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Lightning Deity, Sagittarius

I've been debating whether or not I should even keep the Genie trio's Incarnate forms for my Poke'verse
or just ditch them since they're kinda on the ugly side and and their Therian forms just look better overall,
but I figured I'd go ahead and try to work some 'Strike-ify' magic on them to see how they would look.

I actually kinda like the results here for Thundurus. :)

His name is Sagittarius (His brothers are Aries and Gemini) and despite his scary dragon-face,
he's actually a boisterous and fun-loving guy that loves to laugh...

He'll still gladly zap you with lightning if you piss him off, tho.
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This looks really good! And you do what you wish for the forms. You always make interesting and amazing concepts for your pokemon, be it in the written headcanons or in the drawings ;u;

Honestly - with gen 5 having so many just... not so appealing looking 'mon, including the genies - the Therian forms always felt more of their "true" forms, if that makes sense? There was diversity in those three looks alone, and not just a slight muscle size difference + a slap of a different color combo like their genie forms are =m=;

Even if I still to this day cannot figure out what Thundurus' Therian's form is meant to be. Bulbapedia claims it's inspired by [azure] dragons and/or possibily the Qiling but it is really hard (at least for me) to see that but that could just be me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Either way, great job, can't wait to see more from ya! >W<

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This is probably my favorite Incarnate design ever, everything's always better with animal traits!

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Typh can easily kirby up that lightning and even more lightning!

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WOOOOW, this guy looks crazy awesome :la:

LOVE the feline like face

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Oh wow :o this is amazing! I'd say your design is really alot better :p

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Dude, that design is wicked. I think I might actually like the Incarnate more if they looked more like that, haha

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