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Blackwargreymon's Reign by BlueMario1016 Blackwargreymon's Reign :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 2 3 Weregarurumon's Grin by BlueMario1016 Weregarurumon's Grin :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 55 16 Enter Pyromon by BlueMario1016 Enter Pyromon :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 12 7 Mystical Monarchy - A secret invitation by BlueMario1016 Mystical Monarchy - A secret invitation :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 3 7 Drex makes sure you save your progress! by BlueMario1016 Drex makes sure you save your progress! :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 9 11 Mystical Monarchy - Hotel Stay by BlueMario1016 Mystical Monarchy - Hotel Stay :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 6 4 'What are you doing!? I said MOVE OUT!' by BlueMario1016 'What are you doing!? I said MOVE OUT!' :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 6 4 Mystical Monarchy - Fictopia by BlueMario1016 Mystical Monarchy - Fictopia :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 4 7 Heroes flying into action! by BlueMario1016 Heroes flying into action! :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 10 10 Mystical Monarchy - Tekess is getting serious! by BlueMario1016 Mystical Monarchy - Tekess is getting serious! :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 7 2 Doggett's Alternative Look by BlueMario1016 Doggett's Alternative Look :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 6 8 Mystical Monarchy - Protagonists Constellation by BlueMario1016 Mystical Monarchy - Protagonists Constellation :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 5 1 Mystical Monarchy - Summer Spirit by BlueMario1016 Mystical Monarchy - Summer Spirit :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 5 5 Luke's Headin' out! by BlueMario1016 Luke's Headin' out! :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 7 9 Leo the Tiger V3 Clothing by BlueMario1016 Leo the Tiger V3 Clothing :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 7 7 Third time we did it! (200th submission of 2018) by BlueMario1016 Third time we did it! (200th submission of 2018) :iconbluemario1016:BlueMario1016 5 8
When you read this, it actually does mean you're not allowed to copy, steal, edit, re-post, or distribute any of my deviations without my permission. Also, you're not allowed to put in new copyrights on them or sell them as prints either, so don't even think about attempting to sell my work or let alone anyone else's work for cash. I hope you please keep that in mind.

I mean hey, you wouldn't like it if someone stole your artwork, now would you?

In short, you may not use my work in any matter without my authorization, so thank you very much.



My New Logo by Fictioncreatorartist My New Logo :iconfictioncreatorartist:Fictioncreatorartist 5 5 Rivals [Commission] by Ars-Daemonum Rivals [Commission] :iconars-daemonum:Ars-Daemonum 27 8 GigaPrimedramon by neoarchangemon GigaPrimedramon :iconneoarchangemon:neoarchangemon 45 5 Tai Wargreymon by PathOfDawn Tai Wargreymon :iconpathofdawn:PathOfDawn 60 9 Drop that cookie NOW! by pichu90 Drop that cookie NOW! :iconpichu90:pichu90 72 25 Witch by Marmaladica Witch :iconmarmaladica:Marmaladica 694 8 Weregarurumon by ZodimWolfclaw Weregarurumon :iconzodimwolfclaw:ZodimWolfclaw 61 23 weregarurumon goo TF by nesise weregarurumon goo TF :iconnesise:nesise 171 5 Weregarurumon by LilyRox Weregarurumon :iconlilyrox:LilyRox 784 203 Weregarurumon by HIJODELOPIO Weregarurumon :iconhijodelopio:HIJODELOPIO 178 16 Tamers Digimon by sapphireluna Tamers Digimon :iconsapphireluna:sapphireluna 132 12 Digimon Adventure by seiryuuden Digimon Adventure :iconseiryuuden:seiryuuden 7,668 586 Guilmon by MagnaStorm Guilmon :iconmagnastorm:MagnaStorm 1,272 78 Digimon Adventure Battlecuts by Amastroph Digimon Adventure Battlecuts :iconamastroph:Amastroph 2,533 138 For MetalExveemon III by MDTartist83 For MetalExveemon III :iconmdtartist83:MDTartist83 6 12 GP: Character DATA BASE by SLC-UniverseArt GP: Character DATA BASE :iconslc-universeart:SLC-UniverseArt 8 3
This shows tons of what I find to be very interesting artworks, stories that I have added. Check some of them out!


