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I'm not gonna talk about it.

But I just want to say...if it happens...IF it does go down...

I knew it all along.

Edited: This post is about the end of the world Mayan Calendar theory that's been floating around since forever, that I learned about in sixth grade, and that terrified me for a good portion of my youth. You know, the one that isn't going to happen no way no how? Yeah that one.

Eagle screeches.

Mitt Romney. Loser.
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So whenever I see this perfect movie..

I will probably just die of happiness in the seat.

So I want you all to know now..

Before I transpire..

I love you all.
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Everything is World of Warcraft rp and nothing hurts.
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>Visit DA
>30+ dev submissions
>View art submissions
>view artists names
>recognize none of the names

...who are you people.

>Considers buying subscription just to change dev name to "FlimFlamFartMachine"
>too lazy
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-Have you ever-

1. Kissed your cousin: No. I have a gaZILLION cousins and none of them are kiss worthy. NONE. I...dont know why that kind of offends me.
2. Ran away: No, I haven't. But I did think about it quite a bit. In middle school I had a friend who was planning to run away to some abandoned barn. I ended up telling a teacher, got sent to the counselor, then the principal, then her parents. The girl didn't talk to me for 4 years. But in senior year in High School she came up to me and thanked me for doing the right thing and looking out for her, and she apologized for trashing our friendship to punish me. It was torture back then, but now that I look back on it I wouldn't have changed anything. The girl was a suicide red alert kid, and me telling her parents got her the help she needed.
3. Pictured your crush naked: LOL. .....LOL. Oh hell yes I have.
5. Broken someone's heart: Yeah, I have. I think. I mean, they dont really talk to me. But I'm pretty sure I destroyed a boy named Chris' heart. I was his first girlfriend (as far as I know) and he tried to take things too far with me, scared the shit out of me to the point I ran out on him in the middle of a dance and ran barefoot through the campus to stifle my foot falls JUST to get away from him. I'm also fairly certain I broke another guy's heart without meaning to. I was dating a guy named Josh in high school and over the summer I went to this leadership camp for ROTC. Scared to death, I was put into an all guy group and they kinda looked after me. The fact that they were being nice to me and trying to comfort me made my BF mope and cry. I have no idea why, I wasn't enjoying it. But anyway, after his bawwfest he kept calling me "love love" and whistling at me and getting mega stupid jealous to the point I broke up with him at this camp. -_- But...Imean both of these guys cried over me. So I guess that counts.
6. Been in love: Oh yeah. The real kind of love too. The one where you realize, actually realize, "This is". And you know, the clouds part and the angels sing and it's just..without this person you feel completely lost and alone. Yeah, I've been in love.
7. Cried when someone died: Yes. My whippet Pi and my mouses Bruce and PrettyFace.
8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: Looooooooooololol I get everything and everyone I want. No, but really, of course. Who freakin' hasn't?   
9. Broken a bone: NONE OMFG! Maybe I'll make it to death without a single broken bone! :o
11. Lied: Aha. NEVAR IN MY LIEF.
12. Cried in school: A boy named Steven wouldn't take a picture with me in middle school and I cried. Hard. Aloud. In class. Omfg. -_- Also at a Mixer in middle school when a boy named Brent was dancing with another girl. And like every day just about in 8th grade. And I'm pretty sure I may or may not have cried in High School over Firefeet, or an rp we were doing.

-Which is better-

13. Coke or Pepsi: COCA COLA OR DEATH
14. Sprite or 7UP: Uhm. Sprite?
15. Girls or Guys: Unicorns.
16. Flowers or candy: CANDY.Wtf, flowers are useless once they are cut.
17. Scruff or Clean shaved: Depends on the jaw. I lvoe me a 5 oclock shadow like it's nobody's business, but you cant put a clean cut guy in stubble or else he'll look ragged some weird...slop.  
19. Blondes or Brunettes: BLONDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSS (for chicks) And Brunettes for men.
20. Bitchy or Slutty: Mmmm, Bitch. Every time. :>
21. Tall or Short: Tall. I'm tiny and short so everything tall makes me happy. Too many short people and I get to feeling competitive.
22. Pants or Shorts: Obviously dresses are superior.    

-With the opposite sex-

23: What do you notice first: Height, Mouth (more specifically, the upper lip), Biceps, Nose, Age.
24. Last person you slow danced with: Well, the last person OF THE OPPOSITE SEX that I slow danced with was probably my Uncle Joe or my grandpa. Because I'm a skank ass hoe and dance with all the men.
25. Worst Question To Ask: "So, how's your sister doing?"

