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Portrait of fellow GA member (and awesome artist!), Chupacabra, for our 1st birthday. Other portraits are here: [link]

This will be the last dragon I do for a while ;)
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great freakin drawing!!
Nice golden dragon!
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Wow, the flickering of light on the dragon's scales is mesmerizing.
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That is probably the most beautiful chupacabras I have ever seen!!!! lol Wonderful
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This lovely picture has been featured here: [link]
Have a nice day!
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GrAHHHH Did I tell you I was the fav monster yet? I think I did. ;-;

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good contrast and very nice treatment
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Your Amazing work has been feature in my News Article "Men in Art" [link] Love your work!!!! :heart:

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I saw this on the web somewhere else, I wish I could remember where so I could beat them! It stunned me then and it stuns me now! I am so glad that I found it again, and by the original artist.
I will keep my eyes out for where I saw it, though at least they were not claiming it was their work.
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this is so fantastic...all your work is so lovely. <3
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your so good! i want to fav averything in your gallery
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wow i´m totally in love with the glowing dragon and the contrast with the black tshirt, wonderfully done!!:love:
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Awesome work; the scales of the dragon remind me a bit of the gold detailing in Gustav Klimt's paintings.
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BEAUTIFUL. the gold highlights really look shiny and bright

incredible detail
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the scales are so awesome! Gold leaf or gold paint?
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beautiful dragon and wonderful shading on his skin *___* it feels a little different seeing your work in digital, but i love it, regardless!
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WOO, I love it!!, the composition, the colors, everything
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that is so wonderful! I love your linework so much, and the gold-like effect on the chupacabra
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I adore the details on the dragon. The scales but it still has a very drawn quality which is in love contrast to the portrait.
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just incredible work!!!
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i love your dragon work and beautiful gold scales :)
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