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My Bio

DO NOT REPOST OR USE MY ART WITHOUT PERMISSION. Click "Show More" to see more information and the stamps on my bio. (I will make more edits to this (my bio) later.) My birthdate, country and gender/pronouns shown above are correct. Art Request Status & Rules here -> Click this if you want an art trade or point commission. Hi. I am a cat, alien, penis, demon, nerd, clown, water and artist. (I AM JOKING ABOUT MOST, IF YOU TAKE ALL OF THOSE SERIOUSLY YOU'RE WEIRD) Thank you if you care enough to read. I'm a weird man who has been using this website for over a decade. Please check out my entire gallery, JUST KIDDING, do it only if you want. I like lots of cartoons and games, my profile of course doesn't show all of them. Please never ask me to watch you, it is annoying and makes me uncomfortable when people do that, you're not supposed to ask for watchers, you're supposed to earn them. I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome and depression when I was a child, please keep that in mind if you think I act weird in any sort of way, I can't help it. (about depression, I can guarantee that I'm never "unhappy for no reason" though, I always have tons of reasons to feel that way, childhood was the worst but my life always was and still is pretty yucky.) I also have annoying bpd. I keep thinking I maybe have adhd too(info about it describe me so accurately and yes i have researched deeply..) but I was never professionally diagnosed with it, maybe I do maybe I don't. I know talking about this is kind of ridiculous but I just try to look for explanations (not excuses) for my shitty actions from years ago and my "weirdnesses". Changing topic. Cute/adorable stuff, funny stuff (I like dark humour and dirty humour the most when it comes to comedy) and spooky/dark stuff are my favourite things. I'm INFP-T. I'm a leftist. I have spiritual beliefs but I'm very anti-religion. I'm a proud aromantic asexual.(I know myself better than you do ^^ btw I had (and still do) stamps on my profile saying I am asexual ever since this account was very newly created, but I've been aware of it way long before I created this account.) I am NOT a popular DA user, in fact I'm very much the opposite of "popular", don't be fooled by my watcher count, almost all of my watchers are inactive and I lost almost all of my DA audience as years passed (mainly because lots of people left this website). I usually don't talk to anyone unless they come to me first. I still reply to a fair amount of the messages and comments I get but I prefer to not talk to people that much and also prefer to not make friends (even if I'm actually very lonely, I'm too hurt and traumatised to give new people friendship chances, I'm also just trying to be careful), sorry. I'm here to post things and look at things. Not socialising, talking to people or making friends, and I have very good reasons for this. But again, I still respond to messages and comments I get and I can still talk just a bit. I'm definitely very unproud of how I was in 2015-2018 (the years before them too tbh, and 2019 on a so much lesser extent), sorry if you witnessed the painful stupidity I had those years, I learned from the past and changed by now...I know I was an immature ignorant inconsiderate cruel dumbass. I feel extreme guilt and shame about how I was in the past and the dumb things and bad things I did back then, I'm nothing like how I was in the past, I completely changed, learned and matured, really...I'm not that person anymore, that's not me. I don't relate to or agree with any of the actual bad and stupid things I did... I very much hate that I ever did those things... (But you can't expect a direct apology from me if you won't reach out to me, sorry. Besides if you strongly think you should get an apology from me, there is a chance you're not one of those people I should apologise to and are instead one of the ones that are very much in the wrong lol, but just maybe.) If you reply to any of my comments from 2015-2018 or stalk them I will come to your place and steal your foods. (No, seriously, I hate it when people do that. I was a bored idiotic teen those years and I'm not proud of my old comments/conversations on DA. They're embarassing. Too bad I was active on DA on this account in 2015-2017 the most...) 2 random opinions of mine: 1. I hate lies! . 2. Most dA updates suck donkey balls. The website was the best in like 2012-2015. Yeah, I have hundreds of OCs but I don't post art related to them on DA. (I don't feel comfortable posting them on DA and I also know people wouldn't care.) My OCs are extremely dear to me. I use them in drawings and for some currently confidential/private works of fiction. When I see a small animal (a bug for example) at my home I try to take them outside safely. And I put small animals outside to safe places if they are at unsafe spots. I love fruits. I love most animals (humans aren't one of the ones I like). I like my art. I like science. I love toys and especially plushies and I have countless of them. If I ever make a grammar or spelling mistake please tell me. I'm also not so good at expressing myself and wording things in general, sorry.

Name: I am fond of the nicknames "John" and "Mako", please call me that or that. John isn't my real name, it is just an internet nickname. Same for Mako. (I like my real name, but I'd rather keep it private for my safety and privacy. (I distrust people on Internet very much, haha.) I'm comfortable with only friends knowing my real name, if you know my real name please don't mention it outside of private messages with me.)

Birthday: January 6 2001 (Yes, I'm an adult. I created this account when I was 14. If you think I "don't act my age" you are a stupid over-judgemental ableist dumbasshole, I'm not sorry for saying that, I'm very sensitive about my age.)