-The Last time-

26. Showered: A month ago.
27. Had Sex: A week ago. :V YAHUR

-What is (your favorite)-

29. Your Good Luck Charm: My chinese zodiac has always been a bit of a good luck symbol to me. If you mean an object, Uhm.....prrrobably my tattoo. -Shrug- Idk.
30. Person You Hate Most: Nicolas Cage. Lol this answer changes like, monthly. I'm too paranoid to put down my real answers.
31. Best Thing That Has Ever Happened: EVER?! In my whole life?! HMMMMMMMM.Asking if I could sit next to Firefeet in Middle School and finding out she liked horses. That was the best thing that I have ever done and led to every other great moment in my life. Having sex is also pretty much the greatest thing to ever happen.
32. Color: ORANGE
33. Movie: Little Women, Bambi, Pride and Prejudice
36. Cars: Horse
37. Ice Cream: Orange Sherbet
39. Season: Autumn
40. Breakfast Food: WAFFLES. My Uncle Bobby calls me "Waffle Head" because I lovvvveee love love waffles. He also calls me waffle head because he's kind of a indie king hipster dj dorkface who loves making up nicknames for people.


43. Makes you laugh the most: Firefeet
44. Makes you smile all the time: All the time? Fuck, that's hard because I do get mad at people. Probably Ramsey or Nick.
45. Can make you feel better no matter what: Firefeet, Ramsey, or Nick.  
46. Has A Crush On You: The whole world minus you. :B
47. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: I think it's safe to assume the answer to this is ALWAYS yes.
48. Who Has it easier:  Benjamin Franklin
50. Gives you A Funny Feeling When You See Them: My faggot dog, Hollywood. Every time I see him he has this suspicious look on his stupid face. Rubs me wrong man. Rubs me wrong.

-Do you Ever-

50. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: Occasionally, but not as much as I used to. I'm no youngblood anymore.
51. Save MSN conversations: Lol no. Wtf who uses MSN anymore?
52. Save Emails: Pretty much every single email that isn't spam.
53. Wish you were someone else: Not really. I used to but anymore I'm just like "meh, whatever, no one could pull this off".
54. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: For a day, that would be pretty swank. For a month or 6 that would be fucking epicwin. For life- that would suck.
57. Perfume: Butt
58. Kiss: Do I ever kiss? Lol. NO NEVER. -Facepalm-
59. Romantic memory: Candlit bubble bath with my baby. Ohhh ho ho, o~o

-Have you-

61. Fallen for your best friend: Qurl I'm -fucking- my best friend.
62. Made out with JUST a friend: Yeah, I've dont that before. Before we were dating and before I knew I loved her.
63. Been rejected: I've never -actually- asked anyone out. But I made my interests known and things didn't move forward and/or feelings were not returned (Alex, Brenton, Why you hurt me).
64. Been in love: Yeah I have and AM STILL.
65. Been in lust: Oh yeah, me and Lust go way back. I went on this field trip in High School and the whole time I was with someone special and we kept doing stupidly innocent things, like holding hands whenever we were out of sight, or in this dark 360degree movie theater. These innocent little contacts were just driving me WILD and I couldn't stand it. We got on the bus and just kept touching and kept holding hands as best as we could underneath this shitty little jacket. Pretty sure we were not as sneaky as we thought we were, but that whole day just drove my up the wall with need and lust. It was pretty intense.
66. Used someone: I have no shame admitting this. Fuck yes I've used people.
67. Been used: Yes, I have been used before. It sucks finding out, really and truly. But that's life.
68. Cheated on someone: Never. And this one I'm actually honest about.
69. Been cheated on: Nope, and I'm not worried that I ever will be. :>
70. Been kissed: LOooooooooooooOOOOOOOL
71. Done something you regret: One time I lied about my age on the internet and led this guy on for two years thinking I was 18-19. I was 14. His name was Scott, and I actually really cared for him, as much at a 14 year old can. Eventually I outed myself and apologized. Same thing happened with another guy, Oz, who was 21 when I was 16. I was DUMB.

-The Last Person-

72. You touched in a sexual way: LOL. Firefeet. You uncomfortable yet?
73. You talked to: A dude named Dan on Warcraft.
74. You hugged: Firefeets
75. You instant messaged: Firefeets, again, homg. :P
76. You kissed: Lol same as above. My lovely love.
78. You yelled at: This stupid 14 year old kid. Idk his real name, but I yelled at him through chat. If you mean irl, it would probably have to be my Firefeet, or the dog.
80. Who broke your heart: PrettyFace
81. Who told you they loved you: Firefeet, my sweetest. Lol this should just be titled the Firefeet section.

