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By BlueJeans07
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For a project for Advanced Rendering Concepts, I decided to try to duplicate a video game booklet with my own characters. This is Princess Yani, the ruler of the Planet Dia which was invaded by the Meowzers. Now the dimwitted princess has to save her planet by shooting bubbles from her gun, kicking her opponents (while giving them a good look at her undies,) and flashing her opponent while lazers come out. I am quite serious XD

This illustration is Nyuri, the sexy and evil mastermind of Dia's take over. She is a skilled fighter and has lazes shoot out of her gloves. Due to the nature of her outfit and what she is, this picture is labled MATURE!!!

I drew this seperately, scanned it in, and colored it cell style in Photoshop 7
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fall0ut4d2Professional Interface Designer
love the outfit. Speaking of which, how did you do the fishnets?
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thank you! On the flat color layer for the fishnets is Nyuri's actual skin color. I selected the area with the wand tool and made another layer, then filled it with the color I wanted the color to be, and then changed the opacity. Then I did the detailing! Really easy ^^
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daaaaaaamn :jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop: