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Karma's Missadventure Pt 2
       Karma growled deep and low in her chest. She decided that she had to use every trick she knew and fight dirty if she wanted to get out of this alive. She lunged for the cat, dodging to the left at the last second as its massive claws swiped mere millimeters past her face. She turned her momentum in an instant and mid air bringing her up alongside the cat facing the same direction. Karma then lunged and bit into the soft flesh at the joint of the cat's arm and shoulder, shaking her head as hard as she could doing as much damage as she could. She went jumping back as the cats other paw swiped across her side leaving a burning pain.  
Karma's missadventure Pt 1
Karma awoke, coughing slightly. Dust was in her nose. She could smell others around her, but not the same as her. She sniffed, not recognizing the scent of the other animals. Slowly she opened her pink albino eyes. Karma was a Tokota, bred and raised in frigid cold. This place was anything but. She was panting she realized. The heat was uncomfortable. Karma looked around for the first time. She was in a large room with no way out except a hatch in the roof.    Confused and still slightly dazed she tried to remember how she had gotten here. She remembered coming to this place with Cassie, her rider. It had been a long journey and she had been
Gryph Attack CH1 Free Falling
               Mika decided to stop for the night.  The flight would take another day at least. His group had split up in search of the deadly Gryphs they were hearing reports of. About a week ago he had received a message From Adanna that she had found one that they were calling Bones. Mika knew he would likely miss the action on that boy but that the others were sure to be in or around that area, so he chose to head out that way.                He has spent the evening and early morning in the Entertainment Commons. It was a large circle on the outskirts of the small town he had been passing through. He had decided that while Neph was slee
MYO Northern Dragon Arcanus
Blizzard and The Wild
There was a blizzard flowing all around… it was cold and Lok and Liam had been split up in the storm. Lok was alone, riding the silver longmain, Thea, he had chosen for the trip. Liam had taken Thasha, the big tundra dire had spooked at a tree falling in the storm and chose to run. Lok hadn’t been able to find them since.                The two had decided to go for a hunting trip into the woods a few days ago.  The weather was forecasted to be good for the week so they had thought that it was a good time to go.  Though being from the north they were always prepared for the worst and the two tokotas they rode also pulled supply
The Hunt Is On Part 3
Part 3 "Relocation"               “We’re Fine! Just a little shaken up,” Danna yelled back. “ I think she has a nest nearby she is protecting, it would explain the aerial attacks.”                Svar nodded. “We should get outta here and Figure out a plan for Relocation then. She can’t stay here. Someone is going to get hurt, or she is.”  He paused waiting as the three smaller stryx kept the Harpia busy.                “Actually I Spotted the nest as we were dodging her,” Nisha shouted from the other Side of Svar. “Svar if you come with me I think we can carry it to anoth
The Hunt Is On. Part 2
Part 2 "Fish for breakfast."                S’var grumbled as Zurry nudged him. “Alright, all right. I’ll go get you breakfast…. But you are coming with me you Lazy Bird!”                Zurry, knowing He would need room, backed up  and let him be. Svar moved to the more open aria on the cliff, stretching his lean muscled body. He undid the clasp of the wrap around his hips and let the orange material fall, standing nude in the middle of the clearing.                  “Awe C’mon mate, no need to give us a show!” Snaff piped in from over where he was wolfing down the breakfast Danna had left
The Hunt Is On! Part 1.
Part 1. "Oh My Galyx!"                Sundown Had just hit. Adanna watched as the few remaining bits of light left the sky. She sighed lightly admiring the sight from their perch atop the mountain Falls they had chosen to make their camp at.                “You always were an early riser,” Nisha whispered behind her.                Danna Smiled as she started to hear the shifting and grumbling that meant the others had started to wake. She turned to Nisha who had Snuck into the nearby town to find out if there were any more whispers of attacks recently. “Find out anything new?” she asked Nisha as she led her over t
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