-Do you-

82. Color your hair: Yep. Blonde in front, brown in the back. I'm so totally punk freal.  
83. Have tattoos: Yeah, one. It's a caribou hoof print on my shoulder blade. Need to get another one someday soon.
84. Have piercings: Two in my ears and going to get two more in each ear >someday soon.
85. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend: Yeah I do. I kiss them and love them and do naughty things sometimes.
86. Own a webcam: They come built in to comps nowadays. -Grumbles-
87. Own a thong:  I do! Although when I was a young stupid-fuck kid I said I never would because I wasn't a trash hoe. LOL. Guess I am a trash hoe.
88. Ever get off the damn computer: NO I FUCKING DONT.
89. Sprechen Sie Deutsch: Nah, but I'll fuck em. ;>
90. Habla espanol: Non.
91. Quack: Okay.

-Have you.are you-

92. Stolen anything: Sometimes, and you didn't hear this from me, I have sticky fingers. Sometimes...when I feel really crazy, I'll put a scarf around my neck and "forget" to take it off at the register. Not my fault.
93. Smoke: Hell fucking no.
94. Schizophrenic: Why is this a question.
95. Obsessive: Yeah, obsessive of my lover and of various shit in my life. Like the dog, and saving money, and my stupid ass schooling.
96. Compulsive: I can be. Normally I'm not and am very meticulous. But I have been known to just fly by the seat of my pants all crazy like.
97. Obsessive compulsive: No.
98. Panic: Yes. -Especially- about school, and what people think of me.
99. Anxiety: I have horrible anxiety. Social anxiety mostly, but I also suffer from test anxiety and familial anxiety.
100. Depressed: I'm free of this, at long last. :)

-Tagged by no one

My questions to you:
- Who or what inspires you and why?
I am constantly inspired by nature and by other great artists. Musicians are usually a fantastic catalyst for inspiration to me when it comes to emotionality and simple ideas that I can branch off of. Nature itself is also just a brutal, raw, and beautiful pallet to paint with. Always refreshes me to take a walk in the woods or research/study nature in whatever way I can.

- If you had a snail that could magically grant wishes, what would you name it?
Snot. Because I wouldn't want anyone to touch it. And generally, if someone has a pet named something like Snot, other people aren't going to want to touch it.

- If you could date any superhero, who would you choose and why?
Batman. I would choose batman because he is completely selfless. He is not a superhero, persay and for that reason I will choose another superhero, but batman is my first choice. He suffers for what he feels is justice, and the job is thankless, yet he continuously saves and serves Gotham. That is dedication. And who wouldn't want a dedicated man?

Jean Gray is my second pick, because she actually does have super powers. Why I would choose her (besides the fact she's smokin' hot) is because she's super intelligent and compassionate. With the exception of her unbridled half, she is another very selfless character. She doesn't give in to the temptation of a very attractive and very wild, raw, masculine man when she already has a good one. While with Scott, she is very loyal to him. She's got a sharp mind.

I'd also really like to date Colossus. Because of reasons.

- What cartoon is your favorite and why?
Spongebob. Reason: Patrick Star.

- If you instantly turned into a man for a day, how would you spend that day?
Only one day? Well, I would hope I had enough testosterone to have grown a bit of beard overnight, and I would hope that I had long hair. Were this the case, I would shave my face hair so that I had a pirate mustache goatee thing. I would then wear my hair long and put on a pair of black pants and some kind of shirt or another- go to a costume store and buy and eyepatch, and go everywhere all over town looking like this. I would flirt with no one. I would probably talk to no one. I would just be fucking awesome. Probably ride public transportation and go grocery shopping, and then go to a stir fry place in town.

If I did NOT have enough testosterone for a beard, I would hope I had long hair that I could style it like 80's hair band rockstars. I would do so, dress in black pants and a blank tank top and leather jacket, and do the same as above.

If I had neither hair nor beard, I would probably just sit around naked all day staring at myself in the mirror.

- If you came across a genie who offered to make 3 of your wishes come true, what would those wishes be?
1. Enough investments to offer me unlimited financial security.
2. A book that would possess enough magic to turn whatever character/universe I wrote about real for as long as I wished.
3. A Native American chieftain headdress and/or the love and trust of all caribou/deer ever.

- Do you believe that ghosts exist in the real world?
Honestly? Without concrete evidence, no I do not. I WANT to believe, dont get me wrong, and I am constantly afraid of the dark or that someone is watching me while I'm in the dark- but deep down I know that's just my prey instincts. I need proof.

