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An original character for a story that I'm writing for school. Patric is a very famous movie star who likes to dress scruffy and messy whenever he's not working.

Drawn and inked on sketchbook paper and tracing paper, then scanned in and colored in Photoshop.

He ended up looking like Heero Yuy from GW. XD
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Spiff! :D Perhaps he wouldn't look so much like Heero if you changed his eye or hair color? Only you can't do black hair with green eyes because then you'll get Harry (or would it be Heero?) Potter... and blonde hair would give you Quatre... I'll just keep quiet on that now. Yeah.

Two things:
One, Patric is spelt with a k (Patrick). So unless you want to have a character with a mispelt name (Mom always says it's because parents don't know the correct spellings when they fill out the birth certificates), you might want to change it. Unless, of course, it's supposed to be artsy and new-agey.
Two, he needs longer legs! Not a lot longer, just a little longer :) As it is he looks kinda short.
Have I told you that your ability to color cel-style has me in awe? I bow before your greatness ::bows::