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The Fourth Is Strong With This One, Too

Yep, it's jumping on the bandwagon time. The bandwagon of Star Wars Day, that is. May the fourth be with you.

Yeah, I'm a Star Wars fan. Not as hardcore as some other fans, but a fan nonetheless.

And so I began to draw a couple of arts of the fursonas of myself and my love as jedi knights.

I began drawing them before last year's May the fourth, and was originally planning to submit them for that, but I was not able to finish them in time due to a lack of artistic energy, however I continued to draw them over the course of the last year, and then once they were finished I let them sit in my hard drive ready for this year.

And now the time is upon us for me to reveal what I've created.

Here we have my awesomesauce purple kitty love, standing at the ready with her saberstaff.

I had a really good think about what I wanted to do for Lav's lightsabers, it took me a while to come up with something good, but eventually the idea of twin sabers sitting parallel on a larger handle that they're attatched to entered my mind...and I rolled with it.

One saber is purple, Lav's favourite colour, and the other saber is green, her second favourite colour. Which saber is left and which is right doesn't really matter, she's free to pick and choose whichever colour she wants to use for whatever handpaw, although usually it's whichever one she can grab and seperate out in the midst of battle if and when the need arises. Anyway, it's more than just the fact that they're her favourite colours, though.

In the original Lucasfilms canon, lightsaber colours tend to represent how you are attuned to the force, how much or little you might utilize the force in battle, and sometimes can even go so far as to display a summary of your beliefs in regard to the very nature of the force.

Those who weild a purple lightsaber are attuned to both the light side and the dark side of the force, though how they are attuned may vary from user to user. It may be a light side jedi who taps into the dark side, or a dark sith who taps into the light side. They also tend to favour the tactic of overpowering the opponent's defenses in some way. Purple lightsabers are amongst the rarest of colours to come across.

Those who weild a green lightsaber favour using the force over using their lightsaber in combat, and are generally much stronger with the force than any other saber colour. They also prefer peaceful negotiation over combat, but aren't afraid to engage in a fight when necessary. They also love to practice force meditation.

So you can say the two colours together signify a peaceful individual who has a very "shades of grey" attatchment and belief with the force, yet one who could try to overpower you in a fight.

That's where Lav's fighting style and very unique parallel lightsaber comes into play.

Lav has adopted an extremely defensive fighting style, and her twin blades running in parallel essentially act like a single, extra-wide saber blade that can easily sheild her from any assault.

But the real clever part is that Lav can catch an opponent's blade between the two prongs, and with a simple change of angle she can lever the blade out of her opponent's grip, which can leave them defenceless to a counterattack.

The sabers can also be detatched from the main handle and used as a seperated pair when necessary, usually so Lav can handle two opponents at the same time, still utilizing a very defence-heavy fighting style to wear her opponents down while using relatively little effort herself.

The way her sabers detatch and reattatch from the main handle is with a set of three metal prongs on the main handle that slot into a corresponding trio of holes on the handles of the saber pair. At the end of the prongs is a metal catch that is held out by a spring. This is pushed inwards as the holes are slotted over the prongs and pushed down, and then springs back out again into a slot inside each hole, allowing the catch to hold the saber in place.

It's not unlike how the catch and corresponding slot of an umbrella works, only there's four of them for each prong. To release the saber from the catches again, Lav has hidden buttons on her main handle, one for each set of prongs. Pushing down on this button activates a intricate wire mechanism that pulls the springs and the catches inwards, releasing this button causes them to spring back out again.

As well as her strong skills in using her sabers defensively, she's fairly strong in the force, and quite skilled with it, too. One of her favourite tactics during battle is to use the force to continually pick up a number of small objects and constantly bombard her opponent from all sides with them, which can leave even the most skilled fighters completely thrown off any kind of offence or strategy.

Lav was first trained under the jedi order in the temple on Coruscant, it was there she met Thom, a blue fox and fellow student. The two became quite interested in each other and often sparred together using the harmless training setting on their sabers.

Lav's defensive style actually proved extremely effective against Thom's varied and unpredicatble offence, though she still had trouble finding an opening to strike back, making their differing styles very evenly matched against each other. Their spars often ended in a standoff with no clear winner.

It wasn't long before their interest in each other turned to infatuation, and it was here that the both of them started to find out about the jedi order's confusing and restrictive rules, epsecially regarding feelings and love.

When a frustrated Thom suggested to rouge, Lav didn't even hesitate in joining him, together they explored the galaxy in search of other ways to improve their skills in combat and knowledge in the force.

Inevitably, they found the sith...or rather, an abandoned sith temple. It was there they found information on the dark side, and they observed it objectively as simply another view of the force and of saber combat, one quite different to that of the jedi.

The knowledge reinforced that which the two of them already suspected, the Jedi had become blinded in their pursuit of their narrow-minded belief in a light side of the force, when in truth, there is no "light" or "dark" side, there is just the force, and how it is used, for good or ill, is down to those that can weild it.

They agreed that they could open the eyes and the minds of the jedi with this information, so they made a beeline back to Couruscant, but when they got there, they found the aftermath of Order 66 and Darth Vader's assault on the Jedi temple.

The Jedi's narrow-mindedness was their undoing. Opening their eyes could have saved them, but it was far too late. Thom and Lav didn't know if there were any jedi survivors out there, but even if there were, there's a fat lot of good their revelation could do now.

Now the couple wander the galaxy, doing their best to avoid the jedi-hunting Galactic Empire while earning credits by picking up odd jobs as mercenaries for hire, or capturing criminals for the reward as bounty hunters. It's all they can do to continue living their life and still make use of their skills.

That just about covers everything about Lav's combat skills and OC life story in the Star Wars universe. Pretty good, eh?
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