- Have you ever been jealous of your closest friends?
Fuck yes. And I wont go into detail because you didn't ask and it would just be stupid to talk about it. Aka embarrassing to me.

- If you were a movie, what would you be?
A lycanthrope, probably the alpha/matriarch of a group or clan or else a loner, who is super enigmatic but doesn't really have a main role in the story (not to be confused with not having an important part int he story, because I would have that) but steals the scene anyway. One of those tertiary characters you -wish- had more of a story and screen time.

- What would be the title of your autobiography?
Unicorn Girl
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So I burned half of my eyebrow today working with a kiln.

Inhaled probably somewhere close to a gallon of burning smoke.

Had tears streaming down my face from the stinging smoke.

And walked away with two amazing raku pieces of pottery.

Worth it.

Oh, also, I got accepted to a four year university to continue with my teaching degree, and am graduating with my Associate's Degree on May 17. It took a lot of work to get here, and this semester was especially hard on me just emotionally and physically. And you know what, it truly feels like I earned this. I earned every fucking second of it.
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Happiness is the freedom to explore and create whatever the heart desires in a fictional, literary capacity.

I really adore the ability to create and play in a pre-made world with lore and canon and all that good stuff when it comes to roleplay, but I have found that it can sometimes be extremely limiting and can, actually, cramp/hinder/kill writing muses. My muses, anyway. Perhaps they are just a bunch of vile wenches and hooligans who refuse to play by the rules, but whatever the case, they whither and leave for good.

Boundless creativity can, in so many ways, pump life back into dead muses and rain on the parched pages of fan fiction and role play drought. Give me the zany, give me the crazed, give me the impossible, and give me the face-palming ridiculousness of a bright pink papillon falling in love with a backpack wearing red kangaroo.

For so long I have advocated the Rules Rules Rules of lore and canon- but I now see (if only for tonight) that the people who are the funnest to rp with are those that cross the line and create the lore-breaking characters.

You're possessed by a demon? Fuck yes, bring it on.

I can vanquish demons, you know. It's this ability I have.'re too strong and brilliant for a little dork like me to handle?

Challenge Accepted.
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Oh, so.


This shirt quote challenge thing that DA is hosting...I've noticed it.

I've seen several (*cough plenty*) of designs that have been submitted/made it to the front page/posted by people I watch.

And I would like to say something.

Thank fucking god these "artists" people dont make shirts for a living.

I mean...

not funny forced memes and "witty" (aka not at all witty, but rather moronic and adolescent) remarks slapped on the front of a shirt...

I wouldn't wipe my ass with half of the dumbfuck "submission" I see being posted.

When will it end?

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Day 10 — Your favorite mount.

Lazy a-hole post for all u lazy a-holes.…

Also for your consideration:…… but I'll never get it.…
And who doesn't want mother-fucking-Anzu…

peace bitches.
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:I Guess what I've been doing with my time instead of this.

Day 07 — Your favorite piece of lore?

Thus far my favorite bit of lore has been centered on the current expansion pack. ven though I haven't played it to the end yet. Even though I haven't even seen DeathWing (oh wait no, I lied. I have seen him. I was a level 40 or so and I saw him and I trembled. I may have peed a little). Make fun of him all you want, but fuck if he wasn't the coolest, most terrifying thing before anybody actually killed him. Tortured and tormented until eventually going insane; Deathwing would have done what anyone might have in his situation...maybe.

And this RECENT TURN OF EVENTS?!… OMFG recalling that which nearly destroyed us?! Can we control such a force? How-to-level-85-in-1-day.

Day 08 — PvE/PvP/RP?
So, yeah. Mostly I've done PvE. Let me tell you why. I have done PvP before, in fact I did it a lot during BC and the beginningish of Wrath. Yeah, I'd do bgs and arenas and that bullshit and even gank people (or be ganked) in the world itself. Let me tell you why I dont PvP much. My. Bloodpressure. Cannot. Handle. This. I seriously am screaming at the top of my lungs from the beginning of a battleground until the end. Even though I rank fairly average (in the middle) on the scale of damage done and number of kills, I cannot handle it. Rogues and their stealth powers SOMEHOW ALWAYS TARGET ME. I am not a priest. I AM A HUNTER OR A WARLOCK SO WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT. Secondly, I seem to always find myself either at the very front of the line, being the only person guarding an area, or in the middle of nowhere doing fucking nothing and seeing no action. However, I am always found. Always killed. And always screaming. WHAT IN THE SHIT HOW DO THEY DO THIS. It's annoying that they are TWINKED THE FUCK OUT and I'm in quest gear. It's annoying that there is usually NO FUCKING ORDER AT ALL when doing these BGs (no damned strategy at all) and somehow a rogue. Always.

