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Everyone completely disregard that last status update! The answer to that one is obviously "Just use Trello again!" ^^; So now, once again, all future commission progress updates can be found here!:
Quick boost!

I feel so much better. :D

I feel so much better. :D

Can I just say that ever since switching to a new medication (Cymbalta), I feel like a lot of things in my life has felt like it's gotten somewhat easier? Especially in terms of my productivity. This isn't to say that I've become wonder-chick and suddenly have the ability to recreate the Mona Lisa with my eyes closed or whatever, but I've noticed a few things; - I no longer seem to dread working on my art commissions to the point of having full-blown panic attacks over the tiniest anatomy errors. - Writing is still challenging, but now I don't 'freeze up' in fear of making mistakes/noticeable plotholes. - I can actually take breaks without feeling guilty. - Things I used to struggle with learning and understanding (perspective, color theory, composition, etc.)...though still a bit of a challenge at times, plenty of those topics are actually starting to make proper sense to me now and I'm learning how to best apply them to my own work style. It's as if one day, while taking the

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I mentioned you in my Tumblr post. ick25 — Pokemon Designs I don’t like. Part 5. ( Again, great art.

(Late reply, sorry!)

I saw! Glad my art could be of some use to you, and thank you for crediting me! :D

LOL I came here to see in the "about"

section to see if i didn't know ur birthday. i am so sorry for missing your birthday this year. please let me say happy late birthday and merry Christmas.

I wanted to comment on a post from your old account, and I realised you weren't there. So here's the redirected message:

Blueharuka, before you go nuts on me, there is one important thing that I must emphasize.

There is nothing wrong with people hating wolves but loving lions and vice versa. Neither your opinion nor the popular opinion has to be the one everyone has to follow. Lest we forget, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and there is nothing wrong with what they think. However, what's not okay is doing bad things because of their opinion. As for you, no offence intended at all, you're a little overreacting. I think you should take the time to calm down and to stop being mad with them. If you really can't handle it, block their emails.

As for me, I prefer lions over wolves.

I repeat, do not be mad at me. This is just my opinion and I don't wish to do any harm to you. Nor should you wish to do any harm to me.

I hope what I said was helpful. Have a nice day! Thank you. :)

Not trying to sound mean or anything, but you know that what you were commenting on prior was something from literally almost 10 years ago (Or more), and that people change over time, yes?

And I was practically in my early to mid teenage years, those times are rough for lots of people and plenty of people are bound to say dumb things during those times in their lives, and I am no exception. Whereas I do apologize for my outbursts in the past (And admittedly, in the present, at times, I'm still working on that), I don't apologize for finding lions, and many felines, in general, massively overrated and over-worshipped, because frankly, they kinda are.

Though, I no longer blame the actual animal for this.

I fully admit that that particular behavior of mine was very wrong, as lions are just animals being animals and doing their best to survive out in the wild. I understand that, and actually nowadays, I find them all quite beautiful and fascinating to study in their own ways.

My problem, even to this day, is with people that like them a bit too much.

And I don't mean people that just say; "I think lions are cool, and they're my favorite animal." but more so the kinds of people that go "Lions are the greatest animals on the planet and are practically the kings/gods of the animal world, no other animal can compare to them and blah blah blah..."

These kinds of people do exist and I find it baffling how they're never called out,

but say this kind of stuff about wolves or any other non-feline animal and suddenly you're public enemy number one.

Alongside wolves, one of my all-time favorite animals are Spotted hyenas.

But when you love hyenas / wolves and you're constantly only ever met with images like this (Graphic image warning!);

or comments about how 'wolves/hyenas are evil and lions are good and noble' or whatever,

you're bound to grow a bit of resentment after a while.

Not defending or saying that my behavior was good, but just know that it stems from something and that it was not without a particular reason.

Glad to hear you forgot about it! Have a wonderful day!

Hello :3 I just had a fun little question for ya :P

Watch this video (Audio warning) and then tell me, which two of your Pokemon characters would you say match the characters in the video? :P