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  • Mar 19
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My Bio
- First, type my name backward.
- I share a passion for car stereo as well as home stereo, it is sort of like an art to me and I care about the quality of my music. Included with that is automotive in general, HVAC, both car and home electrical, disassembling, reassembling, repairing or replacing appliances small and large alike, and I think that's about it for my hobbies. As I said, I enjoy disassembling and reassembling small and large appliances as well as repairing or replacing them. I very much enjoy instrumental music, hip hop instrumentals mainly, lion'n'prime on youtube would be a prime example. I love coffee, I couldn't imagine a world without it. I am a major conspiracy theorist, anti-government, anti-pharmaceutical, pro-gun, pro-freedom, Christian, republican, and white caucasian male. Yes, I did say all that.
- All that set aside, I also like feet, yes, that is where the weirdness begins, At least that is what most people will might probably say, but weirdness is all in perspective or personal preference or views or whatever, kind of like the difference between red and blue, some like red, others like blue, I like blue, and we aren't weird or strange or abnormal or anything for it. I am not that extreme with the whole feet thing, like, I'm not just diving in for the feet like most people like to think we do, I just like them, simple as that. I mostly like feet for their complexity, the works of art they are, yea, that's what they are, works of art. Like I said, I'm not that extreme, no tying down or provocative nudity or any of that porn style crap, I just do not do that kind of stuff, I just admire them as the works of art they are. But the feet of a female really are works of art, so soft, complex, curvy, and just down right beautiful.

Favourite Movies
[No Order] The Maxtrix; The Maxtrix Reloaded; The Matrix Revolutions; Into the Blue; Lockout; Titan A.E.; The Thing (1984 & 2011); Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil; The Mist; Parker; District 9; Due Date; The Book of Eli; The Rundown;
Favourite TV Shows
The Walking Dead; Mythbusters; How its made; factory made; World's Dumbest; Outrageous Acts of Science; Futurama; American Dad;
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Lion'N'Prime; John Petrucci; Linkin Park; Rage Against the Machine; Eric B & Rakim; Foghat; Проект Увечье [Russian];
Favourite Games
[In Order] The Last of Us; Halo (entire series); Fuze; Portal; Portal 2; Portal Stories: Mel ; Hitman series; SpaceEngineers; War Thunder;
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox; Xbox 360; Xbox One; PS2; PS3; PS4
Tools of the Trade
Wrench; Screw Driver; Flathead Screw Driver; Hammar; a Llama; Pliers; Reciprocating Saw; a Beaver; Socket Wrech; Wirecutters; Wire Strippers; Wire Crimpers; a Goat; Wire Tape; Pipe Benders; a Plasma Arc Welder; my Teeth; a Drill; a Flashlight;
Other Interests
[No Order] Car & Home Audio; Car & Home Electrical; Automotive; HVAC; Dr. Pepper; Cats; Feet;

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