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Spin Dance Rowlet Exited 

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ReinyPear's avatar
This is so amazing and cute!
JingleCheetah's avatar
Adorable Drawing!
Elizabell42's avatar
Its so cute. The lighting and shading are wonderful and it overall gives off a peaceful vibe. Love it. Good job. <3
MacaroonPastels's avatar
aaa rowlet my favorite alolan starter ! I am a dummy! 
SuperSarcosmic's avatar
Such sweet babies! This is, to date, one of my favorite fanarts involving Rowlet. FREE AVI | #722 Rowlet (normal ver) 
Crimson-Wolf2323's avatar
Ahhh all the cutieflys!!
Love the one under the leaf BEST!  
Ore-L's avatar
Soooo cuute ! Rowlet or Brindibou in French, is the best ! *u*
Cyanful's avatar
I usually save your works to use as my phone lockscreens (Pancham and Chespin at the moment!) and I think I'm gonna have to use this one!

Beautiful work as always, you're very inspirational!
crazzycat5's avatar
Hey bluekomadori! I love your art, I was wondering... do you have a FAQ? With what you use to draw/tools/brushes ect? Maybe a video/pieces of art that shows some of your steps or hints you use to draw/color?
bluekomadori's avatar
Yes, I have a FAQ on my tumblr page:
crazzycat5's avatar
Ah thank you for replying, and I will check them out now <3
ZantsDinner's avatar
I'm SO PUMPED for pokemon sun and moon!! All the new pokemon look amazing so far!!
longestdistance's avatar
This is so cute!! Rowlet looks so curious XD
CandleNekra's avatar
Ur so creative~ I wanna draw pokemon just like you cause usually I only include one pokemon. And when I see yours I'm like I should include more too but then I dont have enough room on my ipad or cant do dat. Still trying but WOOOO 
renaemc's avatar
Ahh I love all of your work. You always use the perfect colours - they are very warm, deep, and contrasting. You're poses are so dynamic, and you capture the lives of Pokemon in the way that no one else manages to. If I could draw half as well as you I would be so happy! Keep it up, you are absolutely amazing at what you do. I can't wait to see the next one.
HarryNickolls's avatar
I love this so much! qwq
The colours are so lovely! UvU
LiblaTheMeloco's avatar
So freaking cute and adorable!! ><
KineticRadio's avatar
The colors are wonderful!!
Harmony-PokeArt's avatar
Ekstra !!! Moje ulubione poki z Alola w cudownym wydaniu :3
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