ドル(500円)ですので、ご安心ください。ただし、カスタムロゴや抽象背景など、独自に使用できるオプションがさらに増えました。 domafox
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Thanks for the faves! :)

Thanks for the favs! :)

Thanks for the watch!

Thanks for the fave on

Furs Across Canada - Fifi La Fume de la GRC

Thank for Faving Both My Art-Works, and my memes, Blue!