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pokemon gif vaporeon 

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I love this picture so much!!! So glad I finally found the amazing artist of it!

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thats very good..

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Looks amazing! ^^ 💖

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help meeeeee

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the way everything catches the light in such detail is so lovely ;u;
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this is seriously like my favorite picture of vaporeon ever aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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Awwww, this is so cute and pretty!
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i saw this in 2016 and i never knew the artist!! im happy i found you today!! :) (Smile)  
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Always a treat to see a beautifully illustrated first gen. Great work. Very beautiful and serene.
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OMG this one is super cute and awesome!
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Elegantly beautiful!
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This is one of my favourite pokemon fan art pieces! Everything is just beautifully painted!
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Marry meeeeeeeeee-
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Look at it

It's sooo cute
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