I've recently gotten in the RP aspect of the game and can I just say that most of these players in WoW are greater rpers and character developers than other places on the internet? Part of me wishes some of my experienced rp friends would come join the fun in Azeroth, but then I have to deal with a snarly worgen, an ex Argent Crusader, and two babies-are-credit-to-team/this-team-is-babies undead belfs.

Day 09 — A screenshot you like.
I dont have one, so instead, please enjoy this classic video.…
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Day 06 — Your favorite quest line?

Ok, my favorite quest has got to be [Lordaeron] for special reasons...........My Dark Lady. UNF.

But another quest that I REALLY FREAKING LOVE is one in Tirisfal Glades where you hand out quests to a bunch of generated characters. JOHNNY AWESOME is freaking AWESOME of course. And his awesome horse Twinkles. OMFG. And ORKAS is a true hero of the horde. OMFG CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE LOK'TAR IS COOKING?!?!?! <3333

Also. Omg. What is more awesome than the nubest of nubs Dumass? NOTHING

Hi Hi. Help!

That quest has zero fighting, zero glory, zero badassness. BUT OMFG IT IS THE BEST QUEST BECAUSE HOSHIT. JUST DAMN. I LOVE IT. AWESOME QUEST IS AWESOME. And the archetypes are just SO DANGED PERFECT. A low level nurp being a NOOB. A blood Elf being a snooty snobby haughty snot. And the level ?? jackass on the epic mount claiming he'll bring back "one thousand skulls".

Others that I really like are;

Extracting vengeance one some belf's husband's hussy mistress by turning her into a rat so that her pet cat Twinkle will eat it. LOOOOOOLLLL.
Digging through Fel Hound poo to find keys for some idiot goblin. The best part is that Feets got "STANKY".
Every quest with Lady Sylvanas ever.

OH YEAH. And the quest involving the Battle for Light's Hope Chapel. FUCKING BADASS QUEST THAT ONE. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT son. Can I just say...Arthas is a motherfucker and I felt super. seuper, super bad for being his evil minion....for 10 seconds :ha:
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Day 05 - Your favorite classic instance

Aww man, I really liked two of them. Both of them I had a higher level guildie running me through them, but...well I still enjoyed the experience. :/

I have to say that my favorite one was Shadowfang Keep. I really liked the werewolves (I guess they'd be Worgen before Worgen). I thought they were Hawt Hawt at the time (even though they were trying to rip my face off). The location wasn't bad either, AND it was the first castle like building I can remember seeing in game that struck me as purely Alliance in nature. At that time I had participated in BGs and was completely, 100% opposed to EVER playing an alliance character EVER. They didn't have what I deemed to be 'acceptable' races whatsoever to play- plus, of course, they were my enemy so...yeah. First castle type location which I thought was cool. Werewolfs, which were cool. Nice location, which was nice. Enjoy some lore on Shadowfang.

During the Third War, the wizards of the Kirin Tor battled against the undead armies of the Scourge. When the wizards of Dalaran died in battle, they would rise soon after - adding their former might to the growing Scourge. Frustrated by their lack of progress (and against the advice of his peers) the Archmage, Arugal elected to summon extra-dimensional entities to bolster Dalaran's diminishing ranks. Arugal's summoning brought the ravenous worgen into the world of Azeroth. The feral wolf-men slaughtered not only the Scourge, but quickly turned on the wizards themselves. The worgen sieged the keep of the noble, Baron Silverlaine. Situated above the tiny hamlet of Pyrewood, the keep quickly fell into shadow and ruin. Driven mad with guilt, Arugal adopted the worgen as his children and retreated to the newly dubbed 'Shadowfang Keep'. It's said he still resides there, protected by his massive pet, Fenrus - and haunted by the vengeful ghost of Baron Silverlaine.

Another instance that I'd like to mention is Razorfen Kraul. Yeah the one with the swineses. I LOVE BOARS and thus I love Razorfen. With lore like "Ten thousand years ago - during the War of the Ancients, the mighty demigod, Agamaggan, came forth to battle the Burning Legion. Though the colossal boar fell in combat, his actions helped save Azeroth from ruin." ...what's not to love? Killing the believed and deranged offspring of such a mighty hero of the world?
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Day 04 - Your favorite zone (Classic, BC, WotLK & Cata)?

