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September 25, 2009
Nevermore by *bluefuze
Featured by MidnightExigent
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Wow, finally done. This started out with me being in a mood where I wanted to create something dark and sinister. Originally, it was going to be a vampire image... but it soon found it's way towards a new subject... the Crow / Common Raven.

I then started to do a bit of research, and found a lot of inspiration from "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe (this piece is named after the words the Raven mutters in that poem), as well as learning the many depictions of the Crow or Raven in culture and mythology. The movie "The Crow" also served as inspiration along the same lines. Generally, the Crow or Raven is seen as a bird of ill omen, and is often associated with death, or are even seen as messengers or "go-betweens" from the afterlife and our living world (as Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" eludes). The lantern sort of serves as a contrast or counterpoint to that concept.


This is one of my favorite works that I've done... I'd like to do more like it!

Thanks to reference stock from:

This was done in Painter.

Thanks for looking!

DD! Holy crap! I am amazed and extremely happy that I got a DD. It's so easy for work to go unnoticed here since so much deviations are posted every day... so I honestly never expected that I would ever get a DD. This definitely makes my month.

To all of you who have looked / commented / faved / watched -- thank you! I am reading every single comment, although I probably won't be able to respond to each one personally. So this is my thanks right here... thanks!

And thank you $spinegrinder [link] for the DD, appreciate it!
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magic!! and disarter
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Thanks, appreciate it :)
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I really like the mood in this one :D
good job :)
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I love this! it is very well done and now whenever I think of the poem, I think of this! [link]
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It is such a pleasure to see pieces that were posted a couple of years ago before I really started looking at what is actually on DA. This is a wonderful piece that instantly struck a chord and definitely reminded me of the Edgar Allan Poe poem.
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thank you very much :) glad it brought enjoyment to you as well as others. That's one of the top things an artist can ask for :)
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You are very welcome!
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It's a very good artwork!
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Hey, I saw this at the library / art gallery here in Spruce Grove! That's wicked! What's even more wicked is that two art pieces from SG have been given DDs in a short amount of time. Hooray!
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Thanks man! What's the other piece you mention that also got the DD? Do you live in SG? I live right next door in Stony Plain. If you are from SG, it's really great to see a young artist that even knows what digital painting is! :) hehe If you have any friends that want to learn more about it, I'm slated to teach a class through the gallery in the fall so let them know :)
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Yup, I live in SG. I noticed your painting in a group and freaked out for a minute trying to find it again. I know, most people stare at me blankly when I mention that I paint digitally. I have a few friends who might be interested. Hell, I might drop in if I have the time. Oh, and the other DD was a piece of mine, actually lol. I can link you to it if you're really curious. It's cool to find a local artist here on dA, cheers!
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Glad I finally discovered these DA groups, been getting quite a few faves and traffic from them since I started sharing to them.

I'm a member of the Allied Arts Council of Spruce Grove, which is basically who runs the gallery. Most of them are older folks... and living in rural Alberta... lol, so the idea of digital painting is kind of lost on most people out here I think... except the younger demographic in my opinion. They play video games, etc. and just "get it" a lot more. I've kind of been blazing the trail in a way, for digital art out here :) Or trying to anyway. I guess my last two pieces that both won in the last show (Intervention01 won 1st, and Nevermore won People Choice), are getting a lot of attention with people asking a lot of questions about them. So I figured it might be a cool idea to do a class to try and show people what it's all about, and that it's not this mysterious thing where the computer does all the work for you :) I think some people that don't get it are a bit skeptical that way. So please spread the word about the workshop, or even consider joining the AAC! Would be nice to see some younger blood in there.

Yes, I'd love to see your DD... please send the link ;)

Talk to you later ;)
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I didn't know that the AAC would accept me... And they sort of hate me anyway. I submitted a drawing to a competition and they disqualified me, thinking it was a photo (darnit, too realistic!), so maybe I shouldn't.

I'll for sure spread the word. How will it be laid out, and for what skill level?

Here's the DD I got :D
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hehehe, I'm sure they don't hate you. What medium was it? Was it for the Open Art Competition? I have changed their rules a bit. Before I came along, digital art wasn't accepted... but now it is! Here's my little write-up on it: [link]

To be honest, I'm not sure exactly what I'll do as it's my first time teaching, and it will only be a day-workshop. So I figure I'll go over the basics for the into class, how to make custom brushes, how to use them, colour-picking, layers, effects... the basics. Then I'll also be doing a more advanced class, where I'll maybe dive into Painter12 a bit, and we'll work on a day project (or at least start it) and I'll be there to assist and teach where I can. That's where my head's at right now anyway :) We'll see how it goes... I'm just hoping there will be enough interest (if enough people don't signup the class won't run).

Nice DD BTW!

Later ;)
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