Gender: Genderless. (Though I'm masculine aligned and present masculine.) I feel comfortable only with they/them/their pronouns. I'm ok with being called some masculine words like "mister", "sir" and whatnot, but nothing feminine. I literally knew this my entire life, nothing new, and I had (and still have) stamps related to this on my profile ever since this account was very newly created. I shouldn't be scared of speaking out about this anymore LOLOLOLOL just get away from me if you don't respect it please. (I know myself better than you do. ^^)

IQ level: 130 (Well..according to some hospital stuff. I used to kind of brag about this when I was younger but I don't think much about it anymore, but I don't feel like removing this from my bio either.)

Current Residence: Earth, Turkey, İstanbul (No, English isn't my native language. That's one of the reasons my typing/the way I talk may seem odd.)

Favourite genre of music: Instead of judging by genre I'll judge by the lyrics and how the music sounds. Music related to dark/negative topics always have a special place in my heart tho.

Favourite photographer: I like nature and animal photography and some other artistic ones.

Favourite style of art: CARTOOOON! Not too realistic detailed, 4 fingers and black dot pupils in white circle eyes for example. Anime is my 2nd fav. Fan of British and Japanese cartoon/art styles.

Operating System: Windows 10 prefered.

MP3 player of choice: My tablet and my computer.

Shell of choice: Sea shells ayy lmao. (i don't even know what this means)

Wallpaper of choice: Don't Hug Me I'm Scared laptop face.

Colour: Pale white. (yeah, this race/skin colour isn't that common in my country but i'm like that. Probably because I'm actually mostly European-Turkish. Tbh, I look different from most Turkish people in general lol. I even act different from most of them and...stuff like that.) My eyes are medium brown and I have short dark blonde hair.

Favourite cartoon character: Don't make me write them all.

Personal Quote: fuck my life, my life is sexy. (and i have a lot more) Random Fact: I hate the Eclipse layout and miss the old layout with all my heart. The old layout was easier and more comfortable and had a lot of great website features that Eclipse layout doesn't have.

friendly reminder: If person1 has told you bad things about person2, you shouldn't automatically hate on person2, <b>no matter what</b>. You should talk to person2 about it and see how true/false everything person1 has said are. Always listen to the both sides. Please.

<s>A Very Unnecessary random info: i never got shaved in my life except armpits, and i love body hair</s>

Original and Fanart Stamp
stamp: they/them pronouns
I Love Water Stamp
.:: Animal Rights Stamp V2 ::.
Hilda Stamp
Stamp: Adventure Time
We've all been there
Stamp - TrackPad User
If You're Gonna Accuse Me of Anything...
We're all equal Stamp
I Buy Plushies Stamp
Summer camp island stamp
Glad Being Introvert
Stamp: RIP Animal Friends (Challenge: Animal)
How ironic
My Head is a Very Dark Place Stamp
Garfield stamp
Dark Humor Stamp
Take it elsewhere stamp
Yume Nikki Stamp
Forgive and Forget
Human rights
.:Nothing Else Can Compare:.
Rick and Morty stamp
I actually can't be on here 24/7, okay?
I'm only human
Rude to Me Online Stamp
Ghost Stamp
Puella Magi Madoka Magica Stamp
. sensitive stamp
Asperger's Stamp
Mother Stamp XP
I am not
I Respect All Art Stamp Revamp
TAWOG: Double facepalm!
Turkey Stamp
Off Stamp
Grumpy Cat Stamp
Rainbow Stamp
Agender stamp
Bloo has cookers :DONT FAVE:
All Hail Mandy
I'm more anti-social than I seem.
Asexual stamp
Dont Hit on Me Stamp
Over the Garden Wall
Mickey Mouse 2013 (Character) Stamp
I Love Magic
Hero complex
AKARIIIN -animated stamp-
Disconnected Stamp
-Stamp / Vocaloid.
I Support Imagination stamp
Stamp: Immaturity?
no. 25
Stamp - Respect
LGBT Rights, don't agree GTFO
i shower naked stamp
No. Thank ME.
Porn Stamp
Wal-Mart isn't sexy
Pinata Stamp
Fck Stamp
deviantART sucked my dick
My First Stamp
vague stamp is vague
True friends stamp
Jenny stamp
Fruit is Good Stamp
Ask, Don't Assume Stamp
Silliness Stamp
I love Comedy stamp
Smiley Party Stamp
Winter II
Learn from your mistakes
Courage The Cowardly Dog Stamp
Aromantic Stamp
plushie lover stamp
I do not have to be nice to be all the time Stamp
Agender masculine stamp
Im Gunna Brig Up Da Pazt 4 U Did 2 Meh!!!!
Penguins are god damn cute.
... Cookies - Stamp
owl stamp
Music is my life stamp
I Support Cute Things's Stamp
Bunny Omnomnom
STAMP Makka Pakka2
Not from this planet
Stamp: Tornado Love
I Support Horror stamp
Cat Owner Stamp
Cat Owner Stamp

I may add more stamps to my bio later. I mostly just fav stamps instead of adding them to my bio.

