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Pancham and Chespin

Pancham thinks it's funny to scare Magikarp

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The Last Time I Did See Pancham In The Pokemon Anime Series Was The One With The Sunglasses.

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"Pancham, are you sure about this?"

"What's the matter? Afraid of some dumb fish even with your Type advantage?"

"No, of course not. But how do you know one of these fish swallowed your shades?"

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💚🖤💚🖤 I love this!!
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Your art is beautiful. I can't possibly fave it all but looks like I'd want to. Don't suppose you take requests do you?
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Love ur style <3
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your detail work is amazing
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Pancham and Chespin are so cute
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Can I use this art as a cover photo on google+ and credit you? It's fine if not, I just love this!
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These two look super adorable here, Pancham looks so cute and naughty at the same time hahaa.
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It's Todds Chespin and Pancham :)
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Very cute and beautiful!
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Awesome work, I love the coloring so much! Especially that water!
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i love the budew in the pipe!
and the whole art too!
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it is cool ! see my drawings! :D
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This art makes me like Magikarp a bit more ♡
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