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Lycanroc Midnight Form

This form looks a lot like Zoroark but I don't really mind (I'm surprised it's not a dark type though)
Which form do you prefer?

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I prefer the midnight form because of it's resemblance to Iori from KOF.

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is that a puppy?

LythistheRedFox's avatar
You know what? This is awesome! I love it! (Although i like midday form better)
Hi, i really love your wallpapers, are you going to make one for dusk lycanroc?
Dusk-Kniade's avatar
This is so cool! Love the colours and how you shaded it
yep I realized that it reminds me of Zoruark too
Rainbowstarmew's avatar
I called mine Austin

dats it
DakiEmeraldPixel's avatar
I like both but my fave is midday, cuz, idk, the thought of having a loving loyal companion is nice, unlike midnight form whol reks all ur stuff. lol
but i still live mah babies.Lycanroc(midnight) Icon Lycanroc Icon Blue Heart Icon 
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Midnight, once I saw this beauty I had to get moon
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I have this pokemon. I named him slash.
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Honestly midnight form is my favorite
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Jeden z moich ulubionych pokemonów wykonany przez super artystkę, p,,p
Super! Fajny motyw z tym księżycem, Zoroark wygląda tak tematycznie i słodko momomo
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i would like to hug a Lycanroc as long as it's the Midday form and NOT it's Midnight form, why?

Would you like to see a murder scene?
SPACE--WOLF's avatar
aaa i love this <333
the midnight version is my fav i love my edgy doggo--
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Hello, I like your lycanroc art. I made a lycanroc fan group recently. Feel free to join and submit art to it.
Lufi-kun's avatar
I LOVE this its SO amazing!!! (SO PRETTY and KOOL at the same time) :3
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K4nK4n's avatar
Awesome~!! :heart:
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Another new favorite to add to my future team - now I can't wait to get my own copy of Moon!
AzuelZorro102's avatar
That face makes it look a bit silly, but hey--it's a werewolf.

I like this form a bit more because based on the "lore" of the Pokemon on the Sun and Moon website this seems more of a "let out" or "free" version of the run-wild rambunctious Rockruff.
Hannah-Luvz's avatar
Oh my gosh this is perfect!
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