Now I just hit over more than 200 submissions just three days ago! Already! But as of tonight as for this journal being posted, I have exactly a total of 206 submissions. To mark the 200th submission of 2018, Blue and Pink are thanking those for the support and loyalty, and this is the third time ever that I ever reached up to 200 submissions being made in just one year alone. This is showing how dedicated I am towards creating art and how I am willing to step out and do all sorts of new things, even if one thing may seem rehashed from before, I am always on the consideration to try out new things.
Third time we did it! (200th submission of 2018) by BlueMario1016
It's been a few weeks since my last journal. I hardly even write journals as much as I used to these days, as I have been busy drawing away artwork. I just want to let you guys know that on August 1st, I will be going to Orlando again for a vacation. But this time, it'll be a five night stay. That's right. On August 1st, I'll be heading to that same convention again this year! Third time in a row, heading to the same one. It'll be a lot of fun and I'll get to cosplay as my character Blue in his classic clothing once more that more people are familiar with, prior to giving Blue and Pink wardrobe changes. Anyone who knows any of this, just so you know that I'll be around. Feel free to say hi! But keep in mind that since there's going to be a lot of people going, expect it to be crowded. It may be a little tricky to search for me there. Me and my mother will be going this year, but we're not sure if a third will be tagging along this time. Most likely, it'll be just us two going. We got everything set up and ready to go. I'll also be sure to take photos with my smartphone and New 3DS. It'll be fun! :)

And I only made two test commissions throughout the summer so far, and I am still a little overwhelmingly concerned on how this will work out if I was to actually open them and take them. I do have college to worry about and I gotta get that set for the fall to begin Semester 9. For one thing I will say is that, I can only take G or PG-rated commissions. Mature or Adult Only (18+) is forbidden in my policy, and that includes anything kinky or violent of any kind. Which that won't be allowed. I try to retain my image to stay as some sort of family friendly-rated creator, that generally anyone can admire when it comes to my content. I am sorry if anyone feels disappointed towards that, but it's so I don't lose my good image and other people don't cringe or freak out with such content in my gallery that can probably drive away a public general audience. And I may also have to keep this towards those I can trust, as I don't want anyone making dummy accounts or bots just to ask for my email on where my PayPal is. I can't allow that, as it's for protection to prevent possible theft or even doxxing, which is actually illegal. And there's a reason why I don't put it up publicly either, myself. And if you disagree with this and you wish as if I shouldn't really be doing these things, then who are you to even ask and why must I need someone's approval just to do something? Let's see what happens if you were in my shoes and someone asked that to you.I am sure you wouldn't tolerate that. :|

That's all I got for now. Will make another journal soon in the near future.

Peace all!

- Blue
  • Listening to: J-Pop
  • Reading: Online stories
  • Watching: Streams
  • Playing: Nintendo Switch
  • Eating: Baked Lays (less fat than the regular!)
  • Drinking: Pepsi


Nicholas "Nick"
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello, I am BlueMario1016, but everyone here likes to call me Blue for short, as my official online nickname. I am a fellow user on deviantART and some certain other websites. I've came here to make new friends and have fun as well by expressing myself and showing what I can really do. I love to do art as well, as I learn to improve on from my skills and fulfill my experience. Out of most art genres, anime art seems to be my favorite type, since I am inspired to do art usually in that particular style. I may have some problems, but I would like to be successful and respected in life, and I don't want others to feel pity on the problems I have, whatsoever, because that would be wrong. My account was hacked here once, so if it ever happens again, that won't be me saying all those mean things.

I am proud to be an Italian-American. :iconitalianflagplz: :iconamericanflagplz: :peace:

I also now have a personal PayPal created with a separate email. I can only buy from friends as of now. Though, If I do plan to open commissions soon (which I don't have plans for it now), I may have to limit it to friends only, as there are plenty that I can trust. But don't expect me to do this, all the time. Because I need to save my cash for important things as well.


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