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just leaving a mark here. please continue to scroll down
I decided to re-open the commission. Please visit BlueMagenta Commission Detail for more info.


In my last journal I close my commission because of 2 reasons : spare time and my art style.

about the style, I tried various things in last weeks. You can see it in my gallery, those art with title 'warming up'..
and the result is... the style didn't change that much. See Moon Rabbit / KurisuTINA and compare it to any art that I draw before. There's a little difference.

Actually it's not the style that I want to fix, but the drawing process. before, I just try everything and see if the result is good. But now I create definite steps in my drawing process. I also have listed tools that I use. base color set, brush type, layer mode, etc. The style didn't change that much (actually there's a difference, a little). but now I can draw faster and the art style will be more stable.

...I hope.
Well, let's see in the next commission if it true or not. ...that is, if there's still anyone who want to do commission with me ._.

and for 2nd reason, spare time.. it still the same. ...or maybe less than before. *sigh
I make sure I have spare time in my weekend for commission, but sometimes I must accompany my waifu in those days. that's why. ...well, I still can find another spare time in weekdays. that's enough to solve the problem.

...I hope. again.

anyway, as the title, the commission is reopened. there's a little change in the description from before, so please visit the journal again. if there's something that unclear, don't hesitate to ask~
It's mainly because of 2 reasons :
  • I don't always have time to draw, unlike before when I have a lot of free time... in the future, I also will close the commission when I buzy, and reopen it again when I have free time. (you can always ask me to do commission, even when I close it. But I won't start drawing before I reopen the commission. Think it as waiting list...)
  • My style is still not steady. It's still change from time to time.. before I find a steady style for the commission, I will close it for now. (really, I feel bad if someone want to do commission because s/he interested with the styles in my gallery, but then end up get a drawing with different style from what s/he expect..)
But here I am, back to deviantart! 'v')/

Will be hiatus for this month

. . . no, not because artblock. I got another job, and this one is full time job. so I don't think I have a lot of spare time to draw something, especially when I have to learn about my new workplace here. and my co-workers. and of course the work itself...

just for this month.

I will back drawing again when  I'm not as buzy as now..
Got tagged by :iconanantaseiji:

rules :

1. You must post these rules

2. Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves

3. Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for the 10 you tag 

4. Choose 10 people and get their icon in your journal 

5. You have to legitimately tag 10 people 

6. No tag-backs 

7. You can't say that you don't do tags 

8. You MUST make up a journal entry 


10 facts about me :

1. I like to draw (ofc duh)

2. I often have ideas to draw, but somehow ended up draw something entirely different

3. rarely get out of my room

4. when I pick comic or anime, as long as the story is good, I don't really care about genres EXCEPT YOAI

5. if I read or watch something, I read / watch it all the way till the end.

6. that's why I hate words "to be continued" or something similar.. :<

7. I can't get fat no matter how much I eat... :/

8. hard to sleep. even harder to wake up..

9. currently play PSO2 (again). EN server, ship 1. nickname CursedDoll. in case we meet, don't hesitate to say hi~ 

10. still can't believe Pyrrha dead


Questions :

1. Who are you ?
- I'm your Fath- I mean, I'm BlueMagenta, or you can call me Majenta

2. Do you have a rival ? who he/she is ?
- I don't set someone as my rival. ... and that's maybe why my drawing hardly improve *sigh

3. Soft shade or Cell shade ?
- Cell shade!! ...with a little soft shade in here and there :>

4. Cute or Cool things ?
- as long as it is useful, both is ok~ '-')d

5. Short/Long Hair ?

6. Sci-fi/Supranatural ?
- I don't care, as long as the story is good (read fact no.4 plz)

7. Meganeko/Nekomimi ?
-  ...why not both~?

8. Short/Tall ?
- short. so I can pat the head. or smack it using harisen or something.. '3'

9. Are you Talkative/Taciturn ?
- taciturn, if you ask about IRL

10. If you have to choose, no eat or no drink ?
- no drink. I can't do anything if I hungry :(


My Questions :

...just kidding. let me throw some random question here

1. tell me your three size : your shirt, pants / skirt, and shoes ?
2. what is the closest thing to your left hand ?
3. how many is your deviantart notification right now ?
4. yuri or yaoi ?
5. thing that you wanted most?
6. who is it in your phone screen ?
7. first letter of your sister name ?
8. how many is current world population ?
9. what is 'gravitational waves'?
10. Who am I ?


and then, 10 ppl that got (un)lucky and tagged by me :
:iconellyaely: :iconmedley7: :iconjoshbeta1: :iconkomradapex: :icontoriichi: :iconmorningpinapple: :iconkitsuneco: :iconalezz1a: :iconjmc5221: :iconkhariayam: 

okay that's all~~

... just want to know if actually someone will come and read my journal... if you do, please drop a comment below :D
so... I made special commission type for VoidEls player. for further details about the commission you can visit my thread in the forums :…

*note : you must login first before you can open the thread.

