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fools | Bokuto Koutarou
 Yakuza!Bokuto Koutarou x Reader Haikyuu!! Warning: Angst  Wise men say only fools rush in but I can’t help falling in love with you. -Elvis Presley He lived in a life that is surrounded by deals, drugs, guns, blood, and money. You knew that getting involved with someone like Bokuto would be bad for you and would have consequences.  Yet, you can’t find yourself to leave and let go. Even if this is the life he has, even though he is the most eccentric man you ever met, he can make you laugh and always been able to take your breath away. Your relationship with him is unconventional. The lurking danger and the thought of forbi
jealousy | Akaashi Keiji
 Akaashi Keiji x Reader Haikyuu! Akaashi Keiji isn’t the type of boyfriend who would get jealous easily. It all roots down to how much he trusts you and because boys tend to stay clear away from you. Not because you are undesirable, no, no, you are beautiful. Everyone in the Fukurodani volleyball team can asses to that. Bokuto doesn’t even need to sulk for them to agree. Boys wouldn’t dare approaching you because of you clumsiness and heavy hand. One slap on the back from you and your hand print will stay there for weeks. Truth be told he rather likes that about you. You, yourself are close to the boys in the volleyball
marked | Oikawa Tooru
Oikawa Tooru x Reader Haikyuu!! Warning: I don't know if this would be considered angst but be warned! Note:  Where soulmates are matched with a tattoo on their wrists. Present Day You hadn’t expected such a question but somehow you knew that it was inevitable.  The story of how you met your soulmate wasn’t a story you are very fond of sharing. Because before he had found out about you, you had hated the idea of soulmates sharing the same tattooed symbol on their wrists. It wasn’t because you find it a work of fate and destiny because you do believe of them. Instead, it was Oikawa Tooru who made you question if it wa
kittens | Kuroo Tetsuruo
 Kuroo Testuruo x Reader Haikyuu! I don’t give a damn. No, I don’t. Not even the slightest; nope, not even at all. It wasn’t like you’re in denial, no of course not. Why would you be? Both of you ended the night in bad terms, of course he wouldn’t show up. The bad blood between you two that formed last night is still oozing and raging in your veins. Of course, you wouldn’t give a single damn if he may show up or not. Not even the slightest. Nope. All you have to think now is that you are hurt and needs a great distraction. You have to focus on what you are doing now. What matters is now and not yesterday
loving him | Oikawa Tooru
Oikawa Tooru x Fem!Reader Haikyuu! She can vividly remember what happened still. It was the twenty-sixth of April. It was raining; the clouds hung low and the sun hidden away. She was twenty, young and conflicted. The rain pouring gently as the day went on. The smell of cocoa and coffee mingling together is letting her relax her as she sat by the cozy armchair. The warmth radiating from her own cup of tea sent tingles on her cold fingertips as she watched the people rush out of the rain. The pitter patter of the droplets became music against her ears. She enjoyed how the somber atmosphere of the café surrounded her, the soft murmur of
perfect | Oikawa Tooru
Oikawa Tooru x Reader Haikyuu! The lights deemed as you stood in the middle of the room, the white dress being colored by the soft hues of the lights around you. Eyes wandering around the room, you couldn’t help but think that all of this must be just a dream. The comfortable chatter that surrounded the room earlier died down as a soft hum of the violins filled the room. “I found a love for me,”  hearing that familiar voice, you stopped and turned around where the light was directed to. Seeing him at the other side of the room, eyes only settled at you, you can’t help but laugh as you tried not to get emotional. The
worry | Sawamura Daichi
Sawamura Daichi x Reader Haikyuu! A loud whistle sliced through the tension as the ball smacked against polished floor of the Sendai Gymnasium. Daichi stood by the balcony, frowning as he looked around the court. As soon as his game had ended, he was quick to pull on his jersey jacket and went straight to the other side of the gymnasium. With a heavy sigh, he turned around to go back to where the others were when he bumped into you. “Never listened to me, did you?” You teased him with a grin as you leaned against the backseat of a seat.  “I told you, by the time you guys are done playing, you won’t be seeing me on th
choices | Kuroo Testuruo
Kuroo Testuruo x Fem!Reader Haikyuu! Warning: Angst He can still remember how he met you. The music was blasting too loud as he looked at the moon shining above him when you suddenly marched up and demanded him to turn it off and eventually accusing his neutered cat knocking up hers. With you looking flushed, he can’t help but tease you that night. He had never seen anyone so red with annoyance within his twenty-five years of existence. But he had never seen anyone so beautiful. Bokuto had raided his refrigerator that night and actually teased him. “Uh-oh,” the owl smirked at him before taking another spoon full of ice
pinky promise | Hinata Shouyou
Hinata Shouyou x Fem!Reader x Kageyama Haikyuu! Warning: Mild Angst “You’ll never be alone,” bright brown eyes dazzled against the brightness of sun. Wind blowing the crisp autumn colored leaves, rough hands gently grabbed cream soft ones. Gentle wind caressing her skin, she looked up to the blueness of the sky, watching as pink cherry blossom petals dance with the breeze. Trying to tame her against the wind, she turned to the voice that called her out. “[Name],” dark blue eyes met her own as she stood under the cherry blossoms, letting green blades of grass dance around her. With a soft nod, she stared bac
naivety | Oikawa Tooru
 Oikawa Tooru x Reader Haikyuu! Note: A Soulmate Au where your soulmate’s name inked on your wrist. Warning: Mild angst! Everything started with a cancelled date. With Mondays being a strict no practice day for the volleyball team, you excitedly ended the day with a thick coat and knitted scarf giving you warmth as you waited for him by the snow covered bare cherry blossoms. You can already smell the sweet aroma of tea and crumpets that you will be having in your usual café with him. You closed you eyes and slowly inhaled the winter air, finding comfort with the smell of icy cold afternoon, warm coffee and Japanese pines. Ea
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reasons why | Ushijima Wakatoshi
 Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader Haikyuu! Warning: Mild angst and profanities! Eyes drinking in the words, a boy stood there as fear slowly crept up his veins and into his beating heart. Who knew that I would fall in love with someone like you, Ushijima-san? When you had asked for my attention and confessed to me, I was shocked. I was more than shocked really. I had never thought that a boy like you would actually find me attractive and worth of your company. If I would be honest, I hadn’t returned your feelings that day. I only answered you because I was scared. You had confessed in front of an audience and I wouldn’t want to em
destined | Akaashi Keiji
 Akaashi Keiji x Reader Haikyuu! It only took a glance, eye colours clashing together, to feel a heart skip a beat. It started with a glance. Both of you hadn’t known it yet but it was the spark that started the fire.  Freshly out of junior high and planning on starting fresh in senior high, two people planned to forget and leave all behind the angst, tears and heartbreak. The distance between the two of you hadn’t change until the middle of the year. You were three doors down from his. And it is inevitable that both of you will see each other loitering around the long hallway with your significant group of friends accompanyin
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 Waaaaaah!!!! I'm back. My thesis is already done and my intership is going so well that I can sneak in a few hours of writing.
 Like I just realized that it had been awhile since I posted something here. I should literally write something.
 Thesis is actually taking my social life away (if ever I had one).  


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