do you think there should be a limit on the money you can win in a lottery?
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dont know
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Published: March 31, 2012
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I vote yes...but Not limited on winnings but spread to more winners, to make more people in need better off.......
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BlueIvyViolet|Hobbyist Photographer
thats what my hubby says, if it gets over say $10 million, have multiple winners...i heard that in the U.S that they had a lottery of over 600 million (of course there was 3 winners in that draw) but its still way too much!
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yes indeed,they could make 600people millionaires...
it really is outragous the way the lottery is becoming
they do it to make more people buy lottery tickets and
they think they are doing people favours One,
its the wrong way to gain publicity it puts many people in depression
just with the wishful thinking, Its a joke.
I am thinking of writing an article saying just that....
with those Headlines too....just got to find a balance first so I don't get
which is so hard :-) :peace:
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BlueIvyViolet|Hobbyist Photographer
i wish you luck with your article...i also find that people who win that much will have friends and family they never knew they had!!
i like playing the scratch tickets, the highest i ever won was $50!!
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