I haven't quested far enough ahead to really know much about the realms further than Nagrand. I have been playing for years and haven't yet gotten a single character to 85. But you know what? I like LORE! I also like knowing about other races and their lore. Lore is important to me and I figure I might as well know as much about it as I can. Nobody said you had to get an 85 first and foremost so pfft. Boo on you if you judge me. :>

Classic: I'd have to say that Durotar was my favorite 'vanilla' zone. I didn't quest much further than that sooooo yeah...:/

BC: This is pretty much where I started taking WoW seriously. I got the BC expansion almost as soon as I got to level 5 in classic (lol level 5) and I was like, MUST HAVE CURRENT EDITION. Despite not completing any freaking thing on BC, I'd have to say my favorite zone was -and I know you're going to judge me- but I really, really enjoyed Hillsbrad Foothills. FOR REASONS OK? When I was just a noob on my first 'main' BffJill- a warlock- I was questing with a spriest (Shadow Priest). We had JUST got out of the fucking Ghostlands and the Dead Scar and all of that insanely long snooze fest that is the initial first "war" a character comes into contact with in that area. We were ready for SUNLIGHT and TREES that were GREEN and ANIMALS THAT WERE NOT PLAGUED/VAMPIRIC/DEAD/UNDEAD. And we were DAMN READY for freaking NEW. So we went to Tarren Mill and did some questing out there (and let me just tell you, HOLY FUCKING SHIT HAS THAT PLACE CHANGED AND FOR THAT I AM SAD). In Hillsbrad Foothills, though, there was this farm full of human farmers and laborers. (It has since been turned into the 'Sludge Fields') but before all of that it was the best damned place ever. Why? Because. Before the ENORMOUS power nerf that occurred with my lock between BC and Wrath, I was damned powerful and loved it. I could take on 10 mobs at once and be fine. I also DID have a priest with me which HELPED A BUNCH. Anyway, my minion would aggro and pull a 10 farmer mob and pull it back to the road where Feets and I were waiting to slaughter them all. We'd slaughter them all, and while we did it we'd listen to the Benny Hill theme song. We literally did this for hours. Hours. And we would die and rez and go back to do it again. Whenever I would die mid battle, they'd go to my little priest ENMASSE and ofc she'd/he'd run like fuck but, if you know Hillsbrad you'd know BEARS EVERYWHERE. So if it wasn't farmers that got you, it was the bears you ran right into whilst attempting to outrun farmers. And for some reason those farmers could stun a motherfucker like it was nobody's business. I'll never understand why they took out Hillsbrad Farms but left the Arathi Highlands completely and totally alone. Pfft. WHY SYLVANAS, my love, WHY?!

Wrath: It was at the very beginning of Wrath that I took my two year hiatus from WoW. I didn't actually get to experience anything from this expansion as it should have been experienced. As stated above, I haven't been able to venture to the 70-85 level zones yet (although I'M ALMOST THERE). I have a feeling that, like most people, I'll really enjoy Icecrown and most other places in Northrend. The lore with the DKs is such a tragic and traumatic tale that I really cannot get enough of. I'm so happy that my first real (heavy-immersion) RP character was a Death Knight because, despite the limitations put upon the class as far as 'feelings' and 'functions' go, it's a beautiful class to expand upon lore-wise. I cannot WAIT to see what becomes of Arthas (though I have, of course, read all about him and Frostmorne and what awaits me in Northrend as a DK when I get there.

Cata: For as much as people HATE Cata, I think Blizz did a good job of spicing up the world with the massive changes. The Barrens were a dragging hellacious bore to quest through pre-cata. I haven't quested through there yet (doing so very slowly with a belf/tauren pair that pretty much take forever to do anything -another heavy immersion rp), but I HAVE flown over it (and lol, ran through it as an alliance worgen looking for a boar pet) and can I just say- WOW! That place is BEAUTIFUL NOW WHAT IN THE FUCK MANG?! I am so looking forward to questing there, which is HILARIOUS because I hated the barrens before. Not as much as the Ghostlands, but still. Anyway, so Barrens for aesthetic reasons only. As far as quests go. HANDS DOWN my favorite place is Silverpine. Can I just express with adequate force that I am completely in love with Lady Sylvanas? The quests in Silverpine, fighting the worgen threat, the quests that are handed out directly by the Dark Lady herself are, without a shadow of a doubt, the quests I treasure the most from this expansion (and I haven't even come to the 70-85 level quests yet). The Cinimatic that comes from her explaining about the horrible Arthas and Frostmourne, the capture of Crowley's daughter, the betrayal of Godfrey (that fucker- I hope I get a chance to kill him later in game for that), sweet Sylvanas' Lament of the Highborne, and oh how I almost ripped apart my computer when Garrosh (who I also hope to maim) called my queen a 'bitch'. Silverpine for quest reasons. And reasons.

