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the nightmare eater

For a weekly activity at - the theme was 'nightmare/dream eater'. Ink with coloring in PS7.
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If it eats nightmares, doesn't that mean they're good guys
This seems like old biblical art, and really fucking cool too. (don't quote me on anything...period) 
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You are amazing. Just love this! <3
I like this -- a somewhat unique subject given a very unique treatment. 
Lunatickus's avatar
Awesome, magic, incredible...
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uh oh...
raises the question, is it evil because it's eating NIGHTMARES, or is it benevolent because its EATING/destroying/removing nightmares?
Nomnomnom. Nightmares.
A year ago I found this image and a short tutorial you did on how you got your watercolor affects. It's this image that really started me on the path to thinking "Yes, I can do digital watercolors, and they can look _good_." Thanks!
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only 600 favs ?!?!? What's wrong with DA?!?!? This is gorgeous~~~~
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great work
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Did you know about the Japanese Baku? It's a nice idea. It's funny, he's not scary at all.
Shizuku-Uzu's avatar
such an awesome concept!
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This is beautiful! you have amazing work!
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A very original beast.
And the mood you created in this picture is great.
Athenas-Owl's avatar
Yum! My favorite food!
This is really good though, you're very creative.
Modernmilk's avatar
what a beautiful idea.
Varcolaci's avatar
k-proj's avatar
you are my new favorite artist!
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Oh my... I love this so much O.O
The design similar to a vulture or to a condor gives it the feeling of a scavenger creature, thing that fits it due the creature's nature
I love the way how you did the background, it has a abstract feeling... like a dream or a illusion

You cared the details in a excellent way =) :+fav:
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Wonderful! Your work reminds me of Kay Nielsen and Russian miniatures, two of my personal favorites! Your line work is elegant and confident, and of course your sense of color is beautifully expressed-- the mood of each piece is perfectly matched by your color choices. Bravo!

Fatale16's avatar also looks like he ate everyone's souls O___O

really beautiful gallery...I just can't get enough
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Wow. The style, the colors, the subject... This is really an amazing piece. I'd love to see it as a print.
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