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This is my favorite pictures from the ones I have painted (so far)

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Kylester11's avatar
This is one of my favorite pieces of your art.
feathersandfluff's avatar
ooooh this is so good! the expressions are fantastic and the sense of depth if wonderful!
Anna-mator's avatar
anyone else see the "gary was here ash is a loser''?
nice touch!
ChangelingX's avatar
That Elgyem is so cute
mew3xyz's avatar
This has a deeper meaning, I can feel it!
Gracie11278's avatar
An Elgyem! So cute!
NichSzanProductions's avatar
"You came to the wrong neighborhood, motherfucker"
SeasideDreamer's avatar
omg Squirtle squad lmao 
girlgunner's avatar
I love the variety of expressions the Alley-mons are wearing.
ReverendAspen's avatar
Is no one going to talk about that Scrafty and its baseball bat? "You're in the wrooooong part of town, kiddo."

Love all the little easter eggs in this. And all the different expressions on the various Mons. They all have such personality to them. :heart:
KatFeery's avatar
This is absolutely amazing!  The expressions, lighting, backgrounds, and the scaling all come together to create this feeling from the artwork that is mesmerizing.  I especially love the Scrafty you drew, you gave him an in-depth personality with just one scene!
AphelionMars's avatar
Awww the Elgyem looks to cute and pure compared to those shadowy pokemon Heart (I love the "Gary was here, Ash is a loser" easter egg XD)
GuyGuyer's avatar
seem like a movie 
alien lands in and a gang finds them 
they do some stuff and the government wants the alien dead 
and the gang fights the government 
and send s the alien home
GuyGuyer's avatar
or the alien kills them all because the gang tries to beat the crud out of it
Rei-hina's avatar
how cute how fun :D
BOUTHILLIERMarjo's avatar
That is a creepy place...
And all those bad boys...
ArticWolfClaw's avatar
I noticed the "Gary was here and Ash is a loser" nice refrence ;)
GreenMachine066's avatar
I love this pic! So great
awesomeDragon19's avatar
Gary was here, Ash is a loser

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