Of All Time: Eversong Woods. NOW NOW HAY THERE WAIT A MINUTE OK?! I know it's a starter area, I know everyone who's ever played a belf has been there, I know it's like, totally only level 1-10. But let me just say that this zone is by far the most beautiful location I have ever seen in game EVER. If I could have a miniature of that "set" put under a glass dome to sit on my desk it would be of the springy green-gold grass, the sprawling, spiraling white trees crowned in orange and gold, of the many hills and waterfalls of blue, the ponds and streams and white-wood bridges, even the unsightly dead scar that bisects the beautiful paradise. Let me die there, staring up into the boughs of orange and gold with all the fond memories of idle days in sunlit forests. -Omg how embarrassing did I just really type all of that?! You know what, so what. Sue me. That place is freaking paradise.

I also really really really love Nagrand. The floating islands in the sky are beautiful, and the perfect place for a secret picnic for two people who are just crazy about one another. The Tubulk are, of course, GORGEOUS, as well as the green, green, lush meadows and gently rolling hills, out-of-nowhere plateaus that just beg to be climbed. The beautiful gold and pink skyline at sunset from which you can see planets and moons slowly drifting before the infinite azure and violet beyond. The stars, the clouds, and the sprawling trees wisting in a sensual sway that remind me so much of Africa or the species of bonsai everyone has owned and killed. I appreciate beauty, and (as the rumor goes) Nagrand was created with the image of 'Heaven' in mind. It was born to be beautiful.
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Day 03 - A class you're awful at playing?

Aha oh wow. Lol. Where to start.

First of all, anything that has to do with primarily MEELEE bullshit and I suck dick (guess what that means; warrior and paladin). Truly, I am not a good tank, even when the class is designed to be a tank, and am much better suited to heavy dmg or DPS (Damage Per Second). And though I'm simply marvelous when it comes to ranged attacks, there are some classes that do deal in ranged damage that I simply SUCK at.

Mage: Seriously, I am completely freaking terrible at this. A class similar (not in lore, no no no not at all in lore) to warlocks with their attacks but lacking a tank, dps, or both companion makes this class SUPER vulnerable. I am in no way "skilled" enough to play a mage without finding myself gawking at the spirit lady 5 times per level, levels 0-10. I cant imagine how often I'd bite the dust solo questing as a mage in outland or anywhere else on the planet. Though they are a ranged class, I utterly suck at it because their armor is so weak. And with the latest patch they nerfed the only spec I'd ever probably go in, Fire, sooooo yeah, probably wont try my hand at a mage again any time soon w/o a guild or tank friend nearby. Maybe when I learn some new skillz and get more experience (aka get a level 85 best friend to walk around with me instead of doing dailies) I'll take a crack at a mage again.

Priest: "OMFG I DIDNT SEE YOUR HEALTH WAS SO LOW IM SORRY I WAS FIGHTING OMG OMG!!!" or "Omg I just died. I cant deal damage with the quest." or "HOLY FUK FUK FUK FUK FUK WHY ERRBODY TRY TO KEEL ME I AGGROO E'RRBODY WHY?!" or "Sorry, nub healer hur." = funtiems. Also = why I'm not a priest. at all. ever.

I'd probably suck at shamans just like I do with priests, and rouges as well...pretty much everything except a huntard and a whorelock (if I ever ventured outside of my safe bubble). But tell you what, me + those classes = ur a dead mother fucker. Because yeah, I dont normally toot my own horn but I'm a fucking badass son of a motherless ogre in those two classes.

Mainly because I have a tank taking my damage- SHUTUP. >:I

But damn, being a mage would be so cool because of reasons.…

Although, being this… is the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best the best.
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Day 02 - The biggest jerk you've dealt with (in game)?

