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Living Dolls and Empty Spaces

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"Emptiness is a thing too, and it hurts more than I can say. You, who remembers me when others forget - I want nothing more than to open myself to you, so that this void might once again be filled with light." 

What are we left with when we find ourselves unable to be truly close to the people we care about? When we part ways, we endure a monotonous, seemingly unending silence that robs us of our enthusiasm for life. Feelings of deep loneliness, emptiness, sadness, and the lethargy and hopelessness that result from having no reprieve from or outlet for those feelings- these are the ideas I was working with in this piece.

I chose to express these ideas through a ball jointed doll in the shape of a human. The human form can be a powerful, eloquent vehicle of expression. Taking that idea one step further, I decided to paint a ball jointed doll rather than a living, breathing human. Doing so allowed me to convey abstract ideas in a very literal way, because a doll, as an object and not as a human, can be broken and can be literally empty.

And so, she is broken; she is empty. Anemone, the name that I've given the doll in this piece, has a cavity where the heart should be in a human. What Anemone represents is a life without close relationships, a life without people to confide in - an inescapably empty, lonely life. The cavity in her chest is not only empty, but also dark, because hers is a life only infrequently touched by the light of joy or hope. In the absence of that light, darker emotions creep in - feelings of inadequacy, invisibility, sadness, lethargy, apathy, and sometimes even resentment. She yearns only to be whole. Unable to fill the void on her own, she reaches out, however tentatively.

The flowers in her hair are anemones (hence her name). I did quite a bit of searching while I designed Anemone because I wanted to find a flower that not only worked with the rest of her appearance on an aesthetic level, but also carried some significance on a metaphorical level. According to my research, anemones represent a feeling of abandonment or of having been forsaken, which made them appropriate for the subject matter.

A close-up of the face can be seen here:…

Phew! That was a lot to talk about! Anywho, I've got some fellow Deviants to credit for some free resources that I utilized in creating this piece:

R2krw9 created the damask pattern that I used in the background of this piece. It can be found here:…

funerals0ng created the AWESOME crack pattern brushes that I used in the background of this piece. They can be found here:…

The lace pattern that I used in the dress was my own resource ;) . If you'd like to use it, you can find it here (just make sure to read the rules first!):…
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