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Nyx draws her cloak

Typical view of the goddess on night, Nyx, drawing her cloak of darkness and stars over the world. I think I've seen quite a few renditions of this myth drawn out in a similar way, so mine is not very original, but that's how the myth goes... watercolor, ink.
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Breathtaking, I wish I could create anything remotely like this. I love the fluidity yet serenity of this.
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This is stunning,I love the cloak and pose but you might want to make the sky more detailed
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Love it! Awesome piece!
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Your work is exquisite <3
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This is gorgeous!
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i like how you made the stars cartoony and then fade them into more realistic looking stars.
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reminds me of the Greek Myth/ Centaur sequence in Fantasia!
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Her cloak is stunning.
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This is so beautiful.
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that pattern on her cloak is the same as my old bed covers. considering nyx is a goddess of night, thats kinda creepy. aside that matter, the picture is awesome!


dont look at my page there is nothing on it - im new!
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fuckin love ehh hahaha nyx is my fave greeek goddess xxxx
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This is amazing! I love the colors!
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Excellent work! and the colors are perfect :)
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that's very interesting =]
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The goddess Nyx, night personified, born from Chaos... Wonderful detail of art.
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this is very beautiful!
nyx is one of my favorite of the greek gods!
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This is great! It was how I imagined it!
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They did this in Fantasia, too--but it' such a universal, fantastic image, I think every artist should attempt it! Your version is particularly compelling!:D
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She's gorgeous!
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