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  • Oct 16, 1992
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Hello, I am BlueMario1016, but everyone here likes to call me Blue for short, as my official online nickname. I am an Italian-American fellow user on deviantART and some certain other websites. I've came here to make new friends and have fun as well by expressing myself and showing what I can really do. I love to do art as well, as I learn to improve on from my skills and fulfill my experience. Out of most art genres, anime art seems to be my favorite type, since I am inspired to do art usually in that particular style. However, I also draw other things such as abstract art, background scenery art, still life and even take a glimpse at trying to experiment with more realistic looking illustrations.

As someone who may have problems, that won't stop me from being successful and respected in life. My account was previously hacked in 2012. But as of now, all is well.

I also do art commissions through PayPal with a separate email. Anyone who is interested can take a look what I have to offer with affordable prices provided for those that are wanting to take a look. My prices and guidelines are featured.

BlueMario1016's commission guidelines! (rev3) E/J

My works nowadays are usually published in both Japanese and English to attract both audiences between those two language barriers.


Favourite Visual Artist
There's many I like.
Favourite Movies
Not sure what to put publicly.
Favourite Games
Mario, Zelda, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Castlevania, and more.
Favourite Gaming Platform
Nintendo, Sega and Sony Platforms, but PCs will always be the best.
Tools of the Trade
Paint Tool SAI, GIMP, Krita, Medibang Paint Pro,, SketchBook, FireAlpaca, Photopea
Today is May 18th, 2022. Exactly nine years ago that me and Leothetiger first met together on another site. But he actually joined on DeviantArt on this exact same day too. This was a day that was like literally opening a portal to another dimension that led to many new possibilities. Friendship Day is perfect for the month of May when you share your love and appreciation to those who you care for. With nine years in our friendship's history, it's quite a special thing. We're now officially on the road to May 18, 2023. Where we will make it to our 10th anniversary! A full decade of friendship! Our journey to that day begins now! Blue, Pink and Leo share a hug together with a background that resembles Shōjo manga with bright light vibrant colors. But I say it's good for this occasion. Here is to another year! :party:
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Hey, all. Blue here. We're now in the month of May. Today has been a long day, since it was Mother's Day. I have went out to breakfast and dinner with my mother and siblings. And I still managed to produce four art pieces just before the end of the day. (Before midnight, being the end of tonight). I did it again! I passed this semester throughout the spring season! Networking essentials has come and went, but I successfully passed with a Grade of A! Now I am done with class for the summer season. And just for a few updates about my housing situation. Well, it looks like it will very likely work out after all. My parents submitted their applications and after having to take care of a few things that had to be addressed, we can hopefully be pre-approved for housing loans soon, so we can buy this house from our landlord. Though, we would also need the house to be inspected as well. We are hoping that we'd get extra money that is needed to take care of a few things around this house as
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Hey, guys. Blue here. The end of April is here. And tomorrow is the dawn of May. I managed to make two more new milestones. Making this the first time that I consistently made two milestones on each of the first four months. Here is 175 and 200 of 2022. Just before the end of April, I already reached the big 200 and last year, I did not reach 200 until May 13th. I got big updates for my situation. My parents will do it! We're gonna get mortgage loans! They spoke to a realtor and found out that it is possible that we can purchase this house and fix it up into something new! And if we manage to straighten that all out, we maybe, just maybe will be able to buy our home from the landlord! And she is willing to sell this house for a low price since we have been living here for almost 19 years. That is a huge deal! I would be so glad! I would not have to worry about leaving to a new place! :D After nearly two decades of paying rent and once we can get this all sorted out, we will
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Thanks for Faving My New Art-Works, Blue!

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you like my artwork and be part of your favourites!

Thanks for watching my DeviantArt account too!

Thanks for the fav!