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The Fourth Is Strong With This One

Yep, it's jumping on the bandwagon time. The bandwagon of Star Wars Day, that is. May the fourth be with you.

Yeah, I'm a Star Wars fan. Not as hardcore as some other fans, but a fan nonetheless.

And so I began to draw a couple of arts of the fursonas of myself and my love as jedi knights.

I began drawing them before last year's May the fourth, and was originally planning to submit them for that, but I was not able to finish them in time due to a lack of artistic energy, however I continued to draw them over the course of the last year, and then once they were finished I let them sit in my hard drive ready for this year.

And now the time is upon us for me to reveal what I've created.

Here we have my blue foxy self, posing very dramatically with his pair of lightsabers.

I already had a good idea of how I wanted my lightsabers to be in order to make them fairly unique and fit with the kind of jedi I'd be.

So it's two seperate lightsabers, as you can see. The left hand lightsaber is blue, because blue is my favourite colour, and the right hand saber is orange, because orange is my second favourite colour, but it's more than just the fact that they're my favourite colours.

In the original Lucasfilms canon, lightsaber colours tend to represent how you are attuned to the force, how much or little you might utilize the force in battle, and sometimes can even go so far as to display a summary of your beliefs in regard to the very nature of the force.

Those who weild a blue lightsaber tend to favor using their lightsaber more in combat, and are generally more skilled in said lightsaber combat than those weilding any other colour. They also generally prefer a more direct approach to solve issues outside of combat as well.

Those who weild an orange lightsaber tend to be adept at discretion, and are good at utilizing stealth and ingenuity both in and out of combat. Orange lightsabers are amongst the rarest of colours to come across.

So you can say the two colours together signify quite a skilled and ingenious fighter, who can sometimes utilize stealth to get the drop on an unwary opponent.

You'll notice there's an extension to the handles of his lightsabers.

Well, at the end of the extension of the blue lightsaber is a metal spiral, similar to that of a screw, with a metal pin at the end, and at the end of the extension of the orange lightsaber is a widened opening, inside of which is a track for the "screw" to slide into, and at the end of this track is a sort of metal catch for the pin.

Thom can simply push and twist the two ends together to unite the two seperate sabers into a single double-bladed lightsaber. The pin and the catch work similar to how a clicker pen works to secure the fastening in place, while the screw-like metal spiral and track it's housed in are able to resist the physical forces exerted on the fastening during combat when Thom has the two sabers linked together.

The extension makes Thom's joined lightsabers have a much longer handle than most normal double-bladed sabers, allowing him incredible reach and leverage with very powerful strikes.

However, as with any double-bladed lightsaber, this does come with the drawback of having to use mainly long, sweeping motions to be able to pull off any kind of offence. Though Thom does like to adopt a fighting style based off of Ba Gua Zhang, a form of Tai Chi, which utilizes a lot of circular motion. This pairs very well with any double-edged weapon, allowing the user to still pull off quick attacks depite the length of the weapon.

Then, with a simple twist and pull, Thom has two seperate sabers again. While they're seperate, he favours holding them "backwards" and utilizing a lot of the outward sweeping motions much as he does with his joined sabers, however he is perfectly happy to switch to holding the sabers "forwards" and use more normal, direct strikes.

The extensions now serve as counterbalances, Thom can, and often does, use their weight to allow him to quickly recoil from a blocked strike and transition into the next attack.

The ability to switch from a double-bladed saber to a pair of seperate sabers at will allows Thom to use a wide variety of fighting styles and strategies, making him able to adapt to any combat situation within reason.

But the real clever part is Thom likes to seperate and join his lightsabers mid-battle. The twist to secure or release the "screw" is very subtle and often hard to pick out when one is watching for where the next deadly blade of energy is coming from.

Thom's opponent could be thinking they're just fighting a double-baded lightsaber when out of nowhere a seperated single blade is making a beeline for their torso...or they could be trying to parry off a quick twin-blade assault, and then suddenly there's a powerful wide sweep of a double-bladed saber about to slice them in half!

Thom utilizes this strategy to great effect to keep his opponents on their toes and second-guessing where the next attack is coming from, until they're so bamboozled Thom can easily break through their defences and finish them off at his fact he's even often able to actively take the time to look around for a hilarious way to finish the fight and, if he can find one, pull it off. He's been known to leave onlookers in stitches with what are affectionately coined as his "taunt" kills.

He is fairly average in strength in the force, though when it comes to his skill in using the force, he has come up with some rather unique ways to utilize it both in and out of combat.

For example, he figured out that if he can lift big, heavy boulders with his force power, he can surely lift himself up, too. And indeed he can. In other words, he can use the force to fly. Frankly, he's surprised no other force user that he knows about has ever thought of that.

He's also able to use the force to make his lightsabers fly around seperate from his hands, further adding to his varied and unpredictable offence.

So yes, Thom is indeed a very skilled and ingenious lightsaber combatant and force user. You'd be wise to avoid becoming his next opponent.

Thom first trained under the jedi order in the temple on Coruscant, iw was there he met Lavander, a purple cheshire cat and fellow student. The two became quite interested in each other and often sparred together using the harmless training setting on their sabers.

Despite utilizing every part of his varied and unpredictable offence, Thom found Lav's strong defensive style difficult to break through, but he was still able to keep her on her toes, leaving her hardly ever able to counterattack, making their differing styles very evenly matched against each other. Their spars often ended in a standoff with no clear winner.

It wasn't long before their interest in each other turned to infatuation, and it was here that the both of them started to find out about the jedi order's confusing and restrictive rules, epsecially regarding feelings and love.

Frustrated by the restrictions, Thom decided to go rouge and invited Lavander along with him, together they explored the galaxy in search of other ways to improve their skills in combat and knowledge in the force.

Inevitably, they found the sith...or rather, an abandoned sith temple. It was there they found information on the dark side, and they observed it objectively as simply another view of the force and of saber combat, one quite different to that of the jedi.

The knowledge reinforced that which the two of them already suspected, the Jedi had become blinded in their pursuit of their narrow-minded belief in a light side of the force, when in truth, there is no "light" or "dark" side, there is just the force, and how it is used, for good or ill, is down to those that can weild it.

They agreed that they could open the eyes and the minds of the jedi with this information, so they made a beeline back to Couruscant, but when they got there, they found the aftermath of Order 66 and Darth Vader's assault on the Jedi temple.

The Jedi's narrow-mindedness was their undoing. Opening their eyes could have saved them, but it was far too late. Thom and Lav didn't know if there were any jedi survivors out there, but even if there were, there's a fat lot of good their revelation could do now.

Now the couple wander the galaxy, doing their best to avoid the jedi-hunting Galactic Empire while earning credits by picking up odd jobs as mercenaries for hire, or capturing criminals for the reward as bounty hunters. It's all they can do to continue living their life and still make use of their skills.

That just about covers everything about Thom's combat skills and OC life story in the Star Wars universe. Pretty good, eh?

Enough story, let's talk about the art.

This is the first time I've had to deal with two light sources coming from two different directions. It was certainly an interesting challenge and I really tried my best to accurately depict how the light emitted from the two sabers would interact with my fursona's body. I think I did it about as well as I could, but feel free to point out any flaws or areas of improvement.
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