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Pokemon Headcanon- Mini Pokemon

I've been holding off on the topic of Mini Pokemon for long enough, it's time we jump into the subject!

Minis are an uncommon (but slowly growing in popularity) subcategory of normal sized Pokemon selectively bred to be much smaller.

Known Mini Pokemon species are Houndour, Skitty, Glameow, Mankey, Eevee and Zigzagoon as well as the rest of their evolutionary lines.
Many stand at the height of 4 to 6 inches at the withers and are very much not suitable for standard battling of any kind.

Mainly bred more as additional 'cute' accessories for the rich and wealthy, these Pokemon are often quite sickly,
suffering from oral diseases, spinal deformities, heart disease, corneal dystrophy, hydrocephalus and even tracheal collapse.

Evolution is still entirely possible, but not by battling, instead they are fed (often illegally made) "Rare candy-like" vitamins and supplements crushed into their meals daily, allowing them to still gain experience and level up into evolution.

Unsurprisingly, these Pokemon have short lifespans, rarely living more than 10 to 15 years of age.
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This is such interesting yet sad lore, and congrats for being so imaginative.  Sadly I think if Pokemon were real this is a trend that we would see. 

Also, I love your depiction of Houndoor (regular sized).  Very gentle-looking :)
Tenshineko01's avatar
Aww, they look so cute but they look so sad.
Abbi-Normal's avatar
It's like a doberman beside a miniature pinscher 
BlueBlazeOwO's avatar
OMG I LOVE how you go deep in pokemons' nature and typologies :heart: Reminds me about about how dogs like pugs are bred to look in a certain way, but they have to suffer health problem for their unnatural body structures. Poor babies.

I'd love to see how human-like pokemon like Sawk would look in your style! (how they get their clothes and black belts in nature? lol) 

Good job, keep it up!
10animallover10's avatar
It just hurts how realistic this is.. People breeding esspecially dogs with many, many problems.. No, I prefer the bigger, healthier ones!
KirasDarkLight's avatar
This just makes my heart hurt. x.x That big gorgeous Houndour is the best. ;3;
blueharuka's avatar
Houndour is such a great Pokemon, I wish it got a little more attention in the anime, and not just as some evil team's grunt Pokemon. :/
KirasDarkLight's avatar
Right?! I think the closest it gets to not being evil is when the 2 Puchu brothers fall on it, which pisses it right off. And too be fair so would I if they fell on me from 2 stories up.
Zcat91819's avatar
........I'm so depressed......this is what we did to the wolf.......shame
Songal's avatar
Could healthy mini Pokemon be able to be bred too?
HaceMorra's avatar
Jeez, this is depressing in the most realistic way 
Hawkshadow743's avatar
I can see why you held off on this due to its controversial nature, but this is a very realistic headcanon considering we've already done this irl~
blueharuka's avatar
Thank you!

And I still have plenty more controversial subjects that I'm a little afraid of talking about. ^^;

Hopefully one day I'll be brave enough to talk about them!
Krazyokami's avatar
This is literally what I think of when people go 'oh I wish Pokemon were real'
We've messed up dogs, we're slowly moving on to cats more.
What's next? We gonna mess up the 'domestic' foxes?
DevilAntRat's avatar
Goodness, I know most of the ppl in the comment are not vegan but you ppl give me a bit of hope in mankind..

Eugenic selection is a shame// I don't know what you ppl think about other kind of domestication but the fact that you call out the mini trend feels really good to me.. thanks!
Emi-Xstitch's avatar
oh, I feel bad for that mini Houndour, he doesn't seem really happy :(
TechmasterSM4000's avatar
meanwhile i'm like "but why a mini eevee?" they're already small to begin with
VortexNebula13's avatar
The moment I saw the "Mini" I almost blanched in disgust, I rather have a healthy normal Houndor than a sick tiny "cute" one. Plus the normal one is just as cute if not cuter than a Mini!!
Cusackanne's avatar
Such a tragic truth behind this. Just 'cause something is mini and looks "cute", doesn't mean its gonna be easier on the said mini. ;w;
BootifulWolf's avatar
Houndour is my 2nd favorite pokemon (right behind Houndoom) and you drew it really well!! The mini-houndour looks sickly tho....poor guy.
DragonGamer0713's avatar
Poor minis. Reminds me of dog breeds today. Literally inbreeding within their breed that leads to a fuckton of issues. Poor Houndour mini, I want to help it!

No joke, what upsets me more is that people WANT these minis, especially wealthy people. They have legit no soul for letting these poor things live and suffer most of their lives.
Verridith's avatar
This goes along super well with my variants headcanon. Love the idea, even though omg those poor pokemon xD
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