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October 29, 2016
Bright rich color, a low angle, and an excellent sense of scale ramp up the intimidation factor in Cofagrigus by bluekomadori
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Suggested by Catgirldstr11
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This one took really long time to finish D:    #563 Cofagrigus 

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It's like a boss fight

CrazygirlAuto5's avatar
Wow! Love this scene! :) 
Rufus2k2's avatar
This is fantastic, great creepy atmosphere and really cool colors!
ToonTwins's avatar
TheSuperMegaGengar's avatar
That's gotta be a real nightmare to deal with!
BearWitMe's avatar
This is so fun to watch ^^
Im0rta1Champ10ns's avatar
kinda looks like a boss^^
DraginKYle44's avatar
Mobian-Shadowtails's avatar
Ohh wow.... Spectacular! I love this!
FuryQuantmin's avatar
they're both immune to each other, so this battle is completely pointless. unless they argue and that'll be a total nightmare!
Mobian-Shadowtails's avatar
Pichu isn't immune to Cofagrius.
StellarFairy's avatar
Watch out! Cofagrigus may unleash a terrible curse!
ICountSheeptoSleep's avatar
I love Budew's expression, is great x) 

This is absolutely amazing though, I could just spend hours looking at each one of your pieces :O 
Werefolk's avatar
this is sick as hell dude
CartoonBen's avatar
:o (Eek) OOOOOHHH...... :ghost "Return the slaaab...... or suffer my cuuuurrrssse...." LOL. :D (Big Grin)
Hinata-Wolf77's avatar
Amazing. I see you hiding scraffy 
Endy7's avatar
omG what the hecco this is so breathtaking wow !!!  : O
IndieFlowerz's avatar
Do Mimikyu please! :O
Very spooky.
CornusKousa's avatar
Galionne's avatar
Absolutly amazing! Great job! :D
GigaBoss101's avatar
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