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Journal Entry: Mon Jul 4, 2011, 10:07 AM

Ohai guys! So I was just cruising by here when I realized that I needed a new journal seeing as I haven't been posting the majority of the work I have been doing. X3

It's July, and that that means SUMMER IS HERE FUCKYEAH. Finally. Technically it was here on the 21st ofcourse, but still.

Feets and I will be hosting the Summer Sea drabble prompts again this year, so make sure you come check that out! We have some good ones planned this year, so get yourselves ready! 100 words of pure angst, schex, and awesome- you guys always deliver! <3 (For those that dont know- this is a unicorns of the vale event).

Is anyone else CRAZY about July 15?! I am freaking out over here. The last HP movie has me freaking DYING from happiness and sadness all at once. My tumblr dashboard is full of HP related material, and I think it's safe to say I spend a majority of my time over there on my days off from school. In I just checked out my computer activity levels and...AHAHAHAHAHA the time I spend there dwarfs everywhere else. DA is my next popular place. Lowl. Anyway- back to HP. I keep seeing stuff for the new movie and it makes me wish I had clothes and gear to geek out at the premier. Unfortunately, faggots around here will bring their phones and goof off at the premier and that pisses me off. Especially on such a massive event like this. Although- we may just go anyway to see the turnout and because we've never done a midnight movie release for any of the HP movies which are out lives. HP is my life.

Also, in August we are planning on decking out one of the rooms in the house in complete hogwartian shit which I am crazy excited for. Never grow up. o/ So if you have junk trunks or antique luggage cases you dont want and intend to throw away (any antiquated bird cages out there? No? How about end tables?), drop me a note, I'd be happy to take it off your hands.

I think I had one more order of business to talk about, but I cant remember it at the moment...:/ LOL, oh well.

Off to tumblr! /o/

I Love Hogwarts by NaruNaruGirl
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DEspirit-Designs Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
I've always liked the midnight premeirs for the fact that the cell phone usage didn't happen as much. Most of the time if your going to tromp around dressed as a Deatheater in July, and sit in line for 10-12 hours, you're REALLY wanting to see the movie, not text.

I love the ramped up excitement, and how everyone laughs at the joke, no matter how campy, and you can hear the sniffles (at appropriate intervals).

I'm not going to dress up though, I'll just enjoy watching my two friends dress up as slowcookers, AKA Deatheaters, and relish in the AC.
BlueFlyer Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
LOLOL That sounds awesome! I may go, just to see the people dress up. I've never gone to a midnight premier of a movie I'm actually entirely invested into -yanno, MEGA FAN. So it will be nice to see and meet other fans in my area! And see some slowcookers!
bardicsidhe Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
HP Deathly Hallows Part Two FUCK YEAH. I am SO PSYCHED. They're pre-selling Thursday midnight showing tickets here already, and I'mma get mine early. The entire reason I go to midnight showings and Friday night showings is to be surrounded by other fans, see the gear people wear, and be loud and rowdy during the cheerworthy moments without feeling like I'm interrupting anyone else's enjoyment of the movie. The Fast Five Friday night showing was AWESOME because everyone else was happy to hoot and holler at the screen right along with me. :la: I didn't used to be that way, I blame ~sorchafyre, LOL.

You're right though, idjits bring their damn phones to the movie and TEXT ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Why pay the extra cash for a midnight showing and drag your ass out to the mall at midnight so you can drag your ass home at 3AM, just so you can completely miss the movie? I didn't understand why the theaters requested people not use the texting functions of their phone during a movie until someone did it right in front of me. Hard to concentrate when a computer-grade LCD screen kept blinking on and off in the row ahead of me. This ain't Rocky Horror, people, lights aren't required for audience participation.
BlueFlyer Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess I'm just the type to take the 'silence is golden' rule to heart. I dont really like the cheering, or the goofballs who shout "Get them Harry!" or "OHHH SNAP She just called Bella a Bitch!". I find it aggravating and unnecessary. If I wanted a commentary during my movie, I would turn it on after buying the DVD. *Shrugs*

The texters raise my blood pressure to dangerous amounts. I've had to leave a theater for a few seconds to cool my head before I did something stupid like dump soda on them and their phone. I'm too cowardly to tell them to shut their phones off, and I dont feel I should miss the movie I paid for to ask an attendant to do something about it.

Irresponsibility makes going to the movies fucking retarded. It's front row or else, for Feets and I anymore because of texters. And with a midnight showing of HP that means arriving 3 hours early and shoving people out of the way for seats. :|
bardicsidhe Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Professional Interface Designer
Oh believe me, I get that and respect it! I prefer quiet for any other movie showing than an opening night, and I'm uber-respectful of other people. Midnight showings here are pretty rowdy, especially for big action movies like Avatar and Transformers. But I always feel the crowd out before I start cheering and whatnot. And if we ever go to a movie together, I will keep my enthusiasm firmly in check. :3 I can't help it, I have a rowdy girlfriend and she's contagious. :giggle:

I like the front row too, for the same reasons you've mentioned, plus I've noticed I get way more involved in the movie up there than I do in the back. I wish more of our theaters had headrests, though, because more than once I've come out of a movie with a headache from sitting in the front row with my head back.
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July 4, 2011