Luckily I haven't had too many instances where I've had to deal with jerks in game. I keep to myself and play mostly with Feets, and the guilds I have been a part of contained people I knew IRL as well (so they could speak for the rest of the guildies). However, you will run into some jerks no matter where you play or what you are doing -eventually- and one just so happened to find me. I was creating a Troll and right smack dab in the starter area I was face to face with said jerk. Literally 5 seconds into getting my bearings after the cinimatic, he started insulting me; spitting in my face, making rude gestures at me, and just being a massive jackass and looking like a moron the whole time. This lasted all of 3 minutes before I was like "ok faggot bai" and just started questing. Now, it should be noted that I have dealt with some other total douchebags in game as well, like the scum you see in Goldshire on RP realms (omfg, just no)- which isn't really "jerk" behavior, just stupid crap really. Like "Hay Worgen, I like it ruff" and "Lets Smush bb" to which I reply with a growl and general pissy behavior- and which always gets some interesting responses "ur mean fuk you" or "/ignore". DBs in Goldshire also like to stand right in my face, sit in the same chair as me, or attempt to put their nasty smelly human/night elf asshoels in my face. Which I find to be a JERK MOVE on an RP server. But then again it's freaking Goldshire, aka the armpit of MMORPGs. I should know better. Alliance people are either very fucking retarded or really nice as fuck. /o\ Horde people are always generally great people.

Lok'tar bitches.
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Day 01 - Your first character

My first ever character was a Tauren bull named Frosthip. I was on a PVE PVP server so there was no RP or character development for him. I was brand new and just starting out. Being the animal lover that I am, a giant anthromorphic cow was the obvious choice to make. Hmm, what was his class (this was a loooooong time ago that I created this guy. Like Burning Crusade old.)...I THINK he was a druid, ahhhh yes, now I remember. He was a druid. I remember because that was before all this Cata and Wrath shenanigans where you get cat form at like level two. In BC you got bear form first at like level 10-15 (which I thought was hideous) and then you had to wait for cat form for EVER- which, incidentally, was the part I was most looking forward to. LAWL. I scrapped the character LOOOOOOOOOOONG before I actually achieved the cat form mount because A. I suck, no really, SUCK, at melee attacks, B. healing has never been my bag, and C. it took 10002979829 years to get to cat form and I only just now seemed to realize this was a problem (stuck at level 18 wondering when the fuck I was going to get to the level I needed to get to to become a badass mother fucking lion with bull horns and a nose ring.) Also...Kodo After 18 levels stuck in the Barrens/Mulgore area I was SICK of Kodos and plains striders and harpies. I know. I was a noob. I upgraded to a blood elf. Yep. I'm THAT type of person. Suck it. <3 I love Tauren though and have made several SINCE Frosthip, and even got meself a buncha bully friends from then to now. No hate. Although I tend to agree with my belf- Thunder Bluff definitely needs a burger parlor. What is cooler than cannibal cows? Rly.
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30 Day World of Warcraft Challenge:

Day 01 - Your first character
Day 02 - The biggest jerk you've dealt with (in game)?
Day 03 - A class you're awful at playing?
Day 04 - Your favorite zone (Classic, BC, WotLK & Cata)?
Day 05 - Your favorite classic instance
Day 06 — Your favorite quest line?
Day 07 — Your favorite piece of lore?
Day 08 — PvE/PvP/RP?
Day 09 — A screenshot you like.
Day 10 — Your favorite mount.
Day 11 — Your favorite gear set.
Day 12 — Your achievements (choose one character).
Day 13 — Your favorite burning crusade instance?
Day 14 — When did you start playing?
Day 15 — Your favorite wrath instance?
Day 16 — What do you listen to while playing?
Day 17 — Your favorite WoW related YouTube video?
Day 18 — Worst thing about WoW?
Day 19 — Best thing about WoW?
Day 20 — How did you come up with your main's name?
Day 21 — Your favourite battleground?
Day 22 — Your pets (choose one character).
Day 23 — The longest you've gone without playing?
Day 24 — Your favorite glitch screenshot.
Day 25 — Who do you play with?
Day 26 — List your characters and their levels.
Day 27 — Your titles (choose one character).
Day 28 — Your favorite boss?
Day 29 — Something you worked really hard to get.
Day 30 — Your main?

So yeah, I'm going to be doing this for anyone who cares.
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Now you all have one year left to live.

No regrets.

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Hi everyone! This message is for Unicorns of the Vale members over here on DA who might not have cruised by the vale website recently!

I'm just posting a friendly update and invitation to the going ons over at the vale.

Brought back by popular demand is the Secret Santa fic and art exchange! Signups end December 12 which is coming up quick! The even will run for a month, and your gifts will be posted in January! If you are interested, please cruise on by and sign up, or simply check out the rules to see if it's something you might want to take part in this year!…

There is also the Winter Festival. Lend your skill in drabbles, or comment on those who have written some! What did you like about it? Were you confused? Did it remind you of that one time with Aunt Tiffy and her fifteen black cats and the holiday ham? Share and care! Color a plushie: pans, dayans, gryphons, and unicorns alike! How wacky can you make em?

Hope to see you over at the vale making the holidays as warm as bright as ever with us.

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