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Something inspired by :iconandykluthe:'s…

Which brings up an unfortunate point. Monster Rancher was a cool concept... it's just lost its edge in more modern times. 
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If anyone's interested there's a Monster Rancher Discord for those of us that still play the games. We hold fan tournaments on there from time to time and there's lots of useful information on there.
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I miss Monster Ranch!
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Oh, me too. The good ol' days of various Monster Raising anime. Back before card game themed versions fully took root like Buddyfight. (Mind you I don't dislike Buddyfight, but I dislike the idea that every other monster series that isn't Pokemon, Digimon or Yokai Watch has to involve card games.)
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Still, I'd love to see some kind of Monster Rancher revival. Maybe something with iCloud based technology or Flash Drives or something since disks have been outmoded.
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Yeah! Oh! I know!

Someone could make a Pokemon Rom Hack of Monster Rancher with Custom Sprites, Custom items, The Monsters Actual Cries, Monster Tamers instead of Trainers, and Instead of Gyms and The Championship, you have to beat each town's Most Toughest Monster. When you Beat them all, You can like find More Kinds of Monsters!
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I miss Monster Rancher.. D8
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I hear ya, it was a pretty epic show. Never played the games myself, Card Game/Explorer aside, but they looked pretty cool too.
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Oh, this is too funny!
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hahahahahaha! nice one XDDDD
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Dark Magician should be up here with a monocle too.
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aren't there still fans for Monster Rancher?
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I would imagine so. Though there hasn't been a game since 2010 last I checked. 
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I think Monster Rancher can get a revival. It could be an iPad game or something. Ah well, at least we got the anime. 
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From what I heard, there WAS an iOS app for it, but it's since been taken down.
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lol Agumon & Pikachu are like: "ugh. Commoners."
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In all honesty I think it's because Monster Hunter didn't have big time names behind it, like Nintendo and Bandai/Toei. As well as a not very stellar TV show.
But also maybe cause most of the monster designs in it are sorta...weird by my taste. With Pokemon ya get either cute or sleek and with digimon ya get badass or diversified. But that's just my oppinion.
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It certainly makes sense, though!
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*Monster Rancher
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