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Pixel pokemon

You can get prints, phone cases and other stuff on redbubble 
Please DON'T repost on tumblr, you can reblog it from HERE

*Free Icon/Emote* Thank You Pusheen 
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Awww. Can someone give Helioptile a pokepuff?
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I was wondering as well if i could have permission to use your gengar for a tattoo?
Whitefeathur's avatar
Darn, would you even be willing to allow one of these to be cropped into an icon? I'd be willing to pay for the use of an icon and of course, post credit anywhere I'd use it. They're just so exceptional
bluekomadori's avatar
Feel free to use it! You don't need to credit me, it would be nice if you did tho.
Whitefeathur's avatar
I will 1000% credit you, THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU BEAUTIFUL SOUL. You don't even know how much I adore these pixels, but that Raichu steals my heart every time !
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i loved lombre's expression
also shaded porygon-z looks so cool
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Ahh, this is adorable! Love the almost raw quality of this style; the great way you handled the limited colors reminds me of t-shirt prints. And the poses all show such life and personality! Makes me wanna go out and catch all of these right now, hee hee~
Kikulina's avatar
the colors, the poses, the pixels--- 
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This style is awesome, these are great   :)
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Awesome work! The Raichu is my favourite.
Love the shading!
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I'd love to buy these as stickers!! Any chance of that happening?
bluekomadori's avatar
I can make a sticker sheet but I could include only a few of these pokes there and I don't know which ones to choose
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I really love this~!!
GreenFestiveBagel's avatar
No problem!! It really is swell!
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