this commission is only for VoidEls player.. if you happens to be VoidEls player like me, please visit and you can order a commission from me there :)
Don't ask me why. It's the same reasons why other people search for alternatives... :(

FYI I've search around using deviantart and google. There's a lot of suggestion, but I still can't find satisfied answer.. It doesn't have to have complete features like Paypal, but at least meet these criteria :
  1. globally available. Google Wallet is good, but it's US only. people from other country can't commission me if I use it.
  2. Easy to use. Western Union is globally available, but you must exchange your personal information to use it, manually.
  3. connected to Indonesian bank. It's useless if I can't get the money here =__="
for now I have Payoneer and Skrill in mind, but still not sure. From reviews I've read, Payoneer is kinda expensive since you must pay annual fee. well, it may be ok if I have non-stop commission order or big project, but I don't have any like that right now. and for Skrill, it's globally available, except US. maybe I can use it, but then I still need to search another way if someone from US want to commission me ._.

so... if you have suggestion about these two, or have another way for payment in mind, i really appreciate if you tell me :)


If you interested in my drawing, please visit my commission details : BlueMagenta Commissions Detail
You can also see me in other places :
Selamat hari raya idul fitri 1436H
Mohon maaf lahir dan batin~

mohon maafkan pula diri ini yg jarang npost gambar.... ._.
just want to tell something~

beside deviantart, I have account in another places :

please visit me if you have account in those places too~ :>

oh and btw the commissions is still open~ please see here for the details : Open Commision~~
    KurisuTINA by BlueMagenta Moon Rabbit by BlueMagenta Elly - Yukata ver. by BlueMagenta X - 07 by BlueMagenta

Price : 

  • Knee Up to FullBody : $30
  • Headshot to Waist Up : $25
  • chibi : $15 
*these are minimum price. It may increase depend on the character details (costume, pattern, accessories, etc).

What I draw:

  • Human / Humanoid creatures
  • Fan Character
  • Original Character
  • Male is okay but female preferred
  • Manga / Anime style
  • Chibi

What I won't :

  • mature content (ecchi / hint is okay but no explicit content) *if you not sure you can ask me using notes
  • Bulky character / muscles / GAR
  • furry
  • mecha / machine things
  • detailed background

Background :

  • I can't draw background, but you can choose between transparent or simple colored background

Payment method :

  • PayPal bullet, or
  • dA Points. with the rates $1 : 100 Points

Form for the commission :

  • commission detail (any description and image reference, be it the character, pose, costumes, attributes, etc)
  • commisson type : waist up / full body / chibi
  • background : transparent / colored
  • email : (I will send the finished work here)
  • payment : Paypal / dA Points
  • additional notes : (if any)

Notes :

  • I will try to reply your notes as soon as possible, but please be patient if you're not getting any reply right away.
  • For your commission detail, please insert image references as many as you need. It's easier for me to understand your request through images rather than description text. (but if you still need using text to explain something please use it.)
  • I may give you draft a few times and ask your opinion for it.
  • Please give your opinion honestly. tell me if I should change or fix something in the draft. it's easier to fix the work sooner than later.
  • You can pay after I show you a rough draft or after I show you a preview of the finished work.
  • You can CANCEL the commissions, but you won't get any refund. so please consider carefully before you order (and pay).
  • I will give you a preview of the work when finished. The actual work will be send to your email after I received the payment.
  • Dimension of the work will be around 1758 x 2480 px (or vice versa).
  • I will keep the preview as example of my work. I may post it in any of my gallery, be it dA, pixiv, facebook, or any other my galleries.
  • price above is for non - commercial use.
  • if you want to ask for more information, feel free to use comment below or note me.

Thank you~!

Happy New Year~~

Thu Jan 1, 2015, 11:27 PM
maybe its late, but happy new year 2015~~

a lot of people make new resolution for this year, like draw more, study better, etc etc.. but for me, i think i'll stay with 1360x768px~ :>

just kidding...
for now i will open commisions. i will create another journal for this, but if you interested you can just note me :>

. . . . . . . . . .
inactive for a few months (or years?), and i'm back here because I created this group : :icondna-jgc:

dna-jgc, as the name suggest, is a group for member of dna community, so we can ask and share easily here in dA.

well, the real plan is, I (we, actually) want to make this group as our 'lounge', moving from FB to dA.. as this web is more appropriate for us since this community is manga-based.. ( ̄▽ ̄)a

the group is still under construction, but i'll try to get it done ASAP.
 ϱ( `-´ )9

ah btw its my first time creating and maintaining a dA group.. so if u visit there and found something goes wrong, u can tell me (or tell me how to fix it) (◦'⌣'◦)
well, brhubung gw orangnya sibuk bgt n jarang OL, jadi untuk smentara ini dA gw fungsikan sbgai gudang gambar saja...

so kalo ada yg komen g gw bales2, harap maklum...

sangkyu b4..
  • Listening to: vocaloidz
  • Reading: probstatz ...GAH!!!
  • Watching: don't have time...
  • Playing: eien no aseria. kalo ada waktu..
  • Eating: anything, yg penting knyang
  • Drinking: aer doank