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Along the Bank by Wildweasel339 Alarmed Owl by thrumyeye Ma.K - Dive Attack by TheVibe0TT
Kandy Sri Lanka by LotharZhou Sky Bridge Maintenance by steve-burg Deep Sea Interview by DrZime
Making Goals by StephenMcCranie M i a m i N i g h t s by AliWithAnEye:thumb267898730:
Paradoxes ThreeIn realms of life
Find paradoxes three:
Truth found in the odder ways,
But truth 'tis, all the same.
Life is gained when life surrendered.
Save it all, but lose it in the end.
Die to self, find who you were meant to be.
Become the slave, become the free.
If you love, let go
True love will always return.
Love and be hurt; love and be healed.
We decide that it's worth it in the end.
Walk by faith and not by sight
Close your eyes and seize the light
The unseen greater than the seen.
The invisible, the truer reality.
:thumb159727138: Cable car in town by FeiGiap
Warm by PascalCampion Still life study by noahbradley:thumb268062770:
A Good Mom - Red Panda Version by minitreehouse:thumb123258450: Not of This WorldStepped off my UFO today
Got out of my spaceship, went my way
And I got plenty of looks
'Cause I don't belong
Took my time walkin' down Main Street
People lookin' at me like my skin is green
And I seem out of place
'Cause I don't belong
You wonder why I look so different
It's because I've been forgiven
I'm not of this world
I don't want anyone to say
That I cared about this place
I'm not of this world
It's not my home or destination
He's given me a revelation
No matter where I go
There's something that I know
Though here is where I stand
This is not my land
Life took a different turn when I
Was redeemed and came alive
And I found a better place
Where I belong
I'm a member of the Kingdom now
I'll be caught up with Him in the clouds
'Cause I found a better place
Where I belong
It's not through my own power
It's Christ through me each hour
I'm not of this world
I don't want anyone to say
That I cared about this place
I'm not of this world
It's not my home or destination
He's given me a

Toy Story iPad FingerPainting3 by kyle-lambert Red Tram by Kegriz
:thumb217457628: Sunset on a Mountain 2 by Joe-Lynn-Design:thumb256196884:
broschur by henryz Morelia viridis WIP1 by HelenePiet Katzenjammer by GorosArt
Light of the Forth by FlippinPhil A Faerie's Most Precious Treasure by Endorell-Taelos Picken's Nose by elizabethnixon
:thumb238888345::thumb186540426: cheetah by Coramina
:thumb209573510: Ballpoint pen Art : My Irish friend by ArtisAllan Wheels of Color by AreteEirene
Solar System by Addran the robot in the snow by Duffzilla the cry by little-billie
Coral Reefs by TommyGK Unreal by VerticalDubai Love of Winter by FramedByNature
:thumb207896377: Sailing at midnight by Sabinerich The Visitor by hibbary
Hiker by frogbillgo Taking a stroll by AimishBoy No Place Like Home by Rowkey
Nightfury V2: Poses by retinence Abstract of Rhino by daisicalolliwog canyonmaker by bluefooted
Sea horse horse by romanolsanik:thumb259977739: Pet Cyborg 2 painted by ariscene
:thumb179362579: Waterway by artbytheo Fitz Roy Sunrise by Ian-Plant
- In a deep valley - by UNexperienced Ship in an Hourglass Ballpoint by starr2099 golden dots by MindShelves
Claws of Angel by half-scientific:thumb209867073: Mantis Samurai by Roboto-kun
The Thinker by artisticartery red veined darter by MartinAmm Flow by tourofnature
A Crab's World by Nate-Zeman Team Sheep by MinnaSundberg facade xvi by ChristianRudat
Strawberry Sweetness by erezmarom E.V.A. 5000 by SgtHK hey dont cheat, it's my tire by riorr
:thumb269311910: Edgar and Stan by WinterImp Otter by JustABeautifulDream
Girls at Piano by padraig13 Plush - Willy the Pangolin by demiveemon Day-to-day by Rssfim
Get Some Air by draweverywhere:thumb199684321: Well Done 3d by DanielSchmid
She Didnt Say Goodbye... by pixelbudah journey by Real-SonkeS Tragedy in the sky_final by Andrei-Pervukhin

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:aww: You're very welcome, Mirz! :clap:
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:blush: for being so late. it certainly was a bad hair week.
nevertheless. much thanks for including my little piece in this roller coaster ride through the world of dA :iconbummiesplz:
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:aww: No worries! :tighthug: And the pleasure is all mine, Ulrich! :iconyesyesyesplz:

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As always, Newt - Thank you very much! :D
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:giggle: As always, Travis - You're more than welcome! :iconepicclapplz:
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Thanks a lot :hug:
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You're so very welcome! :hug:
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Wow, what a great idea! :D
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:iconlardgrinwooplz: Like I said, it's pretty random. :XD:
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Many thanks for the feature! :love:
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You are so very welcome, dear Alex. :love:
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Thank you very much for featuring my work among these beautiful pictures! =)
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You're very welcome, Laura. :heart:
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Thanks !! All those pictures are so great !!
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My pleasure, Allan! :manhug:
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It's my absolute pleasure! :clap: :heart:
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Thanks for the feature! :iconllamajumpplz:
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:ufo: You're more than welcome! :iconbouncinginplaceplz:
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Thank you so much for the feature!! :hug:
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You're very welcome! :w00t:
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Hey! I appreciate the feature!
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