If you think any of this is "TMI", remember you're the one who decided to read my bio.

:helpdesk:Please, DON'T thank me for favourites with "thank you for fav" type of comments, you don't need're welcome...I fav because I like it. But I really hate this kind of comments on my userpage...if you listened to this widget you are awesome. (Yes, I get disappointed so much because I'm tired of my profile getting flooded with these.):star-half:

Favourite Visual Artist
Becky Sloan, Kikiyama
Favourite Movies
Mostly animated kids movies, comedy movies, and horror movies that don't suck.
Favourite TV Shows
Some cartoons (some examples, not all; Adventure Time, Jang Geum's dream, Summer Camp Island, Rick and Morty, Hilda, TAWOG, Foster's home)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Erasure, Simple Plan, Twenty One Pilots, Sarah Brightman, Evanescence, Mystery Skulls, Vocaloid songs, Rebzyyx, hoshie star, Ghost, Dope, anime songs, video game musics. I enjoy most types of music tbh.
Favourite Books
I'm not much into reading but...cartoon styled comic books and manga? and some good fanfictions..
Favourite Games
video games (especially RPGs and mostly horror/wacky RPGs) (some examples, not all; Yume Nikki, Mother series, OFF, Sonic)
Favourite Gaming Platform
My computer.
Tools of the Trade
Paint Tool Sai, Paint.NET, FireAlpaca, MSPaint (whenever im lazy to use the other ones) and...MONEY???


3 min read
I've legit lost passion. I don't even enjoy drawing that much anymore. I have got some nice art done this year (not just those stuff I posted on deviantart, I post only fanart here and I've been more interested in making stuff related to my own characters), I used to work on/make art kind of rarely but I've started being more productive last June. But... I don't even enjoy making art that much. It hurts to work on art, it is tiring and painful mentally, I pressure myself into doing it instead of fully naturally doing it. Besides, everytime I work on an art, I do it just to have made something, get something done or/and to fight my misery and my life's crappiness. I don't like that. I usually like what I've made, it does make me feel positive things. That's a nice thing. But so what? I pressured myself to make art, I went through an uncomfortable production process, I liked what I've made, what else is there for me? Nothing. Fucking nothing. It doesn't fix anything. It doesn't make
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3 min read
Does anyone even still care about this account? I still get favs sometimes but it feels like nobody does anymore. I didn't leave DA, I never will, I just haven't been posting much because I haven't been drawing fanart much... I haven't been drawing that often in general (I just don't feel like drawing most of the time sadly...) and whenever I felt like drawing I mainly drew my characters instead and it's still that way, and I prefer not posting those on DA. If or when I make more fanart I will definitely post them on DA though. I will forever cherish all those good times I had in DA so many years ago, when DA was dA... Thank you DA. And I'm truly very very very sorry for all the bad things and stupid things I did years ago... I hate that I ever did those things and I hate that I ever was like that... But I'd say I became a fine person in 2020. :) (I wasn't that bad in 2019 either (especially compared to the years before it) but still embarrassingly stupid and nasty to some
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stupid decade

1 min read
Today is my birthday and I'm thinking about some stuff that I never thought about in my other birthdays. I'm thinking about the fact that I gained a significant internet presence in 2012 (I was 11), later created this account in 2015 (I was 14), and now it being 2022 (I am 21). I was 11 years old when some...stuff happened, I was 14 years old when I created this account and now I turned 21.'s already January 6 (my birthday) in my timezone, so yes. It has been such a long time, wow. I've been here for so long... I won't talk much about my life and my thoughts and feelings about this but I think this is interesting so I wanted to talk and post about it this way, as a tiny portion. Unrelated extra part: I'd appreciate it if someone helped me about this by telling me necessary and/or helpful information, thanks.
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Are you the one behind Salt Lamp?

Yep. I recommended that character. Why?

Just saying hello! I am the recommender of another TPOT debuter, Snare Drum, and I wanted to meet some of the other recommenders. Hope you're having a nice day!

Ah cool! Thank you! I hope you're having a nice day too!

I gotta say though..I don't watch bfdi or like it anymore. I stopped liking it in like the middle of 2019. Mainly because I realised the show's writing is mediocre and I dislike the way some things are handled or done in the show. Another reason being I'm really not fond of some of the show staff, but I think some of them left the show by now... I still watched most episodes and the finale of bfb out of curiousity, and voted in most episodes of bfb and tpot 1. I think I'm the reason Flower won, she won just by 1 vote in a specific episode and I was one of the people who voted for her hehe... But I really wouldn't mind it if Gelatin won either, both characters were in my top 10.

But I still like and watch Inanimate Insanity.

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Go fun yourself!

I still couldn